It is important to replace your Oklahoma motorcycle license as quickly as possible if it has been lost or damaged. The Oklahoma motorcycle endorsement is part of the Oklahoma driver license, so a driver must replace or renew the whole license in order to update his or her endorsement. However, this is not true of a motorcycle permit.

Though the process of requesting a duplicate license is the same, the permit is its own entity. You do not have to replace your entire driver license in order to extend, update or replace a lost motorcycle permit.

A motorcycle license replacement can be completed online, by mail or in-person. However, some services may be be unavailable at the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) location that is closest to you. You must visit and exam location in order to update your license in person, and you will be issued a temporary license until your request has processed and your new license arrives in the mail.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Oklahoma?

It is necessary to replace a motorcycle license in Oklahoma when your license is lost, damaged or stolen. However, the Oklahoma DMV will also approve a request for a duplicate motorcycle license for a:

  • Name change.
  • Sex change.
  • Endorsement or restriction update.
  • Address change.
  • Change of driver license number. (Only available to driver’s whose license number is their Social Security Number.)

It is important to apply for a motorcycle license replacement as soon as possible. A valid license is required to operate a vehicle in Oklahoma, and the penalties for driving without one can be steep. Even if a driver has simply misplaced his or her license, the fine can be between $50 and $300.

It is possible to have this misdemeanor dismissed if the driver presents a replacement or renewal license to the traffic court on or before the scheduled court date. However, he or she will still have to pay court fees.

Documents Required to Replace a Motorcycle License in Oklahoma

The motorcycle license replacement documents are the same as the required driver’s license replacement documents, with the inclusion of a motorcycle safety course certificate. If you did not attend a motorcycle training program, you may also provide any verification you have that you passed the required motorcycle tests.

The documents required to apply for a duplicate motorcycle license include your Social Security Number and two forms of identification. You need one primary and one secondary form of identification.

Primary Proof Of Identity Secondary Proof of Identity
  • Certified U.S. birth certificate.
  • Valid U.S. passport.
  • Certificate of Naturalization.
  • Certificate of Citizenship.
  • Oklahoma driver license issued after November, 2007.
  • Consular report of birth abroad.
  • Permanent resident card.
  • A valid foreign passport with a U.S. visa.
  • Any document from the primary list.
  • School or employer photo ID.
  • Oklahoma gun permit.
  • Oklahoma voter registration.
  • Social Security card.
  • Health insurance card.
  • Motor vehicle registration or title.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Divorce decree.
  • School record or diploma.
  • Professional degree or license.
  • Health insurance card.
  • U.S. military ID.
  • Tribal photo ID card.
  • Out-of-state driver license.
  • Auto insurance policy form.

Additionally, if you have had a name change, you must also present documentation that verifies your legal name. These documents can include a:

  • Marriage certificate.
  • Divorce decree.
  • Adoption verification.
  • Valid name change decree.
  • Affidavit of a common law marriage.

How to Replace a Oklahoma Motorcycle License Online

You may update or replace your license on the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety website. To replace a motorcycle license online, you need:

  • Your license number.
  • The camera number of your license photo.
  • Copies of the required documents.
  • A digital signature.
  • A valid Oklahoma mailing address.

If you do not have a valid license photo on file with the DMV, you will be required to visit a DMV office in person to update the license photo. A new driver license will not be issued until the DMV has a valid photo. In the meantime, drivers will be given a temporary license.

If you apply for a replacement motorcycle license online, you may only pay the fee by credit card.

How to Replace a Oklahoma Motorcycle License by Mail

To request a duplicate motorcycle license by mail, you must use first class mail. You will need:

  • Your full legal name.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Copies of the identity documents.
  • A valid Oklahoma address.
  • Your license number.
  • The renewal fee.

The motorcycle license replacement fee must be paid by cashier’s check or money order. A personal check is not a valid form of payment.

Mail your forms to:

Department of Public Safety
Driver License Services
Renewal by Mail
P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73136

NOTE: Do not mail original copies of your personal documents. If they are lost in the mail, it may not be possible to recover them.

How to Replace a Oklahoma Motorcycle License in Person

Replacing an Oklahoma motorcycle license in person is the fastest method, unless you are in the Armed Forces. The only people who receive immediately approval of a not-in-person applications are:

  • Servicemember currently on duty or spouse.
  • Servicemember currently employed as a civilian contractor with the Armed Forces or his or her spouse.

This automatic approval is only offered if the driver’s last renewal or replacement was completed in person.

If you are a civilian who would like to replace your motorcycle license in person, you should visit the nearest DMV. Submitting the Oklahoma renewal application and the required paperwork in person may be the most convenient method, as some Oklahoma counties do not offer online license replacement or by mail service.

There are 35 DPS offices in Oklahoma that offer driver licenses services. With the exception of 10 offices, they are all open Monday through Friday. The 35 service locations are located in:

  • Ada.
  • Altus.
  • Ardmore.
  • Bartlesville.
  • Beaver.
  • Boise City.
  • Broken Arrow.
  • Chickasha.
  • Claremore.
  • Clinton.
  • Durant.
  • Edmond.
  • Enid.
  • Grove.
  • Guymon.
  • Hinton.
  • Hugo.
  • Idabel.
  • Lawton.
  • McAlster.
  • Miami.
  • Muskogee.
  • Norman.
  • Oklahoma City.
  • Poteau.
  • Sallisaw.
  • Shawnee.
  • Stillwater.
  • Stilwell.
  • Tahlequah.
  • Tulsa.
  • Vinita.
  • Woodward.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in Oklahoma

You can replace an Oklahoma M1 license by mail if you are out-of-state. The process is similar to the mailing process in-state, but requires a different application and the inclusion of an out-of-state address.

Unlike renewing in-person, those who are replacing a motorcycle license from out of state can use photocopies as their document proof. To renew your license, you will need:

  • Full legal name and date of birth.
  • License number.
  • Valid Oklahoma address.
  • The about-of-state address where the license should be mailed.
  • Two forms of identification.
  • The renewal fee paid to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.
  • The out-of-state renewal application.

Additionally, include a certificate from a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course if you attended a motorcycle school in Oklahoma. If you do not have a certificate of completion, it may be necessary to include the verification that you passed the required motorcycle tests.

When you mail your application, consider tracking the envelope to reduce the risk that your personal information is lost in the mail. Mail the application to:

Department of Public Safety
Driver License Services, Renewal by Mail
P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73136

Oklahoma Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

The duplicate motorcycle license fee in Oklahoma is $25. This fee is the same for permit renewals, and does not change no matter how many endorsements or restrictions are on your license.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.