Riders must obtain a motorcycle license replacement in Florida if and when they lose possession of their bike license, since riding a motorcycle without a valid credential may lead to certain fines and penalties, such as traffic citations. To complete the process, applicants will be required to submit their request to the state Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) either in person or online. Riders who must finalize their request while outside of the state, however, can utilize additional application methods. Note that the process to replace a lost motorcycle license in FL abides by the rules and regulations of the regular driving license replacement transaction.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Florida?

You must initiate the replacement request in the event of a stolen or lost motorcycle license. However, you must also complete a request even if your credential has been damaged, since you are required to carry a valid, legible license at any time you operate your motorcycle. It is also mandatory to replace your license if your information has changed, such as an address or name change.

Note: If you are within your renewal period when you lose your license, you may instead be directed to complete the motorcycle license renewal transaction.

How to Replace a Florida Motorcycle License Online

The most convenient method to replace a motorcycle license in Florida is submitting your request via the GoRenew portal, which is the department’s online services website. However, in order to finalize the request online, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You are not within your license renewal period.
  • You are a U.S. citizen with a valid Social Security Number on file.
  • You were already issued a REAL ID-compliant credential.
  • You are not making any changes to your credential, such as updating your name or adding certain designations.

To obtain your bike license replacement online, you will first be required to log on to the system by entering your last name and date of birth. In subsequent steps, you will be prompted to enter additional information, such as your street address, Social Security Number and motorcycle license number. The system will process your request once you submit the fee payment with a valid payment card. You will receive your replacement credential in the mail with seven to 10 business days.

How to Replace a Florida Motorcycle License in Person

If you are unable to complete the process of replacing motorcycle license in Florida via the internet, you can always submit your request in person through a driver license service center. To finalize the in-person request, you will be required to provide proof of identification and state residency and pay the applicable licensing cost. If you have to replace your motorcycle license under unique circumstances, you may be required to furnish additional documentation. For instance, if you are upgrading a standard credential to one that meets the regulations of the federal REAL ID Act, you will be required to provide the full set of supporting paperwork, including proofs of identification, Social Security Number and state residency. If you are making changes to your name, on the other hand, you will require proof of your legal name change. The state DHSMV will process your replacement request once your paperwork and fee payment are processed.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in Florida

The Florida motorcycle license replacement process can also be completed while outside of the state. To replace your motorcycle license while living in another state on a temporary basis, you can submit your request via the online method outlined above or by mail. Note that you can utilize this option only if you are a U.S. citizen. When replacing a license in such circumstances, you will also be required to update your address information with your out-of-state address.

Instead of replacing your license when you are absent from the state, you can also obtain a 90-day temporary permit, which can be utilized until you obtain a full replacement when you return to the state. If you choose to get a temporary bike license replacement, you will be required to furnish the following information to the state DHSMV either by mail, by phone or by email:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your motorcycle license number
  • Your out-of-state address

After receiving your request for a temporary motorcycle license, the department will manufacture your 90-day permit and mail it your out-of-state location. Note that the temporary license is available free of charge.

How to Report a Lost Motorcycle License in Florida

When replacing a motorcycle license in Florida, riders are not required to report a stolen credential to local law enforcement officials. However, the state DHSMV still recommends replacing a stolen or lost motorcycle license after filing a police report. If you report the theft of your credential to the police, you will become eligible for a free-of-charge replacement license. Filing a police report will also protect you in the future against potential identity theft incidents.

Florida Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

One of the more important steps when replacing a motorcycle license in Florida is paying the applicable replacement fee. The cost is currently set at $25, but this fee only applies for the standalone driving license. Since the state DHSMV adds its motorcycle license credentials as endorsements, riders may also be required to pay the $7 endorsement fee. Riders who finalize their replacement request through a tax collector’s office will also have to pay an additional $6.25 convenience fee. Note that the replacement fee will be waived only if the applicant submits a police report attesting that his or her license has been stolen.

Note: If you are replacing your motorcycle license online, you will also be required to arrange payment for an additional $2 processing fee.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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