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Pay Traffic Tickets Online in California

Pay Traffic Tickets Online in California

Citations or traffic tickets are issued in the State of California for various violations of traffic law. You must respond to a citation, usually by paying a fine or appearing in court, or else a warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driving license may be suspended.

If you wish to dispute the citation, you must appear in court personally on the scheduled date, and enter a "not guilty" plea. Appearing in court gives you an opportunity to fight the traffic ticket in front of a judge or jury, and most people prefer to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to defend them in court.


When you pay a ticket, you are essentially pleading guilty to a traffic offense. Motorists should be aware that receiving and paying a traffic citation could result in higher car insurance rates and points on your driving record. Your license may be suspended if you accumulate too many points on your driving record.


The alternative to paying a traffic ticket is to fight it in order to save on points, auto insurance increases and keep your driving record clean. The easiest way to fight your ticket is to have a local traffic ticket lawyer handle the case for you. To have a local certified lawyer contact you in order to discuss your case you can submit the TixNix form at the top of this page. They will discuss your case with no obligation to see if its in your best interests to fight this ticket.


If you decide to plead guilty to a traffic violation, there are several ways to pay the ticket. Generally, the back of the citation will clearly indicate the deadlines and options for answering the ticket. Usually, you must act within fifteen days of receiving a traffic ticket to avoid additional fines and possible suspension of your license.

  1. Pay online. In most counties in California, traffic tickets can be paid online using a credit or debit card. Visit the California State Payment of Fines site to see the list of counties that accept online payment and to determine whether you are eligible to use the online payment system.
  2. Pay by mail. Read the instructions on the back of the ticket carefully, then check the "Guilty" box and sign the ticket. Enclose a check or money order for the amount indicated on the ticket and mail to the address given. Be sure to retain a copy of the citation for your personal records.
  3. Pay in person. You can pay your traffic tickets at the court house in person (address will be there on the notice, if not just look up your local court on the web). Bring the citation with you, along with a check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. In addition, bring proof of identity (i.e. your driver license).


If you decide to plead not guilty and dispute the ticket, read the instructions on the back of the ticket carefully. The instructions will generally indicate when and how to plead not guilty, and information about appearing in court to dispute your ticket. See our general section on Traffic Tickets and Violations for more information about how to dispute a traffic ticket in California State.


Remember that you cannot be found guilty of committing a traffic offense unless there is clear, accurate and convincing evidence that you committed the violation. Charges may be dismissed in court if the citation includes vague or incorrect information. For instance, vehicle information, time, location and circumstances must all be indicated correctly on the ticket. Many motorists choose to consult with a traffic ticket attorney to help them evaluate the validity of the ticket, and whether or not it is likely to be dismissed in court.


If you lost a traffic ticket after receiving it, you must contact the court where the ticket is answerable. If you do not know the name of the appropriate court, contact the local DMV office.


Submitted by ticket22 on 3rd Jan 2016

can I make a partial payment

can I make a partial payment on a speeding ticket that i have gotten an extension on?

Thank u

Submitted by Crazy_to_be_in_CA on 3rd May 2013

This Traffice Court setup is

This Traffice Court setup is as stupid as it could get; it needs to be shut down until they can get organized and develop a level of reasonable competence.

Submitted by Brandon34 on 23rd Apr 2013

Another horribly ran

Another horribly ran government service, I received a ticket somewhere around 5 years ago for driving without insurance. I happened to be leaving the country on live abroad the next day. Now I have returned and there is no way to get any information other than standing in live for hours on end to ask a simple question. Does the DMV and California realize that we are in the 21st century, everything is ran though technology except DMV, which still relies on upset, angry and horrible people to run a service. Oh before you make a comment like just call the toll free number, call it yourself. A call center that is down, does nothing.

Submitted by bossgirl143 on 20th Mar 2013

i need to pay a fine

i need to pay a fine

Submitted by pleanda on 12th Mar 2013

Hi, thought I should

Hi, thought I should introduce.... me!

Submitted by unwilaoutling on 16th Feb 2013

Regardless if you are a

Regardless if you are a smallish, middle or perhaps even huge enterprise, the concepts concerning success are indifferent. Advancement is related to planning.

Submitted by onya1682 on 21st Jun 2012

is there a way to get your

is there a way to get your license back before you pay all the fines tou. what i mean is while you are making payments to them? or at least a restriced license

Submitted by lizbeth.amari on 19th Jun 2012

Is it mandatory to appear at

Is it mandatory to appear at court for any violation such as a ticket?

Submitted by kellyfofo on 18th Feb 2014

only if you want to fight it,

only if you want to fight it, request reduced fee or request monthly payments

Submitted by jmontoya86 on 30th Mar 2012

can i make payments on a

can i make payments on a parking ticket

Submitted by kapone5462 on 31st May 2012



Submitted by tmhyjason on 24th Mar 2012

Since I am a full-time

Since I am a full-time college student who is constantly busy with school, I completely forgot to pay for a $300 ticket that i received, and now i just got a notice telling me that my new bail amount is $1800!!! I thought the government was suppose to work for the people... I mean what kind of money making scheme is this when you get charged $1500 for making an honest mistake.

