If your DC registration sticker is not received, it is important for you to request a duplicate registration tag in order to maintain Washington DC law. Motorists are required to display a valid registration decal on both the front and rear license plate of their vehicles before operating the vehicle. Therefore, it is critical that you request replacements in a timely manner as well as familiarize yourself with the reasons that your registration may have been lost.

When a DMV sticker is not received, it is generally due to an incorrect address, postage issues, human error, technical difficulties or theft. Being aware of the common causes of a missing registration can reduce your likelihood of failing to receive your registration for a second time. Missing registration tags and cards can occur after applying for initial registration, when requesting a renewal or after submitting an application for a replacement.

Common Reasons for Not Receiving a Registration Sticker in Washington DC

If a license plate sticker is not received, it is important to be aware of the reasons that you may have failed to receive your registration sticker and/or card. The most common reason that a DMV registration sticker is not received is due to an incorrect address. If you change your residential address, you are legally obligated to inform the Washington DC DMV of the change of address. This is to ensure that you continue to receive state mail, such as registration documents and notices regarding your registration.

A DMV registration sticker may fail to be processed if an application is not fully and accurately completed or due to other forms of human error or technical difficulties.

Can I legally Drive Without a Washington DC Registration Sticker?

Without a car tag sticker affixed to each of your Washington DC license plates, you will not be legally permitted to operate the vehicle. While it is far worse for you to operate a vehicle without your proof of registration card, you can still be pulled over by law enforcement officials if you lack registration decals on your vehicle.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received in Washington DC

If your DC license sticker is not received, it is important that you do not operate your vehicle until you have successfully acquired replacement decals. Washington DC state law requires that your vehicle has two legible, valid and current registration tabs at all times. Should you choose to operate a vehicle without your registration tabs, you could be stopped by law enforcement and issued a citation. Worse still, if you are caught without your registration card, your vehicle could be impounded and you could incur higher fines.

Steps to Take if Your Washington DC DMV Sticker Was Not Received

If your license sticker is not received in DC, it is important that you complete steps to help you ensure that you receive your registration decals and card this time. After you have not received your registration documents, it important that you contact your local DMV in order to verify whether or not they have your correct address on file as well as whether or not your original registration application had fully processed. If your address is not current with the DC DMV, you will need to request a change of address prior to submitting a replacement request. If your registration application was not processed, it is important to discover why that may have occurred in order to avoid any problems in the future.

If your missing DMV registration sticker could have potentially been stolen, it is also important that you report the incident to the police in order to ensure that local law enforcement is aware of the potential theft. This is important as if you do not report tags that could potentially be stolen and you do not provide the DMV with a copy of the police report, you will be responsible for any tissues issued to your vehicle’s registration.

Alternatively, a car plate sticker renewal can be requested rather than a replacement if you are nearing the expiration date of your current registration. This can help you to save more time and money in the long run.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in Washington DC

While you cannot replace a sticker online, you can request duplicate license plate decals by visiting your local DC DMV service location. To get a DMV sticker replacement, you will be required to provide the DMV office with your vehicle registration card as well as proof of identity, such as with a drivers license or non-driver identification card.

While you cannot request a registration sticker online, you can request a duplicate registration card online or in person if you have not received both your registration decal and registration card.

If you are not the owner of the vehicle, you will also need to have a completed vehicle power of attorney form.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.