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Studying for the DMV written exam can be stressful – you want to pass on your first time! is keeping it simple by offering a FREE Practice Test. Our FREE practice driver’s test covers relevant sections featured in the California DMV Driver’s Handbook. The free sample driving test questions are created using the DMV drivers manual, and the content is similar to the real written exam. Learn how you will be asked about traffic regulations, road signs and specific driving situations by taking the free practice test.

Traffic Laws

Traffic laws create safe and responsible driving situations. To pass the DMV driver’s test, you need to know these laws and regulations. Mastering the rules of the road, dealing with pedestrians, crosswalks, intersections and roundabouts is all a part of becoming a licensed California driver. You can test yourself with the free online practice exam here. Sample Practice Exams from are a clear-cut way to learn how much you know about the official written test that awaits.

Traffic Signs

When you start driving in California, you need to recognize road signs and learn to use them while driving your vehicle. Traffic signs are a major part of the written driving test, and a free sample practice test is an excellent tool to confirm you know the answers. You will be tested on:

  • Traffic signal lights.
  • Traffic sign identification.
  • Placards and warning signs.
  • Turns at intersections.

Take the California Free Sample Practice Test and become an expert at traffic signs.

Traffic Signal

Responding to traffic signals in the proper way is essential for safe driving. Not to mention, you will get a ticket with a hefty fine if caught running a red light. The CA written driver’s test includes questions about traffic signals, so be sure to test yourself beforehand with a FREE practice exam.

Crosswalks and Intersections

Rules for driving safely on a pedestrian crosswalk is important for every driver to learn. Drivers are responsible for knowing his or her way around pedestrians and traffic in a safe manner. Try out the free sample test to confirm if you have a strong handle over the following:

  • ‘Stop’ or ‘Yield’ signs at intersections
  • Yellow markings for school crossings
  • Roundabouts
  • Driving on unmarked crosswalks
  • Turning at corners
  • White-line markings
  • Bicycle lanes
  • T-Intersections

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather is not unusual in California, and you need to know how to drive properly in different weather conditions. It is important to learn procedures for how to drive with mist, ice, fog, heavy wind, rain and snow. The official written exam will test your knowledge on inclement weather driving. The sample practice test is the best place to help you prepare and learn about:

  • Driving on slippery mountain roads.
  • Brake failure.
  • Blown tires.
  • Use of windshield wipers and low beam-headlights.
  • Skidding.
  • Emergency flares.

California DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

For successful results, advises you to use this five-step written driving test study checklist to optimize your official test preparations:

  1. Read the official CA Driver’s Handbook. The California drivers handbook contains material about all types of vehicles in the state. Concentrate on the parts about road rules and regulations, traffic signs, parking and safe driving. The official drivers written exam contains questions from all relevant handbook sections that are covered in the DMV free practice exam.
  2. Try out the Driver’s License Sample Test to see what awaits you on the official exam. Free sample test questions include traffic rules from the California Driver’s Handbook, and will introduce the real questions from the DMV official written drivers exam.
  3. When you feel safe with the drivers license sample test, order the extended California Study Guide. This guide is short summary of the official CA Driver’s Handbook. The information is structured into shorter sections to assist you in learning the important handbook information in a faster and easier way.
  4. When you get the results from your Sample Test, you will know which sections on the official written drivers exam you need to concentrate on. If you feel that you need additional support, get a copy of the Premium Practice Test.
  5. A score on the sample practice test of at least 90 percent or higher, means that you are a great candidate to get a passing score on the official written exam. Make your exam appointment and pass the first step on your way to the learners permit!

Getting Your CA Driver’s License

Getting a passing score on the DMV CA drivers’ test is the initial step to obtain your first drivers license. To get your drivers license in California, follow this 10-step process:

  1. Begin with the California Free Practice Driving Test.
  2. Review the Study Guide to strengthen troublesome areas.
  3. Practice with the free sample test until you make sure that you will succeed.
  4. Complete the application and collect the required documents relevant for getting your driver’s license.
  5. Use the California DMV online services to schedule an appointment.
  6. Take the official DMV written knowledge exam.
  7. Get a vision screening certificate.
  8. Pass the road skills exam.
  9. Submit your required forms, documents and fees.
Last updated on Tuesday, January 29 2019.