Motorbike drivers must replace motorcycle licenses in Ohio when they become lost or stolen. It is critical for residents who drive motorbikes on public roadways to obtain a replacement, as they must carry a valid motorcycle license, endorsement or permit to avoid fines and penalties as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code of Law. Applicants must review all the requirements to obtain an Ohio motorcycle license replacement before starting the process and understand the methods by which they can apply.

Moreover, applicants may only obtain an OH duplicate motorcycle license or endorsement by submitting all required documents to a Bureau of Motor Vehicles office. Fortunately, the department has multiple options available for documentation drivers can provide. This makes the process of replacing a motorcycle license easier for anyone who needs to legally get back on the road.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Ohio?

Motorbike drivers must obtain a motorcycle license replacement if they lose their original credential. Additionally, they must also apply for a duplicate motorcycle license or endorsement if the card is stolen, damaged or if the driver makes significant changes to personal information such as their name, address or gender. At this point, motorists should review the requirements and gather the appropriate documentation to obtain a replacement such as:

  • A motorcycle-only license
  • A driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement
  • A temporary instruction permit identification card (TIPIC)

Documents Required to Replace Motorcycle License in Ohio

Residents must present motorcycle license replacement documents to get new credentials that allow them to operate motorbikes on public roads. Depending on the situation, drivers must present different types of documents. Those with a lost motorcycle license must present documentation to prove the following:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Legal presence in the U.S.
  • Social Security Number
  • Ohio street address

Note: Residents may provide a residency-certified statement form in order to satisfy the residency requirement if they are unable to provide any other valid document.

Residents must provide two documents to verify their in-state residency to obtain an OH motorcycle license or endorsement replacement compliant with federal law. Otherwise, they may apply for a standard license instead by only providing one document for street address verification. Moreover, some documents may be used to satisfy multiple requirements.

For instance, a U.S. birth certificate will satisfy the applicants name, date of birth and legal presence requirements. Furthermore, these requirements also apply to residents replacing motorcycle licenses that have been stolen, damaged or destroyed. On the other hand, drivers who make a change to their name must also provide one of the following:

  • Marriage certificate or license
  • Certified copy of a decree of divorce, dissolution or annulment of marriage
  • Certified copy of court ordered name change

Additionally, applicants who change their address may process a request online for it be updated in the BMV system. However, they must submit the identification documents outlined above in person at any of the bureau’s office to obtain an Ohio motorcycle license replacement that reflects the change of residency. Finally, applicants obtaining a replacement due to a change of gender must submit a declaration of gender change form along with other required documents.

How to Replace an Ohio Motorcycle License by Phone

Ohio residents may obtain a duplicate motorcycle license or endorsement by phone only when they are temporarily out-of-state. They must contact the BMV at 614-52-7600 and fulfill the department’s requirements to have a duplicate card mailed to their temporary out-of-state address.

How to Replace an Ohio Motorcycle License in Person

Motorists must visit a deputy registrar license agency to replace motorcycle licenses in person. They must present all the verification documents to prove identity and obtain a replacement card. Hours of operation for license agencies throughout the state vary, so applicants should call before applying in person.

Moreover, residents may be asked to retake the vision screening exam to verify that their sight is still in optimal condition to operate a motorbike. Once applicants complete the process, motorcycle license replacements typically arrive by mail within 10 days.

How to Replace an Ohio Motorcycle License Online

Only drivers temporarily out-of-state may apply for a duplicate motorcycle license online. They must contact the registrar by filling the email form on the BMV site. On the other hand, any driver may use the online services to submit a change of address but must visit a deputy registrar license agency in person to obtain a replacement that reflects the change.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in Ohio

Eligible residents who are currently out-of-state may request an Ohio motorcycle license duplicate through the phone or using the online option outlined above. To qualify drivers must:

  • Have an Ohio address on record with the BMV.
  • Be permanent residents and have the appropriate documentation to prove it, including a valid USCIS I-551 status.
  • Not be a CDL holder unless they want to obtain a downgraded replacement.
  • Not have their license suspended or subject to any warrant blocks or be incarcerated.

Applicants will receive a duplicate for their motorcycle license or endorsement at the out-of-state temporarily address they provide in the request.

How to Replace Motorcycle Permit in Ohio

TIPIC holders may obtain a motorbike permit replacement in Ohio if the examiners office is able to access applicant’s previous test results. Otherwise, drivers must retake knowledge tests and pay TIPIC’s applicable fees for a duplicate permit. Applicants must complete this process in person and provide the required documents to obtain a duplicate.

How to Report a Lost Motorcycle License in Ohio

Motorists may choose not to report their lost motorcycle license. However, they must sign a statement at the moment of obtaining their duplicate that indicates the original document is lost or stolen. Moreover, drivers may need to change their license number if they suspect that it is being used fraudulently and must contact:

Ohio State Highway Patrol
Office of Investigative Services
1970 West Broad St.
Columbus. OH 43223
Phone: 614/ 752-0234

Ohio Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

Ohio residents must cover the Ohio motorcycle license replacement cost as part of their requirements to obtain a duplicate credential. The duplicate motorcycle license and driver license with a motorcycle endorsement fee is $24.50.

As for a new motorcycle TIPIC, drivers must pay $21. Additionally, drivers who apply for a license or permit replacement must also pay the following:

  • Deputy registrar fee of $2.50
  • Lamination fee of $1.50
  • Vision Screening fee of $2.75

Applicants may pay for OH duplicate motorbike license fees with cash, checks, money orders or credit cards.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.