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New Jersey Car Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

How to Renew a New Jersey Car Registration

Resident drivers can choose to renew car registration in New Jersey either in person, online or by mail. The New Jersey county tag offices has set specific requirements and qualifications for renewing car registrations that will help the driver determine which method is available to them. In order to complete the NJ vehicle registration renewal process, drivers must submit documentation, including:

  • Proof of Identity.
  • Either a NJ registration renewal notice, current registration certificate or license plate number.
  • Proof of car insurance.
  • Payment for the renewal fee (payable by cash, check, money order or credit card).

Note: The type of payment method accepted depends on the renewal method chosen.

To learn how to renew car registrations in New Jersey, read the below sections.

When to Renew Your New Jersey Car Registration

Drivers renewing auto registrations in New Jersey are strongly urged to complete their car registration prior to their current registration's expiration date. While there is no fee for late DMV vehicle registration renewal in NJ, drivers can still receive traffic citations for driving with an expired registration. You will not be able to renew your vehicle registration until all prior fines and citations are settled.

As a reminder to complete a DMV registration renewal, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will notify drivers by mail prior to the expiration of their current registration. If for some reason you did not receive a notice to renew auto registrations in NJ, you must contact the NJ MVC by email or by phone to request a new notice. Drivers that have not received a notice are still required to complete a renewal of their car registration. Contact your county's tax commissioner's office in case you do not receive the renewal notice.

Note: Private businesses may be required to abide by different regulations when renewing auto registrations for company vehicles.

How to Renew Your New Jersey Car Registration

Renewing car registrations in New Jersey can be completed by mail, or in person through a local MVC tag office. Depending upon your car registration renewal notification, drivers may also be eligible to renew car registration online in NJ. If a driver's notification comes with a PIN located on the bottom right-hand corner, then online renewal is available.


Once a driver has determined that they are eligible to renew vehicle registrations in New Jersey via the internet, they may do so at any computer with a consistent internet connection. Before beginning the online auto registration renewal, drivers should have the following information on hand:

  • The driver's pin (located on the bottom right-hand corner of their notice).
  • The driver's Social Security Number.
  • Proof of car insurance on the vehicle being registered.
  • A debit or credit card to pay the registration fee.

While completing the New Jersey car registration renewal online process, drivers may be requested to submit personal information such as their legal name, address and Social Security Number.

Note: Drivers that will be renewing car registrations in NJ via the internet may have to pay an additional convenience fee.

By Mail

Drivers also hold the option to renew DMV registrations in New Jersey by mail, by submitting the required documents and information to the DMV tag office within their county. These documents include the registration renewal form, proof of auto insurance, certificate of passed emission's inspection and payment for the renewal fee by check or money order and made out to the NJMVC.

In Person

The process of renewing vehicle registrations in New Jersey can also be completed by submitting the request and documentation in person through a local tax commissioner's office. Drivers choosing renew car registrations in NJ in person, should have the following documents and information ready to be submitted:

  • Legal proof of identity (such as a driver's license or passport).
  • NJ registration renewal notice OR
  • Current registration certificate OR
  • License plate number.
  • Cash, check, money order or credit card.

Liability Insurance Requirements

Prior to initiating the New Jersey DMV registration renewal process, car owners must obtain proof of a liability insurance policy and present it when requested. According to state law, motor vehicle owners in NJ must maintain the validity of their car insurance coverage at all times while having an active registration. Drivers who do not continuously meet the state minimum insurance requirements face a registration suspension or revocation. The MVD may also impose several fines that must be paid within a certain time period. In such circumstances, car owners will not be able to renew expired car registrations in NJ until they resolve any outstanding insurance lapse violations and submit proof of valid car insurance.

Note: As proof of NJ car coverage, the MVD accepts: paperwork issued by your insurance company, a car rental agreement, a fleet insurance policy card, a bill of sale with an insurance binder page or a valid self-insured insurance card.

Vehicle Registration Fees in NJ

All drivers renewing DMV registrations in New Jersey, are required to pay a mandatory vehicle registration fee in order to complete the process. Where other states registration fees vary depending upon the type of vehicle, New Jersey charges a flat fee for practically all vehicles. The standard DMV registration fee for a regular passenger vehicle is currently set at $60. Drivers that are attempting to renew registration on a commercial vehicle may be required to pay a higher fee. Drivers who are completing a NJ car registration renewal for a motorcycle will have to pay a much lower registration fee of $15. If you are renewing an expired car registration in NJ, there is no additional fee that is required, however any outstanding traffic fines must first be addressed and paid in order to complete the registration process.

Note: The method of which drivers will pay their fee to renew car registration online in NJ, is directly dependent upon the method of which the driver chooses to complete the renewal process.

NJ Vehicle Registration Renewal for Military Members

Active members of the US Military are not required to complete the New Jersey auto registration renewal procedure until after they are discharged. However, if a military member chooses to renew their registration, they may do so by mail or online. To renew car registrations in NJ by mail or online, military members can follow the standard application steps outlined above.

New Jersey Residents New to the State

Aside from renewing auto registrations in New Jersey, any residents that have lived in the state of New Jersey for six months or longer are required to visit the county's MVC tax office to transfer their vehicle's registration.

Drivers must apply for a NJ car registry within 60 days of moving within the state by submitting the following information and documentation:

  • New Jersey insurance identification card.
  • Proof of Social Security Number.
  • New Jersey driver's license.
  • Vehicle odometer reading.
  • Titling application.
  • Pay the applicable fees.
Submitted by cuiyi219 on 25th Apr 2016

If my driver's license is

If my driver's license is expired, is it possible that my car registration will be suspended?

