Renewing a motorcycle license is often similar to renewing a license for other types of motor vehicles. Many states offer their residents online renewal options, which make it easy and convenient for motorcycle riders to renew their driving privileges. Many states also grant motorcycle operating privileges as an endorsement on a non-commercial drivers license. This means that you can oftentimes renew your motorcycle license while also renewing your regular drivers license. However, there may be certain situation where you cannot renew your motorcycle license online. Our downloadable, state-specific guide provides you with details on whether you can renew your license online in your state and what the procedures are for renewing your license. Our guide also includes valuable information on how to get your motorcycle license for the first time and how to replace your license if you lose it.

2. By Mail

Some states allow resident drivers to renew their motorcycle licenses via mail. However, you may need to fulfill certain eligibility requirements in order to renew your license in this way. Mail-in renewals typically take a long time to process because you need to wait on the postal service to deliver your application to the DMV and also wait for it to deliver your new license to you. You also risk getting your credentials lost in the mail, further delaying the process. Our downloadable guide has all the information you need on how you can renew your motorcycle license, including whether your state offers a mail-in renewal option and any eligibility requirements you may need to fulfill in order to use this option.

3. In Person

The most direct way to renew your motorcycle license is in person at your local DMV office. Many times, your state’s DMV will issue you your new license on the same day as your office visit. However, some states may make drivers wait to receive their new credentials. Visits to the DMV can also take up a lot of time. It is therefore important to be prepared with the right forms, documents and fees before you visit the DMV. Our comprehensive guide provides you with all the details you need to know to make your visit to the DMV as smooth and efficient as possible. It will also provide details on how your state’s DMV issues renewed motorcycle licenses and whether there is a waiting period.

An Alabama motorcycle license renewal application may be submitted online, by mail or in person at a local DMV office. Class M licenses are valid for four years and can be renewed up to 180 days prior to the expiration date. Renewal extensions and grace periods are granted to eligible applicants.

Riders must renew motorcycle licenses in person at the DMV if they are upgrading to a Star ID card. Certain eligibility requirements must also be met for online renewals. It is illegal to operate a motorcycle without a valid Class M license and therefore very important to renew credentials before they expire. Fees and eligibility may vary.

When to Renew a Motorcycle License in Alabama

An AL motorcycle license renewal must be completed every four years. While the state of Alabama does not issue renewal notices, a reminder is sent to all eligible drivers 30 days after the expiration date. In addition, a grace period of 60 days is granted to riders with an expired license. During this time, the license remains valid allowing the rider to apply for a renewal. Applicants are subject to penalties under the law if they operate a vehicle without a valid license after the grace period has lapsed.

Drivers may submit a renewal up to 180 days prior to the motorcycle license’s expiration date. Further extensions may be granted to residents who are out-of-state during the renewal period. If a license has been expired for more than three years, drivers must retake all applicable tests before renewing.

Eligibility for Motorcycle License Renewal in Alabama

All of the state’s motorcycle renewal requirements must be met before an application can be processed. Riders must be legal residents of the United States and already hold an AL license to apply. In addition, not all riders are eligible for each renewal method. The following eligibility rules apply to all motorcycle license holders:

  • Drivers are only eligible to renew AL motorbike licenses online if they;
    • Have not applied for a renewal online during the past eight years;
    • Hold a valid credit card;
    • Do not need to update their address;
    • Do not need to remove classes, restrictions or endorsements;
  • Drivers are only eligible to renew AL motorbike licenses by mail if they are;
    • Military personnel or dependents living outside of the state;
    • Full-time college students living outside of the state;
    • Employees stationed outside of the state;
    • Missionaries serving outside of the state; or
    • Applicants receiving medical care outside of the state.

Required Documents

The documents required to renew a motorcycle license in Alabama vary depending on the type of license you hold. The following items may be required when renewing your license.

