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The procedure for changing drivers license address in California, required by state law, is necessary for motorists who move to a new place of residence. Any updates to mailing and/or residential addresses related to driving credentials must be conducted through the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within the timeframe established by the DMV.

Holders of driving credentials have several methods available to update address record and information including online, in person and via mail. New and current residents can find out how to change drivers license address information in California by reading the applicable sections below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your California Drivers License

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires motorists to apply for a driving license change of address in CA so that the agency may have current information on file for identification and mailing purposes. Licensees must make changes to address information for driving credentials after they move to receive important notices, such as renewal or suspension letters, on time.

Out-of-state drivers who move to California must complete a DMV license change of address by transferring their credentials to a new California driving license. Drivers may need to update address records if their license reflects incorrect information.

California Drivers License Address Change Time Limits

Drivers must finalize the process of changing drivers license addresses in California within 10 days after their move to a new place of residence, per state law. Failure to change address on drivers license credentials within the allotted time frame may lead to serious consequences, including penalties for driving with an incorrect credential.

Motorists who do not complete the address update on driving records on time may also not receive important DMV correspondence about essential procedures such as driver license renewals or reinstatement.

Online Drivers License Address Changes in California

One available method to change DMV license address information is online through the DMV website. The California online drivers license change of address is the fastest and most convenient way to finalize the procedure. You may update address information online if the DMV determines you are eligible to access the online tool for address updates.

You will not be able to utilize this service provider if you do not possess a CA license to drive, an ID card or a Social Security Number. If you wish to perform a California DMV license change of address online, you cannot have an army or fleet post office address, live outside the United states or live out of the state with a CA Commercial drivers license.

You may complete the procedure of changing drivers license address online in CA by accessing the online service tool, following the given instructions and providing your old and new address of residence to finish the procedure. In order to verify the completion of your CA DMV license change of address, revisit the online system after 72 hours to check the status of your request.

How to Change Your Address on Your California Drivers License in Person

The department does not require motorists to change DMV license addresses in California by personally visiting a nearby CA DMV branch. Licensees who are unable to make changes online or by mail may still present an application form for change of address in person. Once the request is processed, a DMV representative will issue a Change of Address Card (DL 43) for motorists to carry with their driving credential.

How to Change Your Address on Your California Drivers License by Mail

You may complete a California DMV license change of address transaction by mail if you do not meet the eligibility requirements to make the change online. In order to perform a DMV license change of address via mail, you will need to print and complete a Change of Address form and send it to the address provided on the application.

Note: Drivers who wish to request a duplicate driving license for all types of DMV address changes must complete a separate application. The Department of Motor Vehicles does not automatically issue new driving credentials upon address change requests.

How to Transfer Your Drivers License as a New California Resident

If you have moved to California from another state or country, you will be able to change address on your DMV license by applying for an original CA driving credential. The procedure for changing a drivers license address in CA by transferring out-of-state credentials must take place no more than 10 days after your move.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you may apply for a new California drivers license by:

  • Scheduling an appointment with DMV to submit the application form.
  • Taking a license photograph and giving the DMV a thumb print.
  • Presenting your Social Security Number (SSN), proof of identity and residency documents.
  • Passing vision and knowledge tests.
  • Arranging payment for the application fees.

Once the DMV approves your application, you will receive a 90-day license until you receive your full credentials at your new CA address.

California DMV Address Change Fees

Licensees applying to change the address on a driving license in CA online or by mail do not need to provide payment to utilize this service, as drivers are only updating DMV records. A drivers license change of address fee applies only when motorists wish to request an updated card reflecting the new address.

New California residents requesting a state driving credential reflecting the address change will need to submit payment for a replacement license fee of $28.

Last updated on Monday, January 11 2021.