Completing an Alabama motorcycle license replacement is an important step for riders who are no longer in possession of their original motorcycle license, since riding a motorcycle without the proper documentation may lead to traffic citations. Motorcyclists can complete the procedure to replace a motorcycle license through the Department of Public Safety (DPS) of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA). Applicants can complete the process via the following methods: online, by mail and in person. However, certain application methods also include several eligibility requirements. Note that replacing your motorcycle license follows the same steps as those that apply for the standard driving license replacement procedure.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Alabama?

Riders must replace their license if it is stolen, lost or damaged. However, in addition to a stolen, damaged and lost motorcycle license in AL, you must also apply for a duplicate license if you have changed your name. If you have made changes to your address on file, you are not required to obtain a replacement credential, but you still have that option.

How to Replace an Alabama Motorcycle License Online

The most convenient method to order a motorcycle license replacement in Alabama is to utilize the ALEA Online Services portal, which is accessible through the department’s website. However, to replace your license online, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You have a valid credit card.
  • You are not making any changes to your personal information.
  • You are not adding or removing license restrictions or endorsements.
  • You have a valid address on file with the state DPS.

If you qualify to replace your motorcycle license online, you can initiate the process by accessing the corresponding service, choosing your credential type and entering your name, motorcycle license number, date of birth and Social Security Number. In subsequent steps, you will be prompted to provide the fee payment with a valid credit card before the system generates a printable 30-day credential. Once you print your AL bike license replacement document, you can utilize it until you receive the permanent license by mail within 30 days.

How to Replace an Alabama Motorcycle License by Mail

Replacing a license by mail is only available to U.S. citizens who are temporarily living outside of the state, such as members of the military, college students and employees on a temporary assignment. Replacing a motorcycle license with the state DPS while absent from the state is also available to missionaries completing an out-of-state service and riders attending medical treatment in another state. If you have a valid reason to complete the mail-in motorcycle license replacement in AL, you can do so by sending the Application for a Renewal or Duplicate License (Form DL-100) to the DPS Driver License Division address in Montgomery.

However, your request to replace a bike license by mail will be processed only if the state DPS has your up-to-date picture and signature on file. Prior to mailing your license replacement package, ensure that you have included the fee payment in the correct amount and a document verifying your absence from the state, such as your military orders or college enrollment form. Once the Driver License Division receives and processes your request to replace your motorbike license, it will manufacture a new credential and mail it to your out-of-state address.

Note: When you replace your license by mail, you also have the option of updating several types of personal information, such as height, weight and address.

How to Replace an Alabama Motorcycle License in Person

If you are unable to replace a damaged, stolen or lost motorbike license in Alabama via one of the above methods, you can always submit your request through an ALEA location offering licensing services. If you want to replace your license in person, note that you will be required to submit proof of identity and pay the applicable fee. Also, the state DPS does not administer any tests when replacing motorcycle licenses if you are obtaining a duplicate of a valid credential. To expedite the process, you have the option of scheduling your office visit though the ALEA Online Services portal as well.

Note: If you are obtaining a duplicate motorcycle drivers license due to a name change, you will also have to present valid name change paperwork, such as a marriage certificate, court order or divorce decree.

Alabama Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

Paying the cost to replace motorcycle license in Alabama is one of the last steps when applying for a duplicate bike credential. The fee imposed by the state DPS when replacing a motorbike license is the department’s standard $31.25 cost for a duplicate license. Depending on your chosen motorcycle license replacement method, you may be restricted only to certain forms of payment. For instance, if you replace your license by mail, you will have to provide your fee payment in the form of a money order or a certified bank draft.

Note: If you attempt to replace an expired license, you will be directed to complete the motorcycle license renewal procedure.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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