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New drivers fail the written driving test on their first try.


You are 5 times more likely to pass the DMV test after taking our premium practice test.

A Washington DC DMV practice test can help you prepare to get your drivers license. Even if you have the drivers handbook and have spent years watching someone else drive, a practice test can be useful.

The DC permit test is an automated computer exam, and the driving test questions are drawn from a potential selection of hundreds of questions. In fact, almost half of all new drivers fail their permit test the first time they take it, and some fail it a second time. That is because the DC drivers manual contains an overwhelming amount of information, and passive studying is not enough to prepare students for the official, timed exam. Rather, permit practice tests dramatically increase the pass rate because testing is a better study method than simple memorization.

What are the benefits of taking a DC DMV practice test?

Students who prepare for their permit exam with a practice driving test are five times more likely to pass. That is because practice tests are a better study method than the traditional habits of reading and note-taking, and practice tests are designed to be as helpful as possible to students. Each in-depth, state-specific test mimics the form and content of the official state test in order to get students as comfortable as possible with the testing material before they attempt the official exam.

Further, DC drivers ed practice tests are more than a passive way for students to identify what they do or do not know. DMV practice tests are a learning method, because testing actually cements information better than comparable study methods, such as drawing diagrams or making flowcharts. In fact, a 2011 study found that students who learn information with practice tests remembered 50 percent more of it than their peers as much as an entire week later.

What is included in’s DC drivers license practice test?

Like the official DC learners permit test, the information on the drivers permit practice test is drawn from the DC driving manual and state laws. The practice test is twice the length of the actual test so that students get the widest range of study material, but it can be split into two sections of 25 questions for testers to track their time in preparation for the real exam.

The DC DMV permit practice test covers all of the most important points, such as road signs, lane markers, traffic laws and safe driving habits. Students can also expect to see test questions on:

  • Insurance laws in DC
  • How to navigate an intersection.
  • The standard speed limits on urban streets.
  • How often drivers should look in the rearview mirror.

DC Drivers License Test Rules and Requirements

The DC DMV permit test is a 25-question, timed exam, and students need an 80 percent score to pass. If a student fails, they must wait three full days before the may attempt the test again. Additionally, if a student fails the knowledge test six times within a 12 month period, he or she will be barred from attempting the test again for a full year.

An audio version of the test is available for those who struggle with reading, and all applicants have the right to bring their own interpreter. The test is offered in approximately several different languages. Contact your local DMV office to find out if there is a test available in your preferred language

Additionally, while the driving test is the first step to a student getting his or her learners permit, a road test will be required before the DMV issues a proper drivers license. The rules of the skills test are the same as that of a written test. If a student fails, he or she must wait 72 hours before retaking the test. Further, if a student fails six times in less than 12 months, he or she must wait a year before taking the test again.

New drivers should use their DC drivers test study guide to refresh their knowledge before attempting the test. Brush up on the meanings of uncommon lane markers and road signs to be fully prepared for the road test.

While foreign language interpreters are available for the skills test, the driver must be capable of understanding English road signs to pass.

How to Pass a Driving Test in DC

All new drivers needs an 80 percent score to pass the DC DMV knowledge test. On a test of 25 questions, this means that a driver can miss only 5 questions at most. To pass, students need to know road safety, how to drive in poor weather, how to read road signs and pedestrian right-of-way rules, among other laws. For the best score on the test, students should study:

  • How to recognize common road signs.
  • DC child safety laws.
  • How to safely drive in fog, park on a hill and other driving practices.
  • The seatbelt and implied consent laws.

Everything students need for their permit test is in the learners permit study guide. These things, among many others, are essential to being a safe and competent driver. As such, students should expect to see these topics on their test. Remember, the premise of a permit test is to decide whether a new driver knows enough about driving laws to legally operate a motor vehicle.

What is included in’s DC drivers test study guide?

