It is important to replace lost driver’s license in Ohio immediately following misplacing it or theft. You should also replace cards that have suffered enough damage that the text becomes illegible or the photo unrecognizable. Note that if your license is close to expiration, instead of getting a duplicate, you may opt to renew your license instead.

A replacement license in Ohio will expire on the same date as your current license, while a renewal will start an entirely new renewal cycle. Continue reading the sections below to learn how to obtain duplicate documentation, including where you may initiate the replacement drivers license process and tips for getting your application completed quickly.

When is a replacement drivers license required in Ohio?

A replacement driver license in Ohio is required as soon as possible following a loss, theft or damage to your license. It is best to visit an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) office the next business day, to get an application and avoid any fines or inconveniences linked to not having a copy of your photo ID in your wallet.

If you are without a valid driving credential, it is best to not drive at all until you replace it.

Getting stopped by Ohio law enforcement without proper proof of driving credentials can be tricky, most officers will not accept a “lost driver’s license” excuse and will often issue a ticket to those who drive without their current driver’s license on hand.

Another reason to seek a prompt replacement is if you lose or gain a lot of weight, undergo a gender reassignment or markedly alter your appearance in another way. Your current credentials should always feature a photo that closely matches your appearance.

There are dozens of BMV locations that issue documents, yet make sure you check ahead of time with the location that you intend to visit. You must ensure that a deputy registrar is available to verify your identity with the BMV database. If you provide all the necessary documents, your OH duplicate driver’s license will be issued to you at the agency. Otherwise, you may have to come back later for verification, which means a longer wait to receive your replacement.

How to Replace Your Driver’s License in Person in Ohio

If you have asked the question, “Where can I get a copy of my driver’s license in Ohio?” there is only one answer: at your nearest BMV office. You cannot request a duplicate driver’s license by mail or begin the process online. At this time, your document can only be obtained in person. However, you may be able to establish an appointment online.

When you go to get your license, bring a photo ID such as a school ID or employer identification card, and you will be issued a replacement. A student identification card from a recognized school, college or university is acceptable for duplicate driver’s license requests if it includes a photograph.

However, if you do not have another form of photo identification to replace the lost identification, you will need to bring in a supplementary document. Accepted documents are listed below:

  • Ohio motor vehicle title (a vehicle registration is not acceptable)
  • Credit card
  • Health insurance card
  • Marriage certificate or marriage license
  • Public assistance benefit card or statement

An employer identification card is an acceptable document to get a copy of your driver’s license credentials even if it does not include a photo. Additionally, the above documents are only deemed acceptable to replace driver’s license cards if the driver is a U.S. citizen and the existing Ohio credential being replaced is valid and verifiable via the Ohio BMV system.

When you apply, you will be required to sign a sworn statement vowing not to operate a motor vehicle without proper liability insurance. Be prepared to attest to this when you request a duplicate drivers license, and make sure your vehicle insurance coverage is up to date before visiting the BMV.

It is the law that operators of motor vehicles in Ohio carry liability coverage at the state’s legal minimum whether you own a vehicle or not. If you fail to meet the insurance requirements when applying to replace a lost driver’s license, your application will not be approved.

Out-of-State Driver’s License Replacement in Ohio

If you are temporarily residing outside of Ohio, you may be eligible to receive an out-of-state duplicate driver’s license packet by calling the BMV or emailing the registrar through the form provided by the BMV online.

Eligible out-of-state applicants seeking a replacement drivers license must have an OH address on record with the BMV, be a U.S. citizen or documented immigrant, and may not be incarcerated or have any driver’s license blocks or suspensions.

Ohio Driver’s License Replacement Fees

Obtaining an Ohio replacement drivers license will require the payment of a $24.50 fee. You can pay for Ohio lost driver’s license replacement services in person at any deputy registrar license agency or reinstatement center with cash, a personal check, a money order or a major credit card. All applicable fees must be paid in full at the time of issuance.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.