Changing drivers license address in Michigan is a mandatory procedure that must be completed by motorists who relocate within the state. The Secretary of State (SOS) office offers several methods to change drivers license address information. For instance, applicants have the option to change address on drivers license via ExpressSOS, the department’s online services portal. Learn more about the MI drivers license change of address procedure by reading the following sections.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Michigan Drivers License

The transaction to change a driving license address in Michigan is typically completed when the driver changes his or her residential address. However, the DMV license change of address is completed for other reasons as well.

For example, motorists who were erroneously issued a driving license with an invalid address will be required to notify the SOS of the mistake and request an address change. New state residents technically change the address on their driving licenses in MI when they complete their out-of-state move and apply for an original SOS credential.

Michigan Drivers License Address Change Time Limits

The driving license change of address is a transaction that must generally be completed within a specific timeframe after the driver relocates in another state. Motor vehicle departments in the U.S. typically allow motorists to change their DMV license addresses within several weeks without the risk of incurring any repercussions.

To inquire about the time limit for changing your drivers license address in MI, contact the SOS. If you do not complete the address change procedure on time, you are at risk of having your credential suspended or revoked. In such circumstances, you may not receive certain important correspondences sent forth by the department as well.

Online Drivers License Address Changes in Michigan

Changing your DMV license address in Michigan via the internet is the most convenient method to update your information with the SOS. Drivers can complete the online driving license change of address by filling out the corresponding application through the state’s official portal. However, prior to initiating the online procedure to change a drivers license address in MI, customers must ensure they meet the following criteria:

  • They hold a standard driver’s license, as the information on an enhanced credential can only be changed in person or by mail.
  • They have not ordered a replacement driver’s license on the same day they are completing the address change procedure.
  • They have not changed their driving license address within the last 10 days.

To finalize the DMV change address on license transaction, you will be required to submit your full name, date of birth, eye color and your Social Security Number and driver’s license number. After processing your request, the system will update your DMV address change information and generate a digital receipt for your records.

The SOS will then mail you a letter confirming the completion of the procedure and a sticker showing your new address, which can be attached to your existing credential. Online changes of address will be reflected on all SOS documents associated with your identity, including driver’s licenses, car records and voter registration records.

How to Change Your Address on Your Michigan Drivers License in Person

Motorists who are unable to change a drivers license address in Michigan via the internet can always do so through an SOS branch office in person. To finalize the in-person driving license change of address, state residents will be required to present their current license and potentially fill out a request form.

After successfully changing your DMV license address in MI in person, you will be issued the sticker displaying the updated information. Contact the department prior to your office visit to inquire whether or not you have the option of expediting the procedure by making an appointment.

How to Change Your Address on Your Michigan Drivers License by Mail

The Michigan drivers license change of address can also be completed by filling out a change of address application and submitting it to the SOS office in Lansing. Note that, when changing a driving license address with the ED 109W form, applicants have the option of updating both their residential and mailing address.

After receiving your application package, the department will process your DMV address change request and mail you a label containing the new address within 14 days. You will also receive a letter at your old address that confirms the change.

How to Transfer Your Drivers License as a New Michigan Resident

Drivers with out-of-state credentials will successfully change their driving license addresses in Michigan when they apply for an original license to drive with the SOS. Note that new state residents will not be required to complete the full set of DMV address change form steps when transferring their out-of-state credential. To successfully convert a license issued by a state other than Michigan, applicants will generally be required to:

  • Surrender their current license to the SOS to have it invalidated.
  • Present a verifiable Social Security Number and proofs of identity, state residency and lawful U.S. presence.
  • Pass the vision screening.
  • Take the written exam and the driving skills test if their license has been expired for longer than four years.
  • Pay the applicable licensing fees.

Note: You cannot transfer a suspended or revoked license.

After receiving your request for an MI DMV license change of address and an original credential, the Michigan SOS will contact the department of motor vehicles in your previous state of residence in order to retrieve your driving record. You will receive your new credential when the secretary of state office verifies the authenticity of the submitted documents and the fee payment.

Michigan DMV Address Change Fees

Changing a driving license address in Michigan is a procedure that can be completed free of charge. When the SOS receives a DMV license change of address request, it updates the corresponding information on the driver’s record and issues a sticker displaying the new address that can be attached to the back of the credential.

Motorists who would like to obtain a new credential with their updated address will, therefore, be required to complete the driver’s license replacement procedure. In such cases, completing the process of changing a DMV license address in MI and obtaining a duplicate credential will involve paying a $9 replacement fee. New residents applying for a new credential, on the other hand, will be required to pay the full price for a Michigan license to drive.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.