A Rhode Island DMV salvage title is a legal certificate of ownership that is issued to owners of vehicles that have sustained significant damages. Every RI salvage certificate is issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is administered by the state’s Department of Revenue (DOR). Thus, motorists need to satisfy eligibility criteria and requirements that form part of the application procedure. Moreover, they will be required to pay for the salvage title value determined by the DMV.

The application procedure for a salvage title can only be performed after scheduling an appointment for an inspection. Therefore, motorists need to conduct a salvage vehicle inspection as the first step of the process for getting this type of title. To learn more about when and how to get this credential in Rhode Island, continue reading the following sections.

What is a Rhode Island salvage title?

A salvage title in Rhode Island is an ownership certificate issued to motorists who own salvage vehicles and want to properly title them through the DMV. Salvage title cars are vehicles that have been classified as a total loss by an auto insurance company, but have damages that may still be repaired.

Rhode Island Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

Before vehicle owners begin the application procedure for a salvage title in Rhode Island, they will be mandated to satisfy certain eligibility requirements. For example, motorists must own a vehicle that has been declared salvaged or a total loss if they want to get a salvage certificate.

Therefore, apart from satisfying the DMV salvage title requirements, the vehicle may have to be in a certain condition in order to be classified as a salvaged one. After satisfying the requirements for a salvage certificate of title, motorists may begin the procedure for getting the appropriate title certificate.

How to Get a Salvage Title in Rhode Island

Before owners of salvaged vehicles can apply for a Rhode Island DMV salvage title, they need to have their cars inspected. For that reason, they are mandated to schedule an appointment for a salvage vehicle inspection by completing the “Application for Salvage Inspection” form.

In the event that a scheduled appointment no longer works, applicants have the option to cancel it by calling the division’s phone numbers at least 24 hours prior.

Note: Before a salvage vehicle inspection, motorists must pass an RI State Safety and Emissions Inspection and bear a valid inspection sticker.

Salvage Car Inspections in Rhode Island

A Rhode Island salvage vehicle inspection is the first step of the application procedure for a salvage car title. In order to schedule this type of inspection, applicants need to provide the following documents:

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of the salvage title
  • Copies of the receipts for both new and used parts, along with their appropriate vehicle identification numbers (VINs)
  • Photos of the damages made to the vehicle
  • Copy of work repair order
  • Copy of auto insurance appraisal
  • Original salvage inspection certificate
  • Copy of bill of sale
  • Payment for the applicable fees

During the scheduled date for a salvage vehicle inspection in RI, motorists will need to have the motor vehicle be completely restored and submit another set of documents to the DMV. This mandatory documentation includes receipts for both new and used parts, properly assigned salvage title, proof of positive identification (Rhode Island driver’s license or ID card), original documents for the copies that had been submitted for the application, as well as photos of the vehicle before any repairs or restoration. When submitting the receipts for parts and labor, the VIN numbers for each component part must be listed on all receipts, and they must indicate where the parts came from.

Rhode Island Salvage Title Fees

The last step of the application procedure for a salvage title in Rhode Island requires vehicle owners to pay certain applicable fees. As part of the requirements needed to process the application form, drivers will have to pay a fee of $56.50 to the RI DMV.

The payment of the salvage title value may be done by submitting a certified check or money order. Note that the fees may be subject to change. Thus, motorists are encouraged to check the applicable fees before filing a request.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.