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How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration

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Renewing Car Registrations

The procedure to renew car registrations must be finalized by vehicle owners on a regular basis, as state motor vehicle departments (DMVs) issue registration cards with a limited validity. The vehicle registration renewal procedure is generally completed each year, since DMVs commonly issue one-year registration cards. Certain states also offer license plates that will be valid for two or more years. As a reminder for drivers to renew auto registrations in due time, motor vehicle divisions generally mail out a renewal reminder several months prior to the registration's expiration date. Numerous departments also offer the option of sending email and phone message reminders. The process of renewing car registrations must be completed on time regardless of whether or not the applicant has received the DMV letter, as operating an unregistered vehicle is against the law across all U.S. states.

The available car registration renewal methods vary based on the regulations of separate motor vehicle agencies. Drivers can generally renew DMV registrations by mail and in person. Certain DMVs may also allow you to complete the procedure by phone and via the internet. While DMV offices accept paper applications, regardless of the applicant's circumstances, the option to renew car registrations online and by telephone can be utilized only after meeting certain eligibility criteria. Renewing auto registrations via the internet, for instance, is a procedure that cannot be completed for certain types of specialized plates that require the submission of additional paperwork.

The standard procedure to renew vehicle registrations can be completed by filling out the corresponding application form, submitting the renewal notice or last-year registration card, proof of insurance and payment for the car registration costs. Various motor vehicle agencies will also require drivers to submit their vehicle to a DMV inspection. The total amount of DMV registration renewal fees varies based on factors such as the vehicle type, weight and overall value, the applicant's state and county of residence, the type of license plates that were ordered and the application method that was used. In addition to the fee for the renewal, auto owners may also be required to pay certain vehicle taxes on an annual basis.

The process of renewing DMV registrations may also be completed by applicants currently residing outside of the state, depending on whether or not their state DMV offers such an option. Members of the military, for example, may be able to apply for an auto registration renewal by submitting their request via the internet, by phone or by mail. Another special group of applicants are car owners who have recently relocated to another state. Note that before undergoing their first DMV registration renewal, new residents will first have to apply for an original car registration issued by their new state.

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