Applying for a copy of ID card in Nebraska and renewing ID card credentials are procedures that the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) makes available for holders of DMV identification cards. Both the process of replacing ID card credentials and renewing an expired ID card in NE can be completed via several methods, such as online, in person and by mail.

Learn more about the NE DMV ID renewal and replacement transactions by reading the following sections.

How to Renew Your ID Card in Nebraska

The procedure of renewing ID cards in Nebraska can either be completed through ClickDMV, the department’s internet services website, or by submitting a paper application in person through a local driving license office. However, applicants who choose to renew ID card online will be required to meet certain eligibility requirements prior to initiating the procedure.

Nondrivers will be able to prepare for their upcoming state ID renewal by reviewing the renewal notice sent by the DMV three months prior to the credential’s expiration date.

How to Renew ID Cards in Nebraska Online

Applicants who choose the option to renew ID card online in Nebraska in order to extend the validity of their document will first have to ensure they meet the qualification criteria to do so. The procedure to renew ID card credentials is currently only available to applicants who:

  • Are older than 20 years of age, but younger than 72 years of age.
  • Hold a state-issued ID that has not been expired for longer than a year.
  • Have not changed their name, which is displayed on their current credential.
  • Have not undergone a significant alteration of their physical description.
  • Have not completed their previous renewal via the internet.

In order to complete the online ID card renewal in NE, applicants will require a valid email and phone number. After providing your name, birth date, ZIP code and ID or Social Security Number, you will be prompted to submit the fee payment with a valid credit card or checking account information.

When the system accepts the payment for the state ID renewal, your request will be processed and the new credential will be manufactured and sent within 20 days.

How to Renew ID Cards in Nebraska in Person

The procedure to renew ID cards in Nebraska in person is available to applicants who are ineligible for the online option and to those who prefer to complete the DMV ID renewal through a nearby DMV location.

To finalize the in-person process of renewing identification cards in NE, nondrivers will be required to fill out the standard application form for new, renewed or duplicate documents and submit it along with the renewal postcard and fee payment. In order to complete the identification card renewal, the department may also ask you to submit additional identification documentation.

You may be eligible to renew ID cards in NE earlier than the 90-day renewal period or later than one year after the document’s expiration date if you are planning to travel outside of the state during your renewal period. To learn whether or not you can complete the ID card renewal while you are outside of the state, contact the state DMV.

How to Replace Your ID Card in Nebraska

Replacing ID cards in Nebraska is a procedure that is often completed by nondrivers with damaged, stolen or lost ID card credentials. However, the procedure to apply for a duplicate ID card in NE must also be completed if the holder is updating his personal information, such as name and/or address.

The state DMV currently offers three methods to replace ID card credentials: in person, online and by mail. Note that the online and mail-in options are only available to applicants who meet certain eligibility requirements. Also, after the issuance of the NE copy of ID card, regardless of the method, the previously issued credential becomes invalid and must be destroyed.

How to Replace ID Cards in Nebraska Online

Prior to utilizing the option to replace ID card online in Nebraska, applicants must check whether or not they qualify to replace their credential via this method. The online DMV ID replacement can only be completed by customers who have not changed their name since the issuance of their last DMV document and have not obtained more than two replacement ID card credentials within the past five years.

The online ID card replacement can be completed by accessing the corresponding application, available through the ClickDMV portal. After entering the same type of information that is also required for the NE ID card renewal, outlined above, the system will ask for the fee payment prior to processing your request.

How to Replace ID Cards in Nebraska by Mail

The Nebraska identification card replacement can also be completed with a mail-in application by residents who are currently outside of the state. To obtain a duplicate ID card while outside of Nebraska, you will be required to fill out the corresponding out-of-state DMV data form and submit it with the fee payment and proof of identification and address.

Prior to mailing your request for an NE ID card copy, inquire with the DMV office in Lincoln about acceptable forms of payment for this specific application method.

How to Replace ID Cards in Nebraska in Person

To get a replacement ID card in Nebraska through a nearby DMV licensing location, applicants will be required to submit the standard application form for ID cards and driving licenses along with several supporting documents and the fee payment.

When applying for a duplicate identification card in person, nondrivers will have to submit one principal form of identification that contains their name and birth date, as well as two proofs of residency. After paying the fee, applicants will receive a temporary 30-day receipt, which can be used until their NE ID card replacement arrives by mail within two weeks.

Note: If you require a copy of ID card after changing your name, you can obtain one only by applying in person.

Nebraska ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

When requesting a Nebraska ID card replacement or completing the state DMV ID renewal, nondrivers will be required to arrange payment for the cost of these transactions. The fee that must be paid when renewing ID cards will vary based on the duration of the new card’s validity.

For instance, if you obtain the standard five-year ID card, you will be required to pay a fee of $24. If you are only eligible for a one-year ID card, on the other hand, then you will be required to pay a $5 fee. Replacing ID cards is a transaction that can be completed by paying the cost of $11.

Note: In addition to the fees outlined above, applicants for renewed or duplicate ID cards in NE will also be required to pay a $2.50 security surcharge fee. Also, the online transactions may impose an additional processing fee.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 6 2019.