Three methods for renewing car registration are available through the VA DMV: online, in person or by mail. The most convenient way to renew vehicle registration in Virginia is online, either via the official DMV system or through third-party providers. To renew expired car registration, drivers can also visit a DMV Customer Service Center in person, or send the renewal notice to the DMV by mail.

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How to Renew Car Registration in Virginia

The easiest way to renew car registration in Virginia is online, using the VA DMV service or through a third-party provider that will complete the procedure for you. To renew car registration online, car owners will need to prepare certain information about the vehicle such as the last four digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) and the title number. If your car registration renewal credential is set to expire in 15 days, you will need to print out an Official Internet Receipt to carry with you until the updated documents arrive in the mail. If you renew an expired car registration, you will not be able to obtain an extension with this receipt or operate your vehicle until you receive your new registration. Note that late auto registration renewals in Virginia may incur late fees.

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In Person

If you renew car registration in person, you will need to visit a DMV Customer Service Center or a DMV Select office and submit the following paperwork:

  • Your expired car registration renewal notice.
  • Proof of passed emission inspections (if applicable).
  • Proof of vehicle insurance (if applicable).
  • Payment for vehicle registration renewal fees.

Note that if you are renewing car registration in VA DMV Customer Service centers, you may be subject to additional transaction fees. Late Virginia auto registration renewal fees will also be applicable to drivers who renew expired registrations in VA.

By Mail

DMV vehicle registration renewals in Virginia can also be completed by mail, by sending the renewal notice along with any supporting documentation and payment for the fees to the DMV. To complete the DMV registration renewal process, drivers will need to complete the registration renewal notice in the applicable fields. Additionally, drivers with expired car registration in VA must enclose the listed payment for the fees in the form of money order or check, as the DMV cannot accept cash payments. The complete auto registration renewal paperwork should be sent to the Virginia DMV Renewal Center in Richmond. The DMV will send updated car registration renewal credentials within 15 days from the date of submission. If the vehicle registration renewal notice displays incorrect personal or vehicle information, you should contact the DMV before completing the application.

When to Renew Car Registration in Virginia

Drivers can renew auto registration in Virginia for one, two or more years. The VA DMV will send out DMV registration renewal notices before the deadline to remind car owners of their duty. Drivers with late auto registration renewals will be charged fees for renewing expired registrations. Grace periods for auto registration renewals are not offered in Virginia. In some cases, a one-month vehicle registration renewal extension can be offered if the vehicle is required to pass an emission inspection. This car registration extension will be valid only for the month of expiry and cannot be prolonged. Driving with an expired car registration credential is against the law and may lead to fines and penalties.

Liability Insurance Requirements in Virginia

Applications to renew expired car registration in Virginia must be accompanied by documents proving liability insurance for the vehicle. Vehicle owners who need to renew car registration must comply with Virginia law regarding the minimum required liability coverage, which is as follows:

  • For death or bodily injuries of one individual per accident – $25,000
  • For death or bodily injuries of two or more individuals per accident – $50,000
  • For property damages per accident – $20,000

Note: State laws on liability insurance and renewing car registration in VA are extremely strict and there are high penalties for owners of uninsured vehicles or ones with expired policies. Motorists cannot complete a DMV vehicle registration renewal unless they have valid proof of liability insurance.

Fees to Renew Vehicle Registration in Virginia

When renewing car registration in Virginia, motorists must note the allotted registration fees. The VA auto registration renewal prices are calculated on the basis of the vehicle type and gross weight. In case drivers decide to renew auto registration for longer than one year, or if they do not submit the application within the set time period, additional fees will be charged. Depending on the car registration renewal method by which you choose to submit your application, you will receive a different service fee.

Licensees who perform a DMV vehicle registration renewal by visiting a VA DMV customer service center will be required to pay a fee in addition to the regular price. If you need an auto registration renewal but want to avoid the aforementioned cost, you can send your request via mail instead of visiting an office. The online car registration renewal in VA gives applicants the option to save, provided they satisfy the conditions to renew via the Internet. Drivers who are eligible for a two- or three-year vehicle registration renewal will receive an additional discount when renewing for two years, or three years. For applicants renewing expired car registrations, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles will also charge a late fee.

Note: Drivers who need to renew car registrations in PA but have outstanding fees, including parking citations or toll violations, may not be able to apply for a renewal.

How to Renew Car Registration for Virginia Military Members

Residents whose Virginia car registration renewal date approaches while they are deployed overseas will be allowed a 90-day grace period to submit their application upon returning to the state (if eligible to do so). The 90-day DMV registration renewal extension will be granted to active-duty military members, or their spouses and dependents. However, the vehicle registration renewal extension is only available provided the vehicle satisfies the following conditions:

  • It must be owned by a military member serving outside of the United States.
  • The DMV vehicle registration renewal must have been valid at the time the car owner began his or her service.
  • It must have the required liability coverage.

If you have an expired car registration in VA and you need to apply for the grace period, you will be required to present documentation proving your military status.

Note: The 90-day auto registration renewal extension period is also available to members of the U.S. diplomatic service, employees of the U.S. government and their spouses and dependents.

How to Renew Car Registration as a New Virginia Resident

To be able to renew auto registration in Virginia as a new resident of the state, you must first obtain an original VA credential. Residents who have recently moved to the country have 30 days upon arrival to complete the procedure. Prior to completing a DMV vehicle registration renewal at a DMV customer service center in VA, you are required to first insure and title your motor vehicle. Applicants renewing car registration may also need to show proof of a completed emissions inspection (if applicable). Note that the auto registration renewal fee will be determined by your vehicle’s type and weight, the license plate type, as well as the duration of your registration. The DMV will send a car registration renewal notice prior to expiration, as a courtesy reminder of your duty. To renew vehicles registration in VA, new residents can utilize the online provider or send the inquiry via mail.

Last updated on Monday, September 24 2018.

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