The process to replace motorcycle license credentials in the United States must be completed by drivers with stolen, damaged or lost motorcycle license cards, as driving without the proper documentation is against the law. Riders can generally replace credentials in person through their state motor vehicle departments (DMVs). Certain states also offer alternative motorcycle license replacement methods. For example, you can request a Georgia license via the internet and avoid a trip to the local DMV office.

Note that the process of replacing M-Class licenses generally varies based on several factors. For example, states that add bike endorsements to standard driving licenses instead of issuing standalone motorcycle licenses, such as Colorado, will replace your standard driver’s license. Also, if you are requesting a copy of motorcycle license after your credential has expired, then your state DMV will typically require you to complete the license renewal procedure.

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Methods to Replace a Motorcycle License

The conventional method to replace M-Class licenses in the U.S. is to visit a nearby DMV location and submit the necessary documents in person. Drivers will finalize the in-person process of replacing motorbike licenses by filling out the corresponding application forms, presenting the identification paperwork and providing payment for the applicable fees.

After processing an application for a motorbike license replacement, state DMVs generally issue a temporary driving credential. The permanent credential is mailed out within several weeks to the applicant’s address on file. Therefore, prior to requesting a copy of a motorbike license, riders who have changed their residences must apply for the DMV address change procedure.

In addition to replacing motorcycle licenses in person, riders may also be able to utilize more convenient methods to finalize the procedure, such as online or by mail. States generally offer the option to replace licenses online through their corresponding DMV internet services websites. For example, the online motorcycle license replacement procedure in North Carolina can be completed by accessing the duplicate license section of the state DMV website. You will initiate the transaction by entering several types of information such as your license number, Social Security Number and date of birth. In order to successfully order your copy M-Class license, the system will prompt you to provide payment for the fees with a valid credit card.

Another convenient method to replace motorbike licenses in the U.S. is to submit your application by mail to the main processing center of your state DMV. Note that the mail-in M-Class license replacement method is generally reserved for applicants currently living outside of their home states. Also, the acceptable form of payment when replacing your license by mail is a check or a money order made payable to your state DMV.

Note: Certain states may also require you to report your lost or stolen motorcycle license to local law enforcement prior to initiating the replacement procedure. To find out if this is a requirement or to check on available methods of how to replace a motorcycle license, contact the local DMV in your state.

Requirements to Replace a Motorbike License

Prior to initiating the process of replacing motorcycle licenses, riders must ensure they meet the eligibility criteria to do so. The requirements to replace motorbike endorsements or standalone credentials vary based on factors such as the practices of individual state DMVs and the method chosen to complete the procedure. For example, riders who would like to replace motorbike licenses via the internet or by mail will generally be required to meet stricter requirements than those that apply in person.

For instance, if you applying for a duplicate of M-Class endorsement online in Indiana, then you will be required to meet the following special requirements:

  • You have a valid email address and a credit card
  • You are not required to update your personal information
  • The state Bureau of Motor Vehicles has your photo on file
  • Your license was not issued with any restrictions

The above list of online motorcycle license replacement requirements is not all-inclusive and it may vary from state to state. Contact a local office of your state DMV to inquire about the full list of eligibility criteria.

Also, regardless of the method chosen to obtain a duplicate motorbike license, riders will be required to meet several general requirements. For example, riders can only replace valid licenses, as they will be required to complete the bike license renewal procedure. Also, applicants who have unresolved suspension or revocation issues on their driving records can obtain a duplicate motorbike license only after completing the corresponding reinstatement procedure.

Note: Riders applying for an M-Class license replacement in person will also be required to submit a set of documents that will serve as proof of their identity, age, state residency and legal U.S. presence.

Fees to Replace an M-Class License

To successfully replace motorcycle licenses in the United States, applicants will be required to provide payment for the replacement fee, regardless of the method chosen to complete the procedure. The total cost for a duplicate M-Class license varies based on factors such as the practices of individual state DMVs, the number of duplicate licenses you have already obtained and whether or not you are required to renew your bike license instead of replacing it. For example, the first copy of a motorbike license in Colorado costs $12. Obtaining a second or subsequent duplicate, on the other hand, costs $16.

Note: Certain states, such as Florida, may waive the fee for a motorcycle license replacement if the applicant submits a police report confirming that his or her credential was stolen.

Last updated on Thursday, December 6 2018.

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