A motorcycle license replacement in New Mexico is a mandatory procedure that riders need to perform in order to continue riding their motorbikes legally on public roads within the state. Motorists with a stolen or lost motorcycle license must apply for a duplicate credential through the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (NM MVD). Furthermore, riders may need to either obtain a REAL ID driving license or a driving authorization card. Replacing a license that it is in accordance with the Federal REAL ID Act requires motorcyclists to appear in person at an NM MVD office. To discover more information, continue reading the sections below.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in New Mexico?

Motorists who are facing a stolen or lost motorcycle license are generally expected to replace them with new ones as soon as they notice that the credential is no longer in their possession. However, they must first decide which type of credential they will obtain upon arrival at the local NM MVD office, whether a Real ID driver’s license or a driving authorization card. To learn more information about the New Mexico motorcycle license replacement procedure, contact the NM MVD and find out specific details.

How to Replace a New Mexico Motorcycle License Online

Motorists who are wondering how to replace a motorcycle license in New Mexico may have the option to replace their credentials by using the online services offered through the NM MVD website. However, in order to begin the online process, riders need to log in at the online service and satisfy certain eligibility criteria. Replacing motorcycle licenses and using the online services is available to individuals who are between 18  and 75 years of age and who hold either a valid non-commercial drivers license, or a credential expired for less than a year.

A stolen or lost motorcycle license may be replaced by following the steps and guidelines of the online procedure. To continue with the online system, riders need to provide the following information:

Note that in order to replace a motorcycle license, the current credential must be issued after November 12, 2016. For more information about using the MVD online services, contact the NM MVD prior to beginning the procedure.

How to Replace a New Mexico Motorcycle License in Person

Riders may perform a replacement procedure in person at a local NM MVD branch. When facing a stolen or lost motorcycle license, individuals must first file a police report and inform the local enforcement agency of a possible identity theft or fraud. Once the report is filed, motorists need to do the following:

  • Provide a copy of the police order.
  • Provide a signed statement with the reason why they need a new credential.
  • Pay the applicable fees.

After the above-listed requirements for replacing motorcycle license have been satisfied, riders will probably expect to receive their replaced credentials. Note that motorists who recently have changed their address may have to notify the NM MVD about the change, if they want the new address to be written on the credential. For more information about replacing your license in person, contact the NM MVD before making an appearance in a nearby location.

How to Report a Lost Motorcycle License in New Mexico

In case of a stolen or lost motorcycle license in New Mexico, riders must report the event to the police. Notifying the local law enforcement agency will help motorists protect themselves from identity theft or fraud. Riders who plan to replace their motorcycle licenses in person at a local NM MVD office need to provide a copy of the police report along with the other required documents. Applicants must also present a signed statement indicating that they will obtain a new license number. For more information, contact the NM MVD.

New Mexico Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

To replace motorcycle license in New Mexico, riders must make sure to submit payment for the applicable fees as the final step of the replacement procedure. The cost to obtain a replacement license differs based on the credential’s length. The fee for a four-year license is $18, while an eight-year credential is $34. Riders who are 79 years of age or older at the time of replacing motorcycle licenses may not be charged with a replacement fee. However, motorists need to know that fees are subject to constant changes. Therefore, they are encouraged to check the exact amount of money they need to pay in order to replace motorcycle licenses prior to making any payment.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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