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Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated New Mexico Driver's License or ID Card

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If your New Mexico driver's license or identification card has been lost, stolen, or mutilated, you can apply for a replacement or duplicate license at your local Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office.

Instructions for replacing a lost, stolen or mutilated New Mexico driver's license or identification card:

  1. Locate the New Mexico MVD field office Motor Vehicle Division. Be sure to note the days and hours of operation.
  2. You don't need to carry any identification documents to replace your license. The state of New Mexico allows for the use your ‘enhanced driver's license' photo from the MVD database as proof of identity and identification number in case of replacement of a lost, damaged or stolen license.
  3. Bring the correct fee. Normally, there is an $18 fee for replacing a lost, stolen, or mutilated four-year license and a $34 fee for replacing an eight-year license. Please contact your local MVD office to confirm the fee before applying in person, since fees may vary.
  4. You will first be issued a temporary extension which is valid for 45 days from the date of issue. Meanwhile your new driving license will be mailed to you in about 15 days.

Instructions for New Mexico residents who are temporarily out of state:

New Mexico residents who are temporarily out of state and unable to apply in person may apply for a temporary license valid for 30 days by calling (888) 683 4636. Once you return to New Mexico you can visit the nearest MVD office to get a permanent replacement license.

Additional Information

  • If your license or identification will expire within the next 90 days, you can renew your license or identification card instead of applying for a replacement
  • You cannot apply for a replacement driver's license or identification online.
Submitted by cggonzales on 13th May 2015

Haven't used my liscence

Haven't used my liscence since the 80's as I didn't have a car and so didn't renew it.what is the fee for the renewal?

Submitted by jaramillion on 22nd Sep 2014

on 8 21 2014..I renewed my

on 8 21 2014..I renewed my drivers license because I moved back to new mexico from wife Anna Jaramillo and I Nicolas J. Jaramillo actually both renewed our drivers licenses...and paid all fees...however my wife received hers within ten days...Im still waiting for Mine....I checked the status on line and it stated that it was processed and mailed....Im still waiting for it has been 31 days...I appreciate any info ...thank you Nicolas j.Jaramillo

Submitted by writer1865 (not verified) on 29th Jun 2012

Need info for CDL drivers out

Need info for CDL drivers out of state temporarily. Do they also have only 30 day valid license for renewing or replacing a license?

If you pay the full renewal fee is license good for 8 years?

Submitted by atcittyjb (not verified) on 15th Feb 2012

I am currently stationed in

I am currently stationed in afganistan,my wallet was partially destroyed during kinetic activities.Is it possible to order a replacement drivers licence other then the 30 day temporary?Is it possible to have it mailed to an APO AE adress?

Jon Atcitty

Submitted by riveraj1 (not verified) on 23rd Oct 2009

Hi, I am in the process to

Hi, I am in the process to relocate from the military overseas to White Sands missile Range military community, I do not have a valid state drivers license. But I do have an Italian driver's license and a an allied forces military driver's license, are this drivers license recognized for me to get a state drivers license without taking any test or do I need to do the entire process again, in getting all the testing as a beginner.

Submitted by PORTUGUESE02 (not verified) on 7th Jun 2009

I am attending school out

I am attending school out here and need a replacement Drivers License sent to me out here.

James Edward Cunha

336 W.Sonoma Street

Eureka Ca.95501

All the information on my checks and credit cards have my New Mexico I.D