Renewing a motorcycle license in the United States is a procedure that must be completed on a regular basis, as state motor vehicle departments issue motorcycle licenses of limited validity periods. Overall, the available methods to renew a motorcycle license generally vary based on the requirements established by different state DMVs. However, as a general rule, drivers are always able to complete a motorcycle license renewal procedure in person by visiting a local DMV office.

Furthermore, certain motor vehicle departments also offer the option of renewing bike licenses via alternative methods, such as online and by mail. Note that, regardless of the method chosen to renew M-Class licenses, applicants will typically be required to complete steps that are similar to those that apply for renewing standard driving licenses. Visit your state’s page below for more information about these types of license renewals in your state.

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How to Renew Motorcycle Licenses via the Internet

Riders are able to renew motorbike licenses via several methods, which vary based on the practices of each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. For instance, motorists in California can renew a motorcycle driving license online, in person and by mail. While the online motorbike license renewal is the most convenient method to renew these credentials, you will be required to meet certain eligibility criteria in order to complete this procedure. As such, the motor vehicle departments that offer the option to renew a Class M license or endorsement via the internet typically set the following eligibility criteria:

  • You do not have to update your photograph on file.
  • You completed your previous M-Class license renewal in person.
  • You have not held an expired motorcycle license for several years (varies from state to state).
  • You fulfill the minimum age requirement (varies from state to state).
  • You are not required to complete the name and/or address change procedure with the DMV.
  • You have a clean driving record.

When available, an online motorcycle license renewal procedure can be finalized through the internet services webpage of your corresponding state DMV. After accessing the online application to renew Class M licenses, you will be prompted to provide several types of identifying information, such as your license number, Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth. After following several prompts, the system will require you to pay any applicable fees, after which your application will be processed.

How to Renew Motorbike Licenses via Other Methods

If you are unable to complete the motorbike license renewal via the internet, you can still do so via alternative methods, such as in person or by mail. When renewing a motorcycle license in person, applicants will be required to complete additional steps, such as submitting a set of identity documents and filling out a paper application. Furthermore, under certain circumstances, an in-person motorcycle license renewal may be the only renewal option available. For instance, senior drivers in Texas are only able to renew their credentials by visiting a DMV branch, as they are required to retake the physical and mental competency driving tests. In any case, in order to successfully conclude the procedure to renew M Class licenses, you will need to submit the necessary documents, fill out the corresponding forms, pay the service fees and retake any applicable tests.

Riders may also be able to complete the process of renewing motorbike licenses by mail. Note that the requirements to renew these credentials via mail are similar to those that apply for an online renewal. Additionally, state DMVs typically send out motorbike license renewal notices informing applicants of whether or not they are eligible to complete a mail-in procedure. For example, in order to renew motorcycle licenses in New York by mail, you will be required to fill out the renewal notice you have received and send it back to the address displayed on the notice, along with proof of a passed vision test and the fee payment.

Fees to Renew Motorcycle Licenses

When renewing M Class licenses in the United States, drivers will be required to pay the applicable motorcycle license renewal fees. However, the total payable cost for renewing these credentials may vary depending on the circumstances of each applicant, as well as the state in which he or she resides. Moreover, these applicable costs also vary depending on whether riders are renewing motorbike licenses that are issued as separate credentials or if they were added as endorsements to existing driving licenses. As an example, riders in Indiana will only be required to pay a one-time fee of $19 for their motorcycle credential, as the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles issues bike endorsements. When completing the procedure to renew M Class endorsements through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, applicants will be required to pay a standard driving license renewal fee of $17. On the other hand, New York riders will be required to pay a motorbike license renewal fee of $72.50 or $88.50 (for specific counties) when renewing their credentials, as the NY DMV issues stand-alone motorcycle licenses.

Note: Motorcycle license renewal for senior drivers is generally available at a reduced cost.

Last updated on Thursday, December 6 2018.

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