Submitting an Indiana drivers license change of address request is mandatory for drivers who have moved to a new place of residence, per state rules and regulations. Prior to initiating the process of changing drivers license address information, motorists must make sure to review every address change procedure that they must undergo. Before requesting to change address on DMV records, drivers must understand that the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) maintains residential and mailing addresses for all drivers.

Motorists who submit a change address drivers license request form must determine if they need to update the residential address printed on the front of the license or simply the mailing address on file. In order to change address on drivers license credentials in Indiana, licensees must visit a local BMV branch to amend their card. Residents may learn more about how and where to change drivers license address information by reading the sections below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Indiana Drivers License

Changing driving license addresses in IN is a procedure completed by motorists who have moved to a new home within the state, whether they moved from in-state or out-of-state. Performing a DMV license change of address transaction may also be necessary for drivers who received credentials with incorrect information.

In the event that motorists have a mailing address that is different from their residential address, they must inform the BMV and update their record as soon as possible to ensure they receive important BMV notices.

Indiana Drivers License Address Change Time Limits

Per Indiana laws, you must change drivers license address information and amend your credentials within approximately one month of your move. If you fail to update your mailing address or fail to change your address on your license in Indiana, you may be subject to serious consequences.

Not changing DMV license addresses in a timely manner can result in not receiving essential BMV notices about license plates, renewal reminders and more. Failure to complete a driving license renewal procedure on time may further result in the issuance of traffic citations due to operating a vehicle with an expired license.

Online Drivers License Address Changes in Indiana

An Indiana online drivers license change of address is only available to licensees who need to update their mailing address. In order to change the address on driving licenses online, motorists updating their mailing address will need to log in to their official BMV account and follow the instructions. Changing drivers license mailing address information will not result in an update of the physical driving credentials.

How to Change Your Address on Your Indiana Drivers License in Person

If you need to finalize a DMV change address on license transaction because you have changed your residential address, you must do so within 30 days. Your second option for completing this procedure is to visit a local IN BMV license branch.

Your in-person IN driving license change of address procedure will require you to present two documents verifying your Indiana residency, such as copy of your lease, voter registration card or mortgage statement. Once you finalize the process of changing drivers license address information and updating BMV records, you may obtain an up-to-date license by submitting the necessary driver’s license replacement fee.

How to Transfer Your Drivers License as a New Indiana Resident

Motorists who need to apply for a DMV license change of address in Indiana upon their move to the state must transfer their out-of-state license and request an IN driving license to finalize the procedure. New residents have 60 days to obtain the state driving credential. Motorists wondering how to change drivers license address data and purchase a new credential must present their out-of-state license, a copy of their official driving record or a verification letter in person at a BMV office.

New state residents changing drivers license address information must also provide proof of identity, their Social Security Number, proof of state residency and proof of legal U.S. presence, if necessary. Drivers looking to transfer their out-of-state credentials by updating drivers license address information must also pass any applicable driving tests.

Licensees with expired credentials issued in another U.S. state must complete a driving skills test. Individuals who do not possess an out-of-state license must first apply for an IN learner’s permit and hold it for 180 days before they may obtain an Indiana driving license.

Indiana DMV Address Change Fees

After completing a driving license change of address in Indiana, licensees can submit payment for the $9 fee to obtain an amended credential or a replacement driving license. Out-of-state residents who have recently moved to Indiana and need to change address on DMV license documentation by completing a transfer must pay the full cost of a regular driving credential.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.