Like the DC drivers handbook, the permit test study guide contains all of the necessary information to being a safe driver. It covers the same key topics in an easy-to-understand, concise way. Additionally, the guide comes with colored graphics of traffic signals, lane markings and driving situations to help students understand the material as easily as possible. Other topics include in the guide are:

  • Traffic lights and signals.
  • The rules of the road.
  • Safe driving guidelines.
  • Pavement markings.
  • Turn signals.
  • How to drive in bad weather.

While the DC drivers study book is over 100 pages long, the DC DMV study guide is an excellent plain-language supplement when the manual becomes too dense. It also contains safe driving tips and tricks that students can study to prepare for their eventual road test.

How to Use’s DC Drivers Permit Practice Test and Study Guide

To make the best use of your DC practice written driving test and study guide, develop a studying routine. Consistent studying has long been known to be more effective than attempting to quickly memorize information before a test.

  • Split up the learners practice test to time yourself. The DC permit exam is 25 questions long and timed. To make sure that you don’t hit the time limit, take the practice test in two 25-question segments to track your testing speed and make sure you use your full test period.
  • Combine the DC drivers license study guide with the drivers manual. Repetitive information becomes boring and hard to retain. Instead of reading the same thing over and over, alternate between the DC study guide and the official drivers manual to keep information fresh and interesting.
  • Keep a steady studying habit. There is no way to cram as much information as a student needs to know to pass his or her permit test. Remember more information and stress less by creating a stable study routine.

Free DMV Practice Tests in DC

The DC DMV offers free online DMV practice tests to help students prepare for their knowledge exams. It has 25 questions that are similar to the driving test questions on the permit exam, but students should not expect to see any practice test questions on the actual exam. Additionally, the online practice test is timed and students who would like to use the test to study may prefer one that is lower pressure.

The DC DMV sample test is available in a variety of languages. Contact the DMV to see whether a sample test is available in your preferred language.

Additionally, students who do not want to be timed on their DC drivers license practice test or who would prefer to be able to take the same test multiple times may find other generic DMV sample tests online for free.

However, these new drivers should be careful to only use practice tests that have been recently updated and are state-specific. While driving is essentially the same across the country, each state does have its own specific laws and its own practice test, and a generic DMV learner permit practice test will not adequately help a student prepare. Further, a free generic test or one that is out-of-date may actually be counterproductive by confusing the student with defunct road rules or laws from other states.

How to Schedule a Drivers License Test in DC

You do not need to schedule a DMV driving test appointment in DC in order to take your knowledge test. However, if you would prefer to schedule an appointment to avoid wait times, you can do so online. A list of the DC driver testing locations is available on the DC DMV website, and students can schedule an appointment for road tests or skills tests by selecting the location nearest to them.

What to Bring to a Driving Test in DC

While a learners permit practice test may help prepare you for your knowledge test, you must still apply for a learners permit before the written test will be issued. In order to apply for a learners permit in DC, you will need documents to show proof of your residence in the district, identity, legal presence in the United State and social security number. A full list of the documents you will need includes:

One Proof of Identity and Age U.S. passport, U.S. birth certificate, proof of adoption, U.S. Consular report of birth abroad, permanent resident card, U.S. certificate of naturalization, U.S. certificate of citizenship or an unexpired foreign passport containing a valid U.S. visa.
One Proof of Parental Approval See “DC Driving License Test Forms” below.
One Proof of Social Security Number Social Security card, recent W-2 form or a recent 1099 form.
Two Documents to Prove Residence A paycheck with an employer’s name and address, a utility bill, mobile phone bill, a bank statement, Wisconsin hunting or fishing license, mortgage or rental agreement, homeowner’s insurance, a photo ID card issued by the state, homeless shelter documentation.
One Application See DC Driving License Test Forms below.

DC DMV Driving Test Fees

The DC drivers test fee is $10 for both skills and road tests. This fee must be paid whether you pass or fail the test and must be paid for every testing attempt. Additionally, there is a $30 fee for drivers who cancel their road test.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.

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