Submitted by kjrz1199 on 17th Jul 2015

My husband is active duty

My husband is active duty military and we live outside of NJ, but still keep NJ as our home state, so vehicles are registered in NJ. For years I have been renewing my registration online and now it won't allow me to do it. I called to pay by phone and they said they cannot renew by phone because they lost the contract with the company they were using to process the payments. It also said I need to go into a DMV. I cannot take a half days ride to renew my registaration, what do I do now.

Submitted by Ian Maksik on 30th Sep 2014

I just looked at my vehicle

I just looked at my vehicle registration and see that it expired on August 20,2014. It seems as though I never received my renewal in the mail as well as no PIN. My license plate is ZCL82Y for 2010 4 DR GY COR WC 7...This is the first time this has ever happened for I've always renewed by Mail... What are my options? Ian Maksik-2011-944-0879

Submitted by Pabbruscato on 26th Aug 2014

Cn I still renew my

Cn I still renew my resgistaration online if it expired a month ago ?

Submitted by mpkm on 15th Jun 2014

What are the steps to take if

What are the steps to take if registration expired and need to renew registration? What documents are needed?

Submitted by rustySen on 7th Dec 2014

Not sure what this is

Not sure what this is

Submitted by Barbara Livorsi on 18th Sep 2014

My Motor Vechicle

My Motor Vechicle Regristration states that my registration expired on 8/20/14.

Plate # Y94AAM Vin # 1N4AL3Ap9DC922785

I leased the car in Nov. 2013 from Denville Nissan

I do not recall receiving ant information for renewal or any pin #

Please contact me to advise how to update this Registration card Thank you

Submitted by Lmbrauner (not verified) on 21st Sep 2013

Where is my Registration

Where is my Registration renewal completed online this past summer??!

Submitted by mgb (not verified) on 7th Apr 2013

I just received my new

I just received my new vehicle registration card in the mail. It looks like a photo copy. It's not laminated and it's not even perforated. If I want to carry it in my wallet I have to cut if out.

Submitted by Family1620 (not verified) on 28th Dec 2011

Does njmv give a credit for a

Does njmv give a credit for a registration/license plate if you return it early before the registration expires. I bought a new car and registered it. Then I surrendered the plates on the old car a week later when I sold it. The registration was good for another few months. Will njmv credit my account? DOES NJMV MONITOR AND ANSWER QUESTIONS ON THIS SITE?

Submitted by starwood (not verified) on 20th Jun 2011

I sent my registration

I sent my registration renewal on 5/25. It is now 6/20 and the check has not been cashed. If I renew on line (and pay the "convenience" fee) will I get my registration in a timely manner? What will happen to the check I sent? If it is received will it be cashed? The people at DMV say I have plenty of time that registration doesn't expire until end of July but who wants to wait in the inspection line at the end of July.

Submitted by baglieri (not verified) on 12th Jun 2011

I mailed in a check on

I mailed in a check on Jan.29th. It has not been cashed as of May 20th nor have I received the new regisitration.. The registration was to be renewed in Mar. I don't have a copy of the original form or a pin number. Do I have to go to my local MV?

Submitted by thescribe (not verified) on 13th Jun 2011

I sent my check in March for

I sent my check in March for my registration. I totally forgot about it and then realized on Saturday that my registration expired in April and I do not have a new card.

Of course, DMV was closed today (Monday).

Submitted by lolo (not verified) on 10th Jun 2011

I sent my renewal application

I sent my renewal application for my registration in the mail in early May. As of June 9th I still have not received it in the mail and my registration has now expired! What do I do?

Submitted by Anonymous on 11th May 2011

I Called Motor Vehicle Today.

I Called Motor Vehicle Today. They said that they had a "glitch" in their April/may mailings of registration renewals. So .... no renewals will be mailed out. You have to go to DMV and renew. Good luck

Submitted by Anonymous on 4th May 2011

I'm 6/2011 and always have

I'm 6/2011 and always have the registration form early. I don't have the form this year yet. You can not use the old password and I can't find any number to call to get the registration form so if it does not come guess i hve to go in person UGH!

Submitted by Anonymous on 4th May 2011

I too am waiting.. guess I'll

I too am waiting.. guess I'll call and see whats up..

Submitted by Anonymous on 3rd May 2011

Same deal - no registration

Same deal - no registration sent for vehicle due in June. Usually 90 days Plus ahead of time. Something going on? Also, can you use your old PIN number to renew same vehicle?

Submitted by Anonymous on 4th May 2011

I'm due June 2011 and still

I'm due June 2011 and still did not get my registration form so you are not alone

Submitted by Anonymous on 11th Apr 2011

My car registration expires

My car registration expires in June 2011. I did not get my renewal form in the mail yet. Should I assume I am not getting a renewal form in the mail through some agency error, or are they mailed later than I seem to remember? If I do not get a renewal for by May 1, should I go to my local DMV in person, and, if so, when should I go, and what do I need to bring specific documents?

Submitted by Anonymous on 14th Apr 2011

Usually you receive a renewal

Usually you receive a renewal notice three months in advance. It is a little too much in advance I think, because I always feel I don't have to do it right away, and then I'm searching for it at the last minute. Since you are going to a DMV in person, just make sure it is before the end of June.