An AR motorcycle license renewal is typically performed every eight years on the applicant’s birthday. However, depending on the type of license and the age of the applicant, the expiration date may vary. It is illegal to operate a motorbike without a valid license. Therefore, it is imperative that all applicants renew their credentials on time.

In most cases, drivers must renew motorcycle licenses in person at an AR revenue office. However, members of the military and residents living outside of the state may apply by mail. All eligible applicants have the choice to renew their standard AR license or upgrade to a REAL ID card instead.  REAL ID cards, otherwise referred to as Enhanced cards, require additional identification documents and must be processed in person at specific Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) offices.

When to Renew a Motorcycle License in Arkansas

Riders must renew bike licenses before the expiration date found on the front of the card. In most cases, a renewal is due on the applicant’s birthday every eight years. However, depending on your age and the type of license, you may be required to renew at different times. The following groups are subject to varying renewal periods.

  • Applicants younger than 60 years of age must renew standard motorcycle licenses or REAL ID cards every eight years.
  • Applicants older than 60 years of age do not need to submit renewals if they hold standard lifetime licenses. Lifetime licenses are only issued to eligible applicants older than the age of 60.
  • Applicants older than 60 years of age must renew licenses every four years if they hold REAL ID cards. Eight-year REAL ID licenses are not available to applicants older than the age of 60.

If eligible, drivers may submit a bike license renewal application up to one year prior to the expiration date. Furthermore, riders can renew licenses up to 31 days after the expiration date has passed. While the state offers a grace period of 31 days, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle without a valid license during this time.

Eligibility for Motorcycle License Renewal in Arkansas

All of the state’s motorcycle renewal requirements must be met before an application can be processed. Residents must hold a current AR Class M license to apply for a renewal. If a license has been expired for more than 31 days, the driver must complete additional testing before submitting an application.

Standard AR motorbike licenses and REAL ID cards follow different eligibility rules. To upgrade to a REAL ID card, drivers must have lawful presence in the United States, submit proof of residency and have a Social Security Number.

Required Documents

The documents required to renew a motorcycle license must be submitted in full to the AR DFA. Standard AR licenses and REAL ID cards require separate documentation. The following items may be necessary for a renewal:

  • Your current motorcycle license.
  • A motorcycle license renewal form (by mail). All necessary forms are sent to applicants if they are eligible to renew by mail.
  • All applicable REAL ID identity documents. The following items are required when upgrading to a REAL ID card during a motorbike license renewal.
    • Proof of identity. Applicants must bring one document from the state’s primary list and one document from the state’s secondary list.
      • Acceptable primary documents include;
        • United States passports;
        • United States birth certificates; and
        • permanent resident cards.
      • Acceptable secondary documents include;
        • Current motorcycle licenses;
        • Motorbike registration cards; and
        • Military ID cards.
      • Proof of Social Security Number. W-2 tax forms, Social Security cards and 1099 tax forms that show the full Social Security Number may be used as proof.
      • Proof of legal residency in the United States. Two forms of proof must be provided, such as a utility bill and a pay stub showing your full address.

Instances When You Cannot Renew Your Motorcycle License in Arkansas

A bike license renewal cannot be processed if the applicant does not meet all of the state’s requirements or fails to submit the correct documentation. Furthermore, an application cannot be processed if the license has been suspended or revoked. All existing suspensions or revocations of driving privileges must be rectified before a renewal can be processed.

How to Renew an Arkansas Motorcycle License Online

Can I renew my motorcycle license online in Arkansas? No. The state does not have an online renewal system available to residents. However, riders may apply for motorcycle renewal notices online. Renewal notices help remind customers of upcoming expiration dates and are sent via email or SMS.

How to Renew an Arkansas Motorcycle License by Mail

Eligible residents may renew a motorcycle license by mail if they are active members of the military or outside of the state at the time of expiration. Call the Driver’s License Issuance (DLI) center at 501-682-7059 to check eligibility.

Riders may also email the DLI at or send a written request to the below address. If eligible, the DLI will send all forms needed for the renewal. Otherwise, follow the steps below to submit an application by mail.

  1. Complete all applicable forms sent to you by the DLI.
  2. Submit all necessary supporting documents requested by the DLI.
  3. Submit payment for the bike license renewal.
  4. Send the above documents to the below address:
Driver's License Issuance
Room 2120
P.O. Box 1272
Little Rock, AR 72203

How to Renew an Arkansas Motorcycle License in Person

In most cases, motorcycle license renewals must be submitted in person at one of Arkansas’ revenue offices. However, if you are upgrading to a READ ID card, you must apply at one of the state’s authorized regional offices.

Details on where to renew motorcycle licenses are on the DFA’s website. Follow the below steps to submit an application in person.

  1. Surrender your current motorcycle license.
  2. Submit proof of identity, Social Security Number and residency if applying for a REAL ID card.
  3. Pass a vision exam, if required.
  4. Pass all applicable tests.
  5. Pay the renewal fee.

Arkansas Motorcycle License Renewal Costs

How much does it cost to renew a motorcycle license in Arkansas? $40. The same motorcycle license renewal fee is applied to both standard and Real ID cards. Riders can convert a recently renewed standard license to a REAL ID card for $10.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.