Was your Florida registration sticker not received within the standard amount of time? If so, a replacement sticker may need to be ordered. Registration renewal notices are not mandatory in the state of Florida, which means it is the applicant’s responsibility to be aware of his or her registration’s expiration date whether or not the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) department sends them out. Registration renewal dates are based on the driver’s birthdate and therefore differ between each applicant.

If a registration DMV sticker not received in the mail results in a vehicle having incorrect documentation, the driver may not be immune from penalties or fines. A fee for replacements is charged to drivers who require new stickers to be sent. However, for those who have not received their vehicle stickers from the DMV and need a replacement, the fee can be waived if the driver applies within the grace period.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in Florida

A Florida license plate sticker not received within a few days may have been caused by a few factors. Below are some of these reasons, as well as ways you can avoid it from happening again in the future:

  • New address – If your address was not updated, your stickers may have been sent to an old location. Make sure the mailing address that the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) system has on file is updated. You can update your address online or in person at a local DMV office.
  • Lost in the mail – Depending on the service you initially used to renew your registration, the stickers may simply be lost in the mail and may not be the result of incorrect information. Make sure you keep track of the days passed after you first submitted your renewal. This will allow you to be prompt when recognizing an error and ordering any replacements.
  • Incorrect information – Make sure all of the information you enter when renewing your registration sticker is correct. Any car sticker not received in the mail may have been caused by an incomplete form or illegible content. Whether online or filling out a form in person, write out the name and address using clear handwriting and the correct colored ink.

Can I legally drive if my Florida registration sticker was not received?

The state of Florida allows drivers to operate their vehicles without a current FL DMV registration sticker if the driver can present an official receipt of the renewal application when asked. The definition of an official receipt differs depending on the system used to renew the registration. If you used Florida’s smartphone app, you will be given a digital document as a receipt to show law enforcement officials. If you renewed your DMV registration sticker online, you will be emailed a confirmation that can be printed and used as proof of your renewal.

It is important to note that if you renew your registration in person at a local FL DMV office, you will receive the registration the same day.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received Florida

If you are ticketed for driving without a registration or proof of a paid registration, you may be subject to fines and penalties. Tickets can be disputed. However, this may involve going to your local county court and setting a court date to appeal the charge. Depending on your circumstances and that of the charge, this may take you away from more important commitments, such as your job. Therefore, it is sometimes better to complete the steps for paying a ticket and simply renew your registration as soon as possible.

The Florida DMV may issue delinquent fees to drivers who have not renewed their registration before its expiration date. The driver must prove that a DMV registration sticker not received in the mail was actually renewed and paid for in full. If you do not possess a receipt and your car plate sticker renewal was not processed, you may be charged late fees regardless of whether you thought you had processed your application. Late fees can be quite expensive. Even if your stickers have not arrived, you must be able to provide evidence that you have renewed your registration or ordered a replacement in order to avoid these fees.

Steps to Take If Your Florida DMV Sticker Was Not Received

The state of Florida requires that you wait a certain number of days after your original application for stickers before you order a replacement. Below are two important steps you need to take if you have not received your FL car tag sticker after you have waited the appropriate amount of time:

  1. Check the status of your tags – You can use the Florida DMV online system to track your registration and see if there were any errors that need your attention.
  2. Order replacement stickers – The state allows drivers to order a DMV sticker replacement without paying additional registration replacement fees if they submit their application within 180 of the original being processed. Make sure you are aware of the date you first submitted your renewal to avoid any further fees.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in Florida

In the case of an FL license sticker not received, applicants are invited to order a replacement sticker using a few different methods. Depending on the county in which the vehicle is registered, you can replace stickers online, by mail, via email or in person.

If you are ordering a replacement in person, you must visit a local tax collectors agency or license plate agency.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.