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How to Apply for A CDL

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No matter which state you live in, you have to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL), so that you can operate a commercial vehicle. But, you have to own a regular driver's license before you can apply for a CDL. All applicants have to meet certain age requirements, they have to pay the required fees, and provide the DMV with some documentation.

You have to be at least 18 years old to apply for a CDL. But, until you turn 21, you can only get an Intrastate CDL, which means you can only operate a commercial vehicle within the state you live in. Individuals aged 21 or older can apply for an Interstate CDL and cross state lines with a commercial vehicle.

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There are some identification and residency requirements that you have to meet. So, you have to provide the DMV with a proof of identity, as well as a proof of your Social Security Number. Also, a proof of residence is required. You can prove your residence by providing the DMV with a property tax bill, a bank statement, or an electric bill.

Commercial drivers have to comply with certain safety regulations, that may vary from one state to another. So, you have to obtain a Medical Examiner's Certificate, which should be signed by a licensed medical examiner.

After you've provided the DMV with these documents, you are going to have to take the required written and skills tests. There are various tests that vary in form, depending on the type of commercial vehicle you need to operate. You can prepare for these tests by reading your state's CDL manual, and by taking online practice tests. Also, you can attend a commercial driving training course, which will help you acquire the skills needed to operate a truck, a bus, or a tank vehicle.

If you pass these tests, you are going to be asked to pay the required fees, and after that, the DMV will issue your commercial driver's license.

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