The Oklahoma salvage title certificates issued by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the state’s Tax Commission (OTC) are important credentials that brand inoperable vehicles that have sustained heavy damages. However, in order to receive a car salvage title, a motor vehicle will have to be classified as a salvage vehicle. As an example, cars that have sustained extreme damages may not be eligible for a salvage certificate. Instead, these vehicles may be eligible for a junking title.

Vehicle owners may also be able to obtain a rebuilt title in OK, provided that they restore their salvage cars to a roadworthy status. In such cases, the motor vehicle will also have to pass an inspection procedure to check the origin of its new component parts. To learn more information about the state salvage and rebuilt salvage certificates, continue reading the sections below.

What is an Oklahoma salvage title?

An Oklahoma salvage certificate is a special type of title issued for purposes of documenting motor vehicles that do not meet the safety standards established by the state, thus being unauthorized to be legally operated on public roads. A salvage title also indicates that a motor vehicle is repairable and will qualify for a new title and auto registration certificate if and when the necessary repairs are conducted.

Depending on the source of the damage, an OK salvage vehicle title will be branded correspondingly. For example, if a vehicle was submerged underwater to a level to or above the dashboard, its title will be marked as a flood-damaged title. Recovered and unrecovered stolen vehicles will be issued a title declaring their status as well. On the other hand, if the damage percentage is significantly high, the car may not qualify for a vehicle salvage certificate. In such cases, vehicles may only be sold for parts or scrap.

Oklahoma Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

In order for car owners to successfully apply for a salvage title in Oklahoma, their vehicles must meet the state criteria to be considered salvage. Per current law, a vehicle will qualify for a state salvage certificate only if it meets the following requirements:

  • The motor vehicle is newer than 11 model years.
  • The car has been damaged to the extent that its repair costs exceed 60 percent of its actual value before the damages.
  • The vehicle damages are below 80 percent of its actual value, and are repairable.
  • The car was flooded up to its dashboard.

In most cases, the determination of whether or not a motor vehicle qualifies for an OK car salvage title is made by auto insurance companies. Generally, only damages that affect the roadworthiness of a motor vehicle will be considered. As such, cosmetic damages are typically not calculated. On the other hand, if you own a damaged or destroyed vehicle that is older than 10 model years, the state salvage laws may not apply in your situation.

How to Get a Salvage Title in Oklahoma

Applicants will be required to follow several steps in order to get a salvage title in Oklahoma. However, these steps vary to a certain degree depending on whether motorists are applying as the original owners of a car, or as the agents of an insurance company. Regardless of who is requesting a salvage certificate, it is up to an insurer to notify both the owner and the state MVD that a total loss claim has been paid for a salvage title car. Typically, this notification letter issued by an insurer must include information about the car and the damages it has sustained, along with its vehicle identification number (VIN), the date that the total loss occurred and the costs to repair the damages.

When buying a salvage title, car owners will be required to submit the necessary paperwork and fee payment themselves. The standard steps to obtain a title from the division are as follows:

  1. Submit the current title certificate.
  2. Fill out the Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle (Form 701-6).
  3. Provide any lien release forms, if applicable.
  4. Pay the applicable titling fee.

When applying for a salvage title, insurance companies must follow slightly different steps, which will also vary depending on several factors. For instance, if an insurer is unable to obtain proof of ownership after acquiring a motor vehicle in a total loss settlement, additional forms will be needed. In such cases, a designated agent will have to fill out the MVD Unobtainable Ownership Documentation Affidavit (Form 780-B), which will serve as the application form for an OK car salvage title.

Salvage Car Inspections in Oklahoma

Motorists are not required to request an Oklahoma salvage vehicle inspection when applying for an initial salvage certificate, since the MVD only requires a total loss declaration from an insurance company. However, if you are applying for a rebuilt salvage title after repairing a totaled vehicle, you will have to schedule an inspection with a nearby motor license agent. It is important to note that this examination is only required if the rebuilt vehicle is newer than 11 model years.

To initiate the salvage car inspection in OK, you must first visit a nearby tag agent and fill out the Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Request (Form 788-B). During the initial office visit, you can also obtain the Authorization for Travel and Inspection (Form 788-C), which will authorize you to drive the vehicle to an inspection site. Note that a valid car insurance and a safety inspection form will also be needed.

The rebuilt title inspection will take place within 10 days with an inspector authorized by the state MVD. The examination will consist of the following:

  • Visual examination of the vehicle identification number (VIN) and comparison with the one recorded on the ownership document
  • Inspection of the vehicle’s odometer
  • Checking the VIN through the Motor Vehicle Computer System, verifying that it describes the car in question
  • Examination of the proofs of ownership for all the replacement parts used to rebuild the vehicle

Note that the examination will not be conducted unless you submit an OK salvage title, proof of car insurance and the receipts for the component parts. Once the inspection is successfully complete, you will receive the Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection (Form 788-A), which can be used to apply for a restored salvage title with the state MVD.

Oklahoma Salvage Title Fees

One of the last steps when getting an Oklahoma salvage certificate or a rebuilt salvage title is arranging payment for the applicable titling fees. The standard titling fee for both the rebuilt title and the salvage certificate currently amounts to $11. If the vehicle is unrepairable and you have to request a junk title, you will pay a lower fee of $4.

On the other hand, when applying for a restored title certificate, you will have to pay extra fees, such as the cost of $25 for a vehicle inspection and the applicable registration fees, which will vary based on several factors.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.