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Get prepared for the 2018 Utah Written Drivers Exam with our comprehensive and update-to-date practice tests and study guides. Our exam prep tools are designed to give you a complete understanding of all the topics covered on the real DMV exam, including traffic laws, road signs, hazardous driving precautions and much more. Start studying today!

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Practice Tests for New Utah Drivers

The study package created by was made to help you get your learner’s permit safely and efficiently. By using the unique Drivers Practice Test and Study Guide, you will learn all the key topics from the official written exam.

Did You Know? In Utah, only 45% of beginner drivers get passing scores their first time taking the DMV official written test.

By using our study tools, you can ensure that you are one of those drivers.

How to Pass the Utah Written Driver’s Test

Test preparation for the UT written drivers exam begins with a proper study regime. Our three-prong plan is fail-proof, and consists of the following steps:

  1. Start preparing for the drivers exam by reading the Utah Driver’s License Manual. Learn about sharing the road and traffic rules on Utah roadways.
  2. When you feel that you have enough basic road knowledge, reaffirm the learned material by supporting it with the Study Guide.
  3. Then, once you’ve reviewed, test yourself with the Drivers Practice Test.

The free online drivers practice test is made up of genuine questions from the Utah official driver’s exam. See what the DMV official test looks like by trying out the sample practice test online now.

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Road Rules to Study

The Premium Study Guide and Practice Test were developed to help you get your driving permit in a simple and easy way. Our materials contain only the most crucial driving topics that will appear on your UT driving test, such as:

  • Driving preparations.
  • Sharing the road.
  • Managing time and space.
  • Special driving challenges.
  • Avoiding crashes.

How to Ensure Your Passing Score

To become a confident test candidate, learn the test material from’s valuable study package, prepared by experts. But first, read the Utah Driver’s License Manual, understand the meaning of traffic controls, and memorize vital road rules. Continue by backing up the knowledge from the manual with the concise Study Guide. Finally, test yourself with the Premium Practice Test until you are confident all of the information is being retained.

Our full-value study package promises productive studying. Avoid spending unnecessary study time reading large volumes of text once you get your copy of the premium package deal. This advantageous learning tool offers unlimited testing in a PDF format of the practice driving test.

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Knowing When to Take the Utah Driving Test

By getting a score of 90% or more on the Driver Practice Test, you are guaranteed to match the result on the official written knowledge exam. If you score less, take some more time to strengthen any areas with incorrect answers, and get added support by reading critical sections from the Study Guide. Remember: you have unlimited access to the drivers practice test, so make sure to take full advantage.

Test Day Tips

Now that you are confident in your DMV studies, it’s time to schedule your Test Day with the UT DMV. Once your written drivers test date approaches, remember the following tips:

  1. The Utah written drivers test is made up of 50 questions. You must get at least 40 questions (80%) correct for a passing score.
  2. The cost to get a driver’s license for the first time in Utah is $45. To get a driver’s license in Utah, you must first hold a learner’s permit. The fee to get the driving permit is $15. And, as a note, the fee for the driving license application is $30.
  3. To take the official Utah written driving test, you must be at least 15 years old. When you get your permit, you must keep it with you at all times while you are in a vehicle.

We promise a full money return if you do not pass the official test on your first attempt. Score above a 90% on the practice test and pass the official exam in one try with our study packet.

DMV Checklist

When you complete the written driving license test, you can submit the learner’s permit application at a Utah DMV branch office. If you have the status of a US citizen, US national or permanent resident alien, prepare the following details to apply:

  • Proof of identity or legal status, such as:
    • Valid US Passport or passport card
    • Certified copy of a birth certificate
    • Consular report of birth abroad
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Proof of Social Security Number, such as:
    • Social Security card
    • W-2 form
    • SSA-1099 form
    • Pay stub
  • Proof of Utah residency, such as:
    • Bank statement
    • Court document
    • Mortgage or rental contract
    • Property tax notice
    • Credit card bill
    • Utility bill
    • School transcript
  • Parental consent, if you are under 18

Test Languages

The Utah written drivers test is available only in English. However, the test can be taken in your native language by using interpreter services provided by the Department of Workforce Services.

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Documents Needed for Noncitizens

Under Utah licensing law, candidates who do not have the status of a US citizen, US national or permanent resident alien are eligible to obtain limited-term driver’s licenses and learner’s permits.

Accepted documents for candidates with lawful presence in the US include the following:

  • Proof of identity, such as:
    • Employment authorization document
    • Foreign passport with proof of entry
  • Proof of lawful presence in the United States, such as:
    • Proof of expired or non-expired visa
    • Proof of refugee, asylum-seeking or protected citizen status
    • Proof of deferred action status
  • Proof of Social Security Number, such as:
    • Social Security card
    • W-2 form
    • SSA-1099 form
    • Pay stub
  • Proof of driving experience
  • Proof of Utah residency, such as:
    • Bank statement
    • Court document
    • Mortgage or rental contract
    • Property tax notice
    • Credit card bill
    • Utility bill
    • School transcript

Note that if you have a status of undocumented immigrant, in addition to the relevant documents above, you must provide a fingerprint card and photo to an authorized law enforcement agency.

After the Written Test

Once you pass the written exam and get your driving permit, start preparing for the road skills test. The road test is required to get your full driver’s license. When you book your DMV road skills test appointment, present a vision test certificate (which must show a visual acuity of 20/40), a completed medical questionnaire and parental consent for financial responsibility.

Beginner drivers must have 40 hours of driving practice, 10 of which must be at night. A driving course taken at a high school is an acceptable version of Utah drivers education. Note that you must wait four to six weeks until you get your driver’s license. A temporary driving license will be issued in the interim period.

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The Utah Study Guide and Practice Test are the No. 1 study resources for beginner drivers. The Study Guide simplifies complicated sections of the Utah Driver’s Handbook, while the Practice Test gives you plenty of chances to prepare for the official written driver’s exam. Not to mention that by incorporating these tools, you will learn the traffic rules in and out – and in half the time.