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Connecticut Car Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

How To Renew A Connecticut Car Registration

Car owners can renew car registrations in Connecticut via the following methods: online, by mail and in person. The state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) accepts paper applications for CT vehicle registration renewals through its local Hub Offices. The option to renew car registration online is available only to applicants who meet certain eligibility criteria. To finalize the process, you may be required to complete any of these steps:

  • Submit your CT driver's license information.
  • Provide details about your vehicle or your renewal notice.
  • Present proofs of auto insurance and emissions testing (if required).
  • Pay the car registration costs in CT, including tax obligations.

Learn more about the Connecticut car registration renewal procedure in the following sections.

When to Renew Your Connecticut Car Registration

The process of renewing car registrations in Connecticut can be completed on a biennial basis, as the CT DMV issues vehicle registrations with a two-year validity. As a reminder of your upcoming DMV registration renewal, the DMV will mail you a renewal notice 60 days before your registration's expiration date. Car owners can initiate the procedure to renew auto registrations in CT within the last two months of their documents' validity. The department also grants a five-day grace period after the registration expiration date, during which, applicants will not be charged an additional late fee for renewing their registrations.

Drivers who did not receive the DMV vehicle registries renewal reminder letter will still be required to complete the procedure in due time. If you complete the renewal procedure via the internet, you can also sign up to receive all future renewal notices via email.

CT 1-Year Vehicle Registration

Vehicle owners older than 64 years of age can also complete the Connecticut vehicle registration renewal on an annual basis. Senior drivers who apply for a one-year registration will be able to finalize the procedure by paying half of the standard DMV registration fees. One-year renewal applicants will be required to meet all other requirements to renew DMV registrations in CT in addition to paying the mandatory costs.

How to Renew Your Connecticut Car Registration

Renewing auto registrations in Connecticut is a procedure that can be completed in a fast and convenient manner via the internet. Car owners who are unable to renew auto registration online in CT due to ineligibility issues, and those who prefer to apply with a paper application, can finalize the process by mail or in person. The application steps may vary slightly based on several factors, such as the application method or whether or not you:

  • Have received a renewal reminder.
  • Are renewing valid or expired vehicle registrations.
  • Are applying as an individual or an organization.

Explore the available methods to submit your CT car registration renewal request in the below sections.


Prior to using the online method to renew DMV registrations in Connecticut, car registration holders must ensure they meet certain eligibility requirements. Also, the online auto registration renewal option remains available up to 30 days after the registration's expiration date. Drivers can renew via the internet only if they own a type of vehicle eligible for the online renewal, such as a passenger vehicle or a motorcycle. You must also meet the general DMV compliance requirements, regardless of the vehicle type, such as paying the appropriate taxes, passing an emissions examination, obtaining a valid car insurance coverage and resolving any unpaid parking tickets.

To initiate the process of renewing vehicle registrations via the internet, applicants will first have to choose whether they are applying as individuals or organizations and then enter the PIN number (displayed on their renewal notice). Drivers who have not received the renewal reminder will be able to log in by either entering their personal information or their business Secretary of State number. After providing your email address and proof of liability insurance (if required), you can pay the renewal fee with a valid credit card to complete the procedure.

Note: Print your registration certificate immediately, since a reprint will cost you additional $20.

By Mail

Vehicle owners can also renew auto registrations in Connecticut by mail. To complete the renewal procedure via this application method, drivers will be required to fill out and mail their DMV notice to the department's Hartford office. Include the payment for the CT DMV registration costs with your application form as well. You may also be required to submit additional proofs of compliance with the DMV requirements. Contact your local CT DMV branch in case you did not receive your renewal notice to inquire about the mail-in renewal procedure.

Note: Prior to renewing car registrations in CT by mail, car owners can check whether or not they must meet certain requirements by using the DMV Compliance Issues service.

In Person

DMV Hub Offices and Limited Service Branches also process Connecticut auto registration renewal requests submitted in person. To renew car registrations in CT through a local DMV office, applicants will generally be required to:

  • Submit the registration renewal notice or their vehicle's information.
  • Supply proofs of emissions testing and viable insurance policy (if required).
  • Pay the applicable renewal costs.

Vehicle owners who are renewing expired car registrations in CT in person will be required to complete additional steps as well. Drivers whose documents have been expired for less than two years only have to pay an additional late fee. Applicants whose registration cards have been expired for more than two years have to reapply for new license plates, by filling out the Application for Registration and Certificate of Title (Form H-13) and presenting a valid CT driving license.

Liability Insurance Requirements

Prior to renewing DMV registrations in Connecticut, auto owners must check the validity of their vehicle insurance coverage. Per state law, drivers must maintain the proper car insurance policy on vehicles with active DMV-issued registrations. The minimum requirements for a CT auto insurance coverage are $20,000 for bodily injury per individual and $10,000 for property damages.

Renewal applicants whose insurance coverage has lapsed will not be allowed to renew vehicle registrations until they resolve the issue. The DMV will also suspend the car registrations of drivers who fail to pay the insurance compliance fine in due time. In such circumstances, prior to completing the auto registration renewal in CT, you will first be required to reinstate your registration card.