  • An Application for a Renewal or Duplicate License for Alabama Drivers Temporarily Out of State Supporting documents are required if you are renewing a motorcycle license while out-of-state. Any of the following applicable documents must be submitted alongside the Application for a Renewal or Duplicate License for Alabama Drivers Temporarily Out of State form:
    • Copy of military ID or military orders.
    • Verification of full-time school enrollment.
    • Letter on employer’s letterhead verifying employment outside of the state.
    • Letter on church or sponsor’s letterhead verifying missionary work outside of the state.
    • Letter on doctor’s letterhead verifying medical treatment outside of the state.
  • Proof of identity, Social Security Number and residency if you are upgrading to a Star ID card while renewing your motorcycle license.
  • Your current AL motorcycle license.
  • Social Security card.
  • Primary and secondary identity documents. The following documents are accepted at the AL DMV:
    • Primary documents:
      • Alabama motorbike license
      • Certified United States birth certificate
      • United States passport
  • Secondary documents:
    • School ID card
    • United States military ID card
    • W-2 tax form

Instances When You Cannot Renew Your Motorcycle License in Alabama

An AL motorcycle license renewal application cannot be processed if certain state requirements are not met. The following instances may prevent drivers from successfully completing an application.

  • The current license is lost. A certified document must be provided in its place.
  • The current license is suspended or revoked.
  • The applicant has physical or mental impairments preventing him or her from exercising reasonable control over the motorcycle.
  • The applicant fails any applicable tests.
  • The applicant is a habitual drinker or addicted to narcotic drugs.

How to Renew an Alabama Motorcycle License Online

Can I renew my motorcycle license online? Yes. However, only eligible drivers are authorized to use the online system. In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, drivers must also have a working printer. After an application is submitted, you are issued a 30-day temporary license that must be printed and kept with you while operating your motorcycle.

  1. Select the type of license you are renewing.
  2. Enter your name, license number, date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  3. Follow the online prompts.
  4. Pay the non-refundable bike license renewal The online system only accepts valid credit cards.
  5. Print the temporary card.

After submitting an application, a new license is mailed to the address on file within 30 days.

How to Renew an Alabama Motorcycle License by Mail

Motorcycle license renewal applications may be sent by mail if a resident is out-of-state during the expiration period and meets the above requirements. Follow the below steps to renew by mail.

  1. Complete the Application for a Renewal or Duplicate License for Alabama Drivers Temporarily Out of State
  2. Include any applicable supporting documents, such as a doctor’s letter or verification of full-time employment outside of the state.
  3. Payment for the bike license renewal. Only money orders or certified bank drafts are accepted.
  4. Send the above items to the below address:

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
Driver License Division
PO Box 1471
Montgomery AL 36102-1471

How to Renew an Alabama Motorcycle License in Person

Riders may be required to renew a motorcycle license in person at a local AL DMV office. Motorcycle licenses can be renewed in any county, regardless of where it was first issued. A Star ID can only be applied for at one of Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s (ALEA) driver license examining offices. Once you have a Star ID, you may use the online system to renew. Details on where to renew Alabama motorcycle licenses can be found online. Follow the below steps to submit a renewal application in person.

  1. Visit the DMV.
  2. Present your current motorcycle license, if available.
  3. Provide primary and secondary identity documents, if required.
  4. Provide your Social Security card, if required.
  5. Provide proof of identity, Social Security Number and residency if applying for a Star ID card.
  6. Update any personal information, such as address, height or weight, if applicable.
  7. Pay the motorcycle license renewal

Applicants are issued a temporary license valid for 30 days. A permanent license is mailed within 30 days of submitting the renewal application.

Alabama Motorcycle License Renewal Costs

How much does it cost to renew a motorcycle license in Alabama? $36.35. The motorcycle license renewal fee does not include any additional postage fees applied to applications send by mail. Checks and money orders must be made payable to ALEA licensing Services Division.

Last updated on Tuesday, February 19 2019.

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