Vehicle registrations need to be renewed regularly. Many states require vehicle owners to renew their registrations every year, although some states offer the option to purchase registrations that last for two years or longer. Most states allow you to quickly renew your car registration online, but you should be aware of the information you will need to provide, the necessary fees and the acceptable methods of payment to ensure a smooth transaction. Our online guide can help you prepare all the required documents and fees so that you can renew your vehicle registration as smoothly and quickly as possible. In it, you will also discover all the steps needed to replace a lost registration and to update your name or address with the DMV.

2. By Mail

Some vehicle owners may prefer to renew their auto registrations through the mail. Certain states will allow their residents to apply by mail, but vehicle owners may need to meet certain eligibility requirements to submit their request. Additionally, the ways in which you may pay your renewal fee are limited to check or money order, and you may experience processing delays due to the time it takes the postal service to deliver your application. Furthermore, you may risk losing your application or registration tags in the mail, adding to the wait time.

3. Via a DMV Office

Renewing your vehicle registration in person at a DMV office is an option if you cannot or prefer not to apply by mail or online. Typically, the DMV will issue your new registration credentials after receiving payment. However, certain states may require you to wait to receive your renewed registration documents in the mail. While visiting a DMV office in person may provide you with more personalized attention, it often involves long waits. Additionally, the office hours of many DMV locations can interfere with your work schedule.

Car registration renewal in Rhode Island is required for all vehicles driving on public roads. How frequently you need to get this renewal will depend on how much you paid during your last registration. Renewal can be required as much as yearly, or as little as once every eight years.

Once you have met all the requirements for renewing your registration, you can get a Rhode Island DMV registration renewal online, in-person or via the mail. All three methods offer the same benefits, and they can all be used whether you own your car or are leasing it. For this reason, you will want to choose which method to use based on which is most convenient for you. Below, you will learn all that you need to know about getting a DMV car registration renewal in Rhode Island: how much it costs, what information you need, what forms you can submit, how the process works if you have lost your renewal notice and more. This article will also explain how to renew your registration using each of the three available methods.

Requirements for Car Registration Renewal in Rhode Island

Before you can pay your Rhode Island DMV registration renewal fees, you need to have the bodily injury, property damage, and underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage required by the state. As well, your safety and emissions testing must be up to date.

What do you need to renew your car registration in Rhode Island?

You will need either your vehicle registration renewal notice or an Application for Registration and Title Certificate in order to get your registration renewed. You should also have your insurance information at hand, as this will also be required. Acceptable forms of payment will vary based on which renewal method you use. Learn more about them below.

Rhode Island Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

The state informs you of your Rhode Island DMV registration renewal status when it sends you a notice. This notice contains information about your vehicle and lets you know when your registration is set to expire. Though you may use your notice to renew your registration, you are not required to do so.

Rhode Island Car Registration Renewal Notice Lost or Not Received

If you lost your registration renewal notice, you do not need to get a new one. Instead, you can use the Application for Registration and Title Certificate. This application is less convenient, because it requires you to find information about your vehicle instead of having it prepared for you, but otherwise there is no difference between using the notice or the application.

Rhode Island Car Registration Renewal Options

There are three different ways to renew your car registration. Each of these methods require the same information, so you should choose which one to use based on your own convenience. Below you will learn how to renew a car registration online, via the mail or in-person.

How to Renew Your Car Registration Online

To renew a car registration online in Rhode Island, you must go to Rhode Island’s online portal. Some of the information you need will be found on your insurance card, while the rest will be found on your renewal notice. If you do not have that notice, you can also find the necessary information on your current vehicle registration.

You are required to pay for a vehicle registration renewal online using a credit card. As well, you will need to be able to print your the confirmation of your registration, because it can take up to two weeks for the registration to be finalized.

This option is available whether you are owning or leasing your vehicle.

How to Renew Your Car Registration by Mail

To get a motor vehicle registration renewal via the mail, you need to send your renewal notice to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
600 New London Avenue
Cranston RI 02920

If you lost your car registration renewal form, you can send the Application for Registration and Title Certificate instead. This application requires you to submit information about:

  • Yourself, such as your name and license number
  • Your vehicle, such as its weight, VIN and odometer reading
  • Your insurance, including its policy number, the period for which the policy is active and the name of the company that has issued it to you

This Application allows you to renew an expired registration in Rhode Island, as well as allowing you to renew a registration that is still active.

How to Renew Your Car Registration in Person

Knowing where to renew your car registration in Rhode Island can be confusing, because the Rhode Island DMV does not accept appointments or walk-ins for renewals. Instead, the state requires you to use the drop box, which is located outside the office.

If you have your renewal notice, you can simply put that in the dropbox, along with your payment. To renew a car registration in Rhode Island if you do not have your renewal notice, you will need to complete the Application for Registration and Title Certificate and put it in the drop box. You are allowed to submit your payment with either cash or check.

In order to fill out this DMV registration renewal form, you will need to provide personal information about yourself, your vehicle and your insurance policy. The personal information required is basic, such as your name, birth date, address and license number. For the vehicle information, you will need to provide information like the VIN, weight and odometer reading. For insurance information, you are required to state your policy number and the range of dates during which the policy is valid, as well as stating your insurance company’s name.

If you are doing a leased car registration renewal, you need to provide your lessor’s information instead of your own information. You will then be able to submit your personal information in Section B, titled, Lessee’s Information.

Military & Out of State Vehicle Registration Renewal in Rhode Island

Active service members need to renew their car registration using the same process that civilians do. You are expected to keep your registration up-to-date if you plan on using your vehicle, even if you are currently serving outside the state. You can renew your registration online or via the mail if you are outside the state.

Rhode Island Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

Car registration renewal cost in Rhode Island is determined by the weight of your vehicles. Expired vehicle registration renewals are not charged extra, but if your registration has been expired for more than 90 days, you may not be able to renew. Instead, you will need to get a new registration.

  • Vehicles that weigh no more than 4,000 pounds cost $45 to renew per year
  • Vehicles that weigh anywhere from 4,001 pounds to 5,000 pounds cost $55 to renew per year.
  • Vehicles that weigh anywhere from 5,001 pounds to 6,000 pounds cost $63 to renew per year
  • Vehicles that weigh anywhere from 6,001 pounds to 7,000 pounds cost $71 to renew per year
  • Applicants need to pay an extra $1.50 for the technology fee
  • The credit card fee is $1.50 for prices that are lower than $64. For renewals that cost at least $64, you will need to pay a 2.35 percent fee.
Last updated on Wednesday, February 13 2019.

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