Note: If you are experiencing additional insurance issues, contact the DMV Insurance Compliance Unit by phone.

Vehicle Registration Fees in CT

When renewing vehicle registrations in Connecticut, car owners will be required to arrange payment for several types of car registration fees. The total payable amount generally varies based on factors such as the type and size of the vehicle. The current cost to renew a passenger car registration is set at $80. The DMV in CT has also recently introduced a $10 fee for the Clean Air Act, in addition to the standard registration costs. Note that senior drivers applying for a one-year car registration renewal will be able to complete the procedure with a total payment of $45. For a complete list of the fees for various types of vehicles, contact your nearby CT DMV location.

Auto owners may also be eligible for a refund of at least one remaining year of registration validity. Regardless of the reason for cancellation of your license plates, you can do so by mailing the Request for Registration Refund Form to the DMV Refunds Unit in Wethersfield, CT.

Note: The acceptable forms of payment generally vary based on the method used to renew the registration card.

CT Vehicle Registration for Military Members

Active duty personnel renewing DMV registrations in Connecticut may be exempt from paying the registration costs if they submit the Application for Waiver of Registration Fee through the office that issued their previous registration. Applicants can also mail their request for military car registration renewal to the DMV Hartford branch office. Ex-members of the military who have been dishonorably discharged within the last two years may also be eligible for a fee waiver. In addition to the fee exemption form, applicants will be required to provide proof of their military status, such as their current military ID card or evidence of dishonorable separation.

Military members who fail to submit the corresponding waiver form, and veterans who have left the military more than two years ago, will be required to complete the standard CT DMV registration renewal procedure and pay the regular fees. In such circumstances, contact the DMV in CT to obtain further details about the available application methods.

New Connecticut Resident

Prior to initiating the process to renew DMV registrations in Connecticut, new state residents will be required to transfer their out-of-state documents and apply for a CO vehicle registration. Drivers must complete the application for a new registration card within 60 days of their move. The registration transfer procedure can be finalized through a local office of the CT DMV by completing these steps:

  • Pass an emissions test or a VIN verification, depending on the vehicle's model year.
  • Surrender your out-of-state proof of ownership.
  • Fill out the Registration and Title Application for new residents (Form H-13B).
  • Submit the necessary identification documents and proof of insurance.
  • Pay the applicable registration costs.

The first car registration renewal period for new residents will take place once their new CT registration expires.

Submitted by S_Narowski (not verified) on 23rd Mar 2012

My registration lapsed and

My registration lapsed and now I have no idea how to go about renewing it. I have a letter stating "Your registration certificate will be forwarded to you after your vehicle has been emissions tested" but I don't have paper work for my emissions and this letter is now a year old because I fail to read it and just took it as being my registration.. Some one HELP

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i lost my registration card

i lost my registration card can you please send me another one

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can you email me a new

can you email me a new registration card-i lost my current one

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To Whom It May Concern, I

To Whom It May Concern,

I have changed insurance companies back in March of 2015.From Geico to Safeco. Geico must've contacted DMV stating I didn't have insurance. There was no lapse in coverage at any time. I have gotten into an accident (not my fault) Friday, December 4, 2015. I was given a Misdemeanor Summons and Complaint by Derby Police for a suspension of registration. A court date has been set for Wednesday, December 16, 2015, for resolution of this charge. I mailed in the necessary document (Connecticut Registration Certificate) on Saturday, October 31,2015. I was expecting a confirmation of said document by mail or phone call,but it was never received. This news was a complete surprise to me,because I was under the impression that my registration was up to date and/or current. Currently, the registration is under Sherri L. Lewis. I would like to change the name on registration to Sherri Buckley-Lewis. I give permission to my boyfriend Christopher M. Vanacore to speak on my behalf regarding this situation. A phone call will be made on Monday, December 14, 2015 to the Wethersfield office.

Sincerely Yours,

Sherri L. Buckley- Lewis

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I've lost my renewal

I've lost my renewal registwration card?

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could you please send my

could you please send my renewal card

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Coul dyou please send my

Coul dyou please send my renewal registration card to my work address: 175-40 Murdock Ave., Jamaica, NY 11434. My car is a 1990 BMW 735iL, lic. # 554 NTK, CT.

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You should remove this post

You should remove this post immediately! You just gave more than enough information for someone to steal your identity. Or your car! Gena, I now know your name, address and car info. You might as well put your credit card information up here too. Sheesh.

P.S. This isn't the real DMV website. It even says so @ the bottom; its privately owned, so the DMV will never even see this vast overshare of your personal info.

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I never received my renewal

I never received my renewal registration card.

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I have not received my

I have not received my renewal registration card

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pls a new renewal of CAR LIC

pls a new renewal of CAR LIC FORD 780 x014 to 176 Park ST.., Bristol, CT 06010 immedialty .. thanks thanks

Submitted by sillycars26 (not verified) on 18th Nov 2011

I hope you know that this

I hope you know that this isn't the real DMV website and you just put too much of your personal info on a public forum for everyone to see!