A salvage title in Washington DC is a legal certificate of ownership that is issued to motorists whose vehicles have been declared as salvage as a result of accidents that led to severe damages to the motor vehicles. The Washington DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV) salvage title certificates for motor vehicles that have been damaged or wrecked to that extent that it is uneconomical to repair them. Furthermore, before applying for a salvage certificate in DC, motorists are recommended to discover whether their vehicles qualify as salvage, and whether they need to satisfy additional eligibility criteria.

The DC DMV salvage title application procedure requires vehicle owners to prepare the appropriate paperwork and to complete the corresponding requirements as part of the process. Moreover, motorists may also need to have their salvage vehicles inspected or to submit a payment for the applicable fees. Therefore, to find out more information about how to get a salvage title in Washington DC, continue reading the sections below.

What is a Washington DC salvage title?

Prior to titling a car salvage in Washington DC, motorists need to learn what a salvage car title is and how they may obtain one. The DC salvage certificate of title is a legal ownership document that is issued for motor vehicles that have been declared as salvaged or as a total loss.

A salvage title is a title branded as salvage at the request of the vehicle’s owner or lessor. This branding occurs after an insurance settlement in most cases. However, a rebuilt salvage title may be also issued for salvage motor vehicle that have passed DC DMV emissions, safety and anti-theft inspections.

Washington DC Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

Prior to applying for a Washington DC DMV salvage title, vehicle owners may be required to first satisfy certain eligibility criteria set by the state department. For instance, motorists may transfer their current title to a salvage title certificate as a result of certain damages that occurred to their vehicles under various different circumstances.

In most cases, the repair cost of the vehicle must be higher than its retail value in order to qualify for a salvaged car title. In addition, vehicle owners may have to satisfy other applicable requirements, which may vary based on their specific situation, and they may also have to prepare a list of mandatory documents to the DC DMV.

How to Get a Salvage Title in Washington DC

A salvage title in Washington DC is a legal document that is needed when individuals possess vehicles that have been declared as salvaged or total loss. Motorists need to perform the appropriate DMV salvage title application procedure by providing specific documentation to the DC DMV. Owners of car salvage motor vehicles need to prepare the following:

  • Completed Certificate of Title/Temporary Registration and Tag Application (form DMV-CTA-001)
  • Proof of identity
  • Original car title with the corresponding odometer reading
  • Proof of total loss from the insurance company
  • Proof of lien satisfaction from the lienholder, if applicable
  • Payment for the corresponding fees

Salvage Car Inspections in Washington DC

Motorists who are often wondering when and how to perform a salvage vehicle inspection in Washington DC need to become familiar with the DC DMV requirements regarding vehicle inspections for salvage motor vehicles. In DC, car salvage owners must pass a safety inspection at an Inspection Station in order to become eligible for titling and registering a motor vehicle as salvage.

Moreover, in addition to the safety inspection, motorists may also have to perform a title inspection. For that purpose, vehicle owners need to submit their titles to the DC DMV Southwest Service Center where the titles will undergo a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Auto Theft Inspection. Note that the salvage title cars must pass both inspections before registering the vehicle with the DC DMV.

Therefore, when performing both a VIN inspection and the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) DC anti-theft inspection, motorists may get the corresponding forms which later they need to submit to the DC DMV. Motorists are encouraged to learn more information about the two types of salvage vehicle inspection in DC before beginning the procedure.

Washington DC Salvage Title Fees

The final step of the Washington DC salvage title application process requires vehicle owners to submit payment for the applicable fees to the DC DMV along with other mandatory documentation. Motorists have to pay a $26 salvage title value, along with the applicable regular registration and title fees, which may vary based on various factors.

However, vehicle owners need to remember that the fees may be subject to constant changes and they are recommended to discover the exact cost before making any payment. For that purpose and for more detailed information about the DC DMV salvage title fees, motorists need to contact the DC DMV and find out the exact details that apply to their specific situation.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.