Indiana FREE Practice Test Sections

Use the FREE Sample Practice Test questions to get prepared for the Indiana driver’s test and get a learner’s permit. These questions, offered completely free of charge, focus on all of the most important driver test sections, including road signs, rules, regulations and more.

Traffic Laws

The purpose of Indiana traffic laws is to maintain safety on state roadways. That is why it is crucial for all drivers to be familiar with the rules, from how to properly treat a four-way stop to how to handle a traffic accident. To make sure that Indiana drivers are well versed in these matters, numerous law-related questions will be featured on your written drivers test. And you can get a taste of these questions through’s Free Sample Practice Exam.

Traffic Signals

Signals are just as important as signs in Indiana, as you will encounter them nearly everywhere that you drive. Thus, you can expect your IN written drivers test to feature questions on all of the following, and more:

  • How to approach a ramp
  • How to treat a pedestrian crossing section
  • How to address lane movements
  • Understanding of traffic control signals

Utilize’s Free Sample Practice Exam as a gauge to see how much you know.

Traffic Signs

Understanding signs is another crucial aspect of driving safely. As a prospective driver in Indiana, you need to know what every sign means and how you are supposed to obey them. Take the free practice test to get an idea of what road sign questions you will likely face on the official exam.

Pavement Markings

Just as you need to know what signs mean, it is also your responsibility as a driver to learn what pavement marks mean below. Our free sample exam will quiz you on your knowledge of all the most important road markings, including:

  • Marks that separate lanes
  • Marks that delineate no-pass zones
  • Marks that indicate turn, shared-use or reversible lanes
  • Marks that signify the edge of a road
  • Marks that represent one-way streets
  • Marks that indicate bicycle lanes

Inclement Weather

To get a driver’s license in Indiana, you have to know how to operate a vehicle in inclement weather. That includes snow, sleet, rain, fog and any other condition you can think of. To ensure that you can drive safely in all weather conditions, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles test incudes a number of questions about operating a motor vehicle:

  • A jammed/lagging gas pedal
  • Wet or failing brakes
  • Blown or skidding tires
  • Engine problems

Indiana DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

A study checklist is an excellent way to keep yourself on task and get you through the prep needed to pass your IN written knowledge exam. For the best results, simply follow the short five-step list provided below:

  1. Go through the Indiana driver’s manual with a special emphasis on the roadway rules, regulations, traffic signs and traffic signals sections. The questions on the official drivers test will be taken from the information featured in these portions.
  2. Use the Driver’s License Sample Test to see how well you might do on the official exam. The questions that you see on this sample test will closely resemble the ones you come face to face with on test day, as both sets of questions are taken from your state’s driver’s manual.
  3. Consider investing in the more extensive and detailed Study Guide if you need some help with your studies. Our guide condenses all of the information you need to know into one short and simple aid.
  4. Think about your score on the Sample Test as a gauge for how well you might perform on the actual written exam. If you think you need some more test prep, use the practice test questions. Through the Premium Practice Test, you have unlimited access.
  5. 5. After you achieve a score of 90 percent or better on your practice test, you are finally prepared to take the official written test. Schedule your testing appointment and go get your Indiana driving permit.

Getting Your IN Driver’s License

The written drivers exam is an integral part of the process to obtain a driver’s license in Indiana. However, it’s still just one task in a number of steps that you need to complete. To apply for an Indiana driver’s license, follow the 10 steps below:

  1. Take a Free Driving Test on to gauge your driving knowledge.
  2. Get the Study Guide to shore up your knowledge on any areas of difficulty.
  3. Keep retaking the practice tests until you get a grade you can be confident in.
  4. Get all of the documents you need to bring together in order to apply for a license to drive.
  5. Contact the local driver license office to set up a testing appointment.
  6. Get a passing score on the actual written driving exam.
  7. Get a passing score on a vision screening.
  8. Get a passing score on the DMV road skills exam.
  9. Provide your driver’s license examiner with the necessary documentation.
  10. Receive your Indiana driver’s license.
Last updated on Tuesday, April 24 2018.