State residents must submit their application for a California DMV identification card renewal to the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in a timely manner. The procedure to renew ID card credentials will differ from obtaining a new non-driver license, as applicants will not be required to submit most of the evidentiary documents necessary for a new credential.

Individuals will also need to initiate a CA DMV ID replacement process provided they have lost their identification document or it has been stolen. The methods to renew identification card credentials or replace a lost ID card in California will also vary depending on the procedure. If you are still wondering how to complete either of these processes, read the applicable sections below.

How to Renew Your ID Card in California

The CA DMV currently offers three methods for renewing ID card documents: in person, online and via mail. Prior to initiating an ID card renewal procedure via any of these methods, applicants must ensure they meet the set eligibility requirements. To renew ID card online in CA, for instance, individuals must have access to the DMV online service provider and be certified users.

Applicants who are eligible for a reduced-fee identification card do not qualify for a renewal via the internet or by mail. In addition to this, individuals who have completed their last two ID card renewals (or last renewal for holders of senior ID cards) online or by mail will only be able to finalize the process in person at a DMV branch.

The DMV provides for state residents to check whether they are eligible for a mail-in state ID renewal by submitting an eligibility form. Individuals who qualify for electronic and mail-in renewals will receive a courtesy reminder approximately 60 days prior to the date of expiry of their current credential.

Note: While regular DMV ID cards are valid for a period of six years, senior citizen identification documents expire within 10 years of issuance.

How to Renew ID Cards in California Online

To become eligible for renewing your ID card in California via the internet, you must first complete the registration process and become certified user with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Note that DMV will process your identification card renewal request provided you have received a renewal notice with your name on the form, and you do not request a change of address during the transaction. DMV has set the following CA DMV ID renewal steps for electronic transactions:

  • Locate the California Driver License/Identification Card Renewal System on the official DMV website and register/login.
  • Read and acknowledge the medical information and certifications.
  • Select your payment option (if applicable).
  • Acknowledge eChecking agreement (if applicable).

Once you access your online state ID renewal application, you may need to enter certain details to finalize your transaction.

How to Renew ID Cards in California by Mail

Individuals may also be eligible for an identification card renewal in CA via mail. To verify their eligibility for this procedure, they will need to fill out the California Identification Card Renewal by Mail Eligibility Form (DL 410 ID) and submit it to the address listed on the form. Applicants may also need to provide payment for the allotted fees.

How to Renew ID Cards in California in Person

An in-person California DMV identification card renewal will require you to visit a nearby DMV office in CA to finalize the process. You have the option to schedule an appointment beforehand to avoid long queues when in the branch.

To renew ID card credentials in person, you will need to complete and submit an original Driver License or Identification Card Application form (DL 44). Additional state ID renewal steps include having your photograph taken, giving a thumb print and providing payment for the fees set forth by DMV (if applicable).

Once the DMV processes your request, the department will mail your new credential within 60 days.

How to Replace Your ID Card in California

Replacing ID card documents is generally necessary for individuals whose ID card has been lost, stolen or misplaced. To submit a CA application for lost ID card credentials, applicants must make an appointment, personally visit a local DMV branch and follow the state DMV guidelines.

Contact DMV to check whether additional replacement ID card application methods are available at the moment.

How to Replace ID Cards in California in Person

You may initiate the procedure of applying for a DMV ID replacement in California by making an appointment with DMV to visit a nearby office. When obtaining a copy of ID card documents, you will need to complete the appropriate application form (DL 44) and submit it along with payment for the set duplicate fee.

Minors applying to replace ID card credentials must have parents’ or legal guardians’ signatures on the DL 44 form. The process of receiving a CA duplicate ID card will also require you to give a thumb print. Note that DMV must validate your personal information, Social Security Number and photograph so as to ensure your identity is secure and process your request.

Your ID card copy will be issued within a period of 60 days and mailed to the address currently on file with DMV.

California ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

The procedures of renewing ID cards and obtaining ID card copies in California will be completed once applicants submit payment for the prices set forth by DMV.

The fees to renew an ID card or purchase a replacement for a lost or stolen credential will depend on the type of identification document individuals are currently holding. State residents younger than 62 years of age who wish to renew or replace their regular ID card will need to pay a fee set at $29.

No renewal or CA DMV ID replacement fee will apply to holders of a senior ID card (62 years of age or older). Individuals who are eligible for a reduced-fee ID document will need to pay $8 to renew or replace their credential. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.