Both the procedures of renewing ID card documents or requesting New Jersey duplicate ID card credentials may be completed through the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). Individuals generally need to apply for a state ID renewal provided their identification document is expired or about to expire.

The main reasons for requesting a DMV ID replacement, on the other hand, typically include dealing with a lost, stolen or destroyed credential. Learn more about how to renew ID card documents or replace a lost state ID card in NJ by reading the below sections.

How to Renew Your ID Card in New Jersey

Most U.S. states allow individuals to apply for DMV identification card renewal prior to their date of expiry. Also, ID cards may generally be renewed within a specific period of time after the expiration date, thus staying in accordance with the set rules and regulations.

To find out how early you can apply for an identification card renewal in New Jersey, it is best to contact the Motor Vehicle Commission in a timely manner. Also, prior to applying for an NJ ID card renewal, inquire about the available application methods.

You may generally visit a local MVC branch to complete your application steps or renew via mail provided you prove eligible for the procedure.

How to Renew ID Cards in New Jersey in Person

If you have an expired ID card or a document that is about to expire, then you may need to address the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and request the issuance of a valid card. Most states in the U.S. allow individuals to renew ID card online as the fastest and most convenient way, or send a renewal request via mail.

If neither of the aforementioned methods is available, applicants may go to a nearby licensing office to submit their application in person. ID card renewal applicants may also be able to personally visit a nearby NJ MVC agency and finalize their procedure while in the office.

Once in the branch, they may be required to present payment for the applicable New Jersey DMV ID renewal fees and follow the instructions set forth by MVC. In addition to this, individuals may need to present 6 Points of Identification along with proof of address of residence, and have a new photograph taken.

Note: Contact MVC to find out whether you will need to submit additional documentation or meet other criteria when renewing your identification card.

How to Renew ID Cards in New Jersey by Mail

Another convenient method to apply for an identification card renewal in New Jersey may include sending a request through the mail. Only eligible state ID renewal applicants, however, may skip the trip to a local licensing agency and complete their process via mail. Individuals who meet the set eligibility requirements will receive ID card renewal materials with specific instructions.

In order to finalize their NJ DMV ID renewal by mail, state residents will need to complete the renewal form and drop it in the mail along with a check or money order for the applicable price. Once MVC processes the request, the agency will send a new credential within 10 business days displaying the applicant’s photograph and signature that are already on file.

How to Replace Your ID Card in New Jersey

If you have lost your non-driver identification card, or you are currently dealing with a stolen ID card, you will need to request a replacement for your document in a timely manner. DMV ID replacements are also generally necessary in the event of a destroyed identification document.

Prior to requesting to replace a lost state ID card in New Jersey, contact MVC to inquire about the available application methods. Though you may not be required to report your stolen credential to a local police office, note that this step may help you prevent identity theft and misuse of your personal information.

How to Replace ID Cards in New Jersey in Person

If you are not able to replace ID card documents via the internet or by mail, you may personally go to a licensing branch to complete the process. Before visiting an NJ MVC location to apply for an ID card replacement, contact the agency to find out whether you will need to submit an application form and additional documentation.

Payment for the set New Jersey duplicate ID card fees is generally required to finalize the application process.

New Jersey ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

When applying for a New Jersey DMV identification card renewal or obtaining a copy of ID card documents, applicants will also need to arrange payment for the prices set forth by MVC to complete their transaction. Note that prices may vary depending on the type of card individuals currently hold.

For instance, no identification card renewal fee will apply to state residents who have obtained a disability identification card. Find out the exact replacement and renewal fees, as well as the available payment methods by contacting a nearby agency of the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.