Being able to drive a car is a very big aspect of personal independence. As some people age driving can become more difficult. Your state does not use age to determine whether you can drive or not, but drivers above a certain age limit will be required to pass number of test in order to ensure that they can drive safety and confidently. The age at which you are required to take the exam varies state by state so select yours to see what rules apply to you.

Special License

Drivers who’s age is greater then the state cutoff will usually have to renew their DMV license in person. The license of older drivers will also be valid for a shorter period of time compared to newer drivers. Some states will allow you to renew online or via email if some you have a valid reason for not being able to make it in person. To learn more about reasons you state considers valid, please visit your state’s page below:

Select a state to begin:
Select a state to begin:

Once you are at the DMV you will be asked to undergo a basic vision test. Most states need you to have a vision of about 20/40. If you do not meet these standards you will be referred to a licensed vision specialist who will determine whether you are able to safety drive a vehicle. When you are filling out your application for your license renewal you will be asked if you have any health issues. Based on the information you may be given a special license which will take your health issues into account.

Older drivers may be required to take a retest at the DMV. The purpose of this is to determine if cognitive skill are good enough to enable you to drive. The test may involve an interview with a DMV official, as well as a written test and a driving test. Some older drivers will go to traffic school in order to refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road.

Once you have completed all the required steps you will be given a license based on your circumstances. If your vision is found lacking you might be required to wear corrective lenses while driving. If you have trouble hearing you might be required to have additional side mirrors installed on your car. For more details about restricted licensing in your state, please visit your state-specific page below.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.