CDL driving records are crucial for drivers who wish to apply for commercial driving positions. Potential employers will always check driving records before hiring a candidate for a position that involves truck driving or any other kind of commercial motor vehicle operation. Learn all about DMV driving records for truck drivers and how you can obtain one today by reviewing the sections below.

Applying for a Commercial Driver Position

Potential employers will perform a CDL DMV record search on all possible candidates before hiring for a commercial driving job. Driving record lookups are performed to ensure that the applicants are safe and responsible drivers who will represent the company in a positive way. As such, DMV record demerit points, previous violations, suspensions and traffic fines can all negatively affect a truck driver’s candidacy.

What is on my CDL driving record?

Driving abstracts for truck drivers that are ordered from the state agency will include various pieces of pertinent information. However, the extent of the personal driving history covered will vary based on the type of CDL driving record ordered, as three-year, seven-year and complete history reports are often available. When you perform a driving record check directly through your state of residence, you will typically receive the following details in your report:

  • Previous traffic violations
  • DUI reports
  • Traffic fines
  • Unpaid tickets
  • Car accidents
  • Driver’s license issuance date and location
  • Driver’s license suspensions and revocations
  • Habitual traffic offender information

Online driving records conveniently obtained through, meanwhile, will include information about your current drivers license status, previous violation convictions, administrative penalties, license restrictions, license endorsements and demerit points (if applicable in your state).

How do I remove points from my CDL record?

Depending on your state, driving record points may be removed by either taking a traffic school course (which is available online and in person) or by exercising safe driving practices for an extended period of time. States that use a DMV point system will either allow drivers to remove points from driving records, or they will provide chances for motorists to earn safe driving points, which nullify the effects of demerit points.

Points on a truck driver’s DMV driving history can affect his or her ability to get a job as a commercial driver. Demerit points can also cause auto insurance premiums to rise and may result in a suspended driver’s license, if too many are accumulated.

What is not included on my CDL driving record report?

Personal driving records contain a great deal of driver-related information. However, these CDL drivers records do not contain information about vehicle history and non-driver-related offenses. To access vehicle history report information, commercial drivers can perform a VIN check online. Meanwhile, a background check must be performed to learn about police reports and other non-driver-related offenses.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.