Submitted by corington on 3rd Oct 2012

This same thing happened to

This same thing happened to me. If your ticket has not already gone to collections, has not been reported as a FTP/FTA failure to pay/appear, I would suggest that you pay it, or hire a traffic attorney to handle this for you ASAP! Otherwise you license will most surely be suspended, and the collection agencies are a nightmare to deal with.

Submitted by squidly on 19th Mar 2012

My licsence has been

My licsence has been suspended. Its been awhile now as I'm trying to find out what I owe. Which I don't. Think I should owe ANYTHING. maybe just a late fee. Went to court paid on ticket fines around close to 1,000- made all payments except or 100- partial to a the last 100- due toward paying off and being clear. I did not re dive last. Itice. As I know I have read DMV is not obligated to remind you if payments do. But received previous reminder notices of payment arrangements. I...seriouslly thought ALL was good and paid up and off. But..then received notice licsence is...SUSPENDED! Bunch of.... bananas. Don't. Ya think. Now what. Pay collections? A lot of time has past. I have nit a chance... what to do...? What to do..? Thanks~

Submitted by Dehrian on 25th Feb 2012

I lost my ticket and need to

I lost my ticket and need to pay it. I'm a college student at UNLV. Can I find information and pay on-line. What will they need? Thank you!!!!!!

Submitted by Lisae715 on 19th Dec 2011

I have a failure to appear..

I have a failure to appear.. Due to me starting a new job . So they suspened my license.. I need to get a restricted license to drive to work . Can that be done.. Until I can pay the 800.oo dollars

Submitted by alienlee on 15th Dec 2011

i got a ticket and forgot to

i got a ticket and forgot to pay now my driver lic is suspp and i got another ticket for driving with the suspp lic and what should i do?

Submitted by akwafei101 on 13th Dec 2011

how can i add more time so i

how can i add more time so i can pay off tickets im a college student with a part time job?

Submitted by sandiegoCA on 10th Nov 2011

I got a red light ticket and

I got a red light ticket and its $480 for tthe ticket and $530 for traffic school is there any way i can pay any of that in payments??? In San diego, CA

Submitted by bjenkins7226 on 1st Aug 2011

I recieved a fix it ticket in

I recieved a fix it ticket in newport beach, CA. After conacting the court house the orange county database and the police sation in newport , not one can located the ticket in the file. Whats my next step.

Submitted by paula kang on 22nd Jul 2011

i goy a parking ticket in

i goy a parking ticket in front of San Gabriel high School in the city of San Gabriel but i lost my citation, how can i find out where to send

the fine?

Submitted by jackieo37 on 23rd May 2011

My friend got a ticket and

My friend got a ticket and paid for it in full plus traffic school. She found it going to traffic school was not an option for her, and now she is being charged the full amount of the ticket again. Is that legal?

Submitted by Anonymous on 5th Apr 2011

Does the fine have to be paid

Does the fine have to be paid in one payment or will they take installments

Submitted by Hagos9 on 6th Dec 2009

pay parking ticke online

pay parking ticke online

Submitted by Agonzaga on 19th Aug 2009

I do not have any violations,

I do not have any violations, I am checking on violation codes.

Submitted by Anonymous on 1st Feb 2011

i\ paid my tickets and

i\ paid my tickets and waiting for to see if there clear situation #A609085 A40508A

Submitted by Anonymous on 3rd Mar 2011

me to..i already paid for my

me to..i already paid for my ticket so i am waiting to see if my suspension is lifted? how do i find this out? can i find out on line?

Submitted by Anonymous on 9th Mar 2011

Is there anything I have to

Is there anything I have to pay to get my license back

Submitted by marvinpuno on 4th Apr 2011

i have a ticket i havent been

i have a ticket i havent been try to fix wat can i do to pay it do i have to go to court to see the judge?

Submitted by cleeallison on 22nd Jul 2013

I hv a suspension in

I hv a suspension in bakersfield/kern county scheduled for 24th of July, I'm going tomarrw on the 23rd . I know,its way late but I hv been having car issues. Car has been in shop.since 7.10.13 (http://7.10.13) k my ?/ prob relates to following..

I got a seat belt ticket, the first I ever recvd early this year maybe Feb,.my.gma just.passed recently,honestly I've .not handled self.well or my affairs,hv all.gone to.Shit. not making excuses.learning all lessons .and seeking counsel.

Ticket issue for.real.Contd (http://for.real.Contd) here, so any way its .my first ticket like such, except for.a.parking (http://for.a.parking) ticket which not in my name,but for my parkd car belonging 2 mom

I got extension, and forgot for.that or rather had no gas to get there, ( however .

So now I get scheduled suspension .on.24th , court by then. I'm.going tomarrw I hv a lil bit of $ and can mk .payments, esp more payments and quiker *****if able to***** dmv sent this notice to .appear in court . I know its like 700..and what's civil assesmnt? And how and .if I hv .to.ask.for reduction for fee? My

Biggest concern is this prior to scheduled suspension, b4 able to.speak with judge, Will I still b ( ?)if .payments can b .made while doing so (its obviously nt .gnna b in full-) Will I still b able to keep Lic. So I can.hv my car help me to earn $ if so will I also hv to give sum to dmv $?

Any help tht.any one.can offer ASAP would b greatly appreciated. K.

Srry.for ( I've add and.can get off track at times