Whether you have a stolen, damaged or lost drivers license, it must be replaced through the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department if you wish to retain your driving privileges with the state. You must obtain a duplicate drivers license whenever you cannot locate your original card. You may receive a citation if you cannot produce driving credential when pulled over by a law enforcement officer. Likewise, if your card is illegible or the information is outdated, then you may receive a traffic ticket for driving with invalid credentials.

As you may have learned, losing your copy of drivers license credentials can cause problems in other areas of life because a valid drivers license is probably your primary form of photo identification. Review the information detailed below to learn how to replace drivers license documentation in New Mexico, including what to do if you are temporarily living out-of-state when you discover your license is missing or damaged.

When is a replacement drivers license required in New Mexico?

A replacement drivers license in NM is required if your license becomes unreadable for any reason, such as being bent, cut, faded or burned. You must also replace lost drivers license credentials if you are not able to find it soon after it goes missing or you suspect it has been stolen.

Drivers license replacement is also recommended any time the information on your license changes significantly. Examples include a legal name change, moving to a new address, needing to add a vision or handicapped driver designation or undergoing physical changes that make your current driver’s license photo obsolete. Regardless of the reason, you replace drivers license documentation and any old or damaged licenses must be destroyed upon receipt of your replacement.

How to Replace Your Drivers License Online in New Mexico

Although the NM MVD used to allow licensed drivers to order a drivers license copy online, that feature is currently disabled on the state’s online services page. You may still use the site to check on the status of your drivers license replacement by clicking on the “Where’s My License?” tab.

How to Replace Your New Mexico Drivers License in Person

Most NM motorists replacing drivers license cards will do so in person at one of the MVD field offices. As the state transitions to REAL ID credentials, those who need a drivers license replacement must follow the requirements to apply for a REAL ID. These are the same requirements that must be met when applying for a new drivers license in New Mexico.

To obtain a REAL ID replacement drivers license, bring the following documents to your MVD field office:

  • One proof of identification number such as a Social Security card, a W2 tax form or a pay stub displaying your name and Social Security Number
  • One proof of identity including a U.S. passport or passport card, a foreign passport with an I-551 stamp or an original copy of your birth certificate
  • Two proofs of NM residency like a mortgage statement, rental agreement or an insurance or public assistance card.

If you cannot provide proof of lawful presence in the United States, then you must apply for a driving authorization card instead of a drivers license. Be sure to bring your fee payment.

Note: You may consider renewing your drivers license instead of obtaining a replacement copy if you are in your renewal period. A renewal comes with a copy of drivers license credentials, so you may be able to avoid paying the fee for a duplicate card with the same expiration date.

Out-of-State Drivers License Replacement in New Mexico

If you need to replace lost drivers license documentation while you are living outside of the state of New Mexico, then it may prove difficult to obtain a quick replacement. If you cannot make it back to NM, then call the NM MVD and ask, “Where can I get a copy of my driver’s license from my current location?”

It may be possible to get a temporary DMV duplicate license or driving credential that will suffice until you can travel back to NM for a proper replacement.

How to Report a Missing Drivers License in New Mexico

If you have a lost drivers license due to theft, then you should obtain a replacement that has a new number to protect yourself from identity theft and other fraudulent use of your card. You can only request a new copy of drivers license number if you file a theft report with your local police department.

To file a police report, simply contact your local law enforcement agency and the agent will advise you on the process for that location. After you have the report, visit your MVD field office and show it along with a signed letter stating that you want the MVD to issue you a new license number because your previous one was stolen.

New Mexico Drivers License Replacement Fees

The fee to get copy of drivers license credentials varies depending on the length of its validity. The cost for a four-year license is $18, whereas the fee for a duplicate eight-year license is $34.

On the other hand, applicants 79 years of age or older who get copy of drivers license credentials in NM are not charged a replacement fee.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.