You are not required to complete Utah CDL training before you attempt to obtain your commercial drivers license (CDL) with the Driver License Division (DLD). Although enrolling in a CDL school is a not a requirement when applying for a CDL in Utah, you must take a series of tests including an on-road test to show you know how to safely operate a commercial truck, bus, trailer or other vehicles. Therefore, it is important that you have studied the rules of the road and how to operate a commercial vehicle thoroughly. Behind-the-wheel training is also a crucial component that you should have experienced before you attempt to take these tests with the DLD.

UT CDL school can help you to prepare for these tests so you can pass them on the first try. In some cases, you can even take the tests at the end of your course instead of completing them at the DLD. Not only do these courses help you to get ready for the tests but the schools can also offer you assistance with job placement once you are issued your CDL in the state. Additionally, through these courses, you can learn more about your daily responsibilities as a truck driver, bus driver or another commercial driver. To find out more about truck driving school and why you should consider signing up for a course before taking your DLD exams, review the following sections.

What is CDL training in Utah?

You may need to consider Class A CDL training in Utah if you plan to become a truck driver. However, keep in mind, there is specific training for the other CDL classes including Class B and C. It is important to understand the type of license class and endorsements you may need before you sign up for a course. There are different schools and courses designed to help you prepare for the specific tests you will need to take to earn your license or endorsements.

If you are looking for Class B CDL training because you feel you need a Class B CDL, then keep in mind the commercial vehicle you operate cannot include a towed vehicle. If you plan to drive a bus commercially or haul hazardous waste, then you will need to have endorsements added to your license. It is important to choose a school that includes training for the tests you must complete to obtain these endorsements.

Is CDL school required in Utah?

You are not required to complete Utah CDL classes to take the DLD mandatory exams and road test. The DLD provides a commercial driver license manual that you can use to study for the material that will be included on these tests.

However, the material is complex and can usually be learned more easily in the classroom and with the hands-on setting that a CDL school can provide. Additionally, for some potential commercial drivers, a professional school is the only way to obtain behind-the-wheel training in a commercial vehicle before taking the on-road test.

Curriculum of Utah CDL Classes

UT CDL training can vary by school and some courses are more in-depth than others. Generally, these CDL classes provide classroom instruction to cover the materials that may be on the knowledge exam and behind-the-wheel training to ensure students are comfortable driving commercial vehicles safely for the on-road test.

In-Class Instruction for the CDL Written Test

You cannot complete Utah CDL training online since most schools require in-person attendance to review the material that will be covered on the tests. The purpose of the in-classroom instruction portion of the training courses is to review the handbook provided by the DLD so you can study and learn about:

  • Road laws including distracted driving laws in Utah.
  • Penalties for traffic violations as a commercial driver.
  • Safely operating a truck or other commercial vehicle.
  • Reading maps and road signs.
  • Handling emergency situations, such as a tire blowout.

You are better prepared for the UT CDL written test once you have completed the in-class portion of the course.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for the CDL Driving Test

For many potential commercial drivers, the Utah CDL test that is administered behind the wheel is the most intimidating step in the process of earning a CDL license. Through the driving skills test, potential commercial drivers are required to show DLD examiners that they can safely maneuver and operate commercial vehicles in a variety of stressful situations including:

  • Maneuvering tight turns.
  • Driving through urban areas.
  • Parallel and street parking.
  • Backing up the vehicle.

Before attempting to complete the UT CDL driving test, it is important for potential drivers to get enough behind-the-wheel training with experienced commercial drivers. This can allow them to learn more about what they must perform on the test and how to successfully complete these maneuvers safely. CDL classes include this hands-on training with experienced instructors to ensure students are prepared to pass this portion of the test.

How long is CDL training in Utah?

Utah CDL prep classes can vary in length and depend on the type of school and course you choose to take. This can also be dependent upon the type of license or endorsements you need for your potential commercial driving career. If you choose to take a class at a local community college, then you may first need to meet the pre-requisite requirements. When you register, keep in mind you may need to attend class for an entire semester or a total of 270-course hours.

If you choose to sign up for a truck driving school in UT, then you may have several months of extensive training before you can take the tests to earn your CDL. However, these schools generally prepare you to not only pass the mandatory tests from the DLD but to also be ready for hire by a trucking company as soon as you obtain your CDL.

Best CDL Schools Near Me in Utah

If you begin researching, “Where is a truck driving school near me in Utah?” then chances are you will find several options in your area. The DLD does not provide any specific recommendations for schools that will help you prepare for the CDL exams.

However, there are many types of courses with varying lengths and focuses, so you can review what the schools offer to choose the best one for your situation. Some of the best CDL schools that may meet your needs include:

  • Salt Lake Community College. When you complete the course at this college, you receive a certificate of achievement and are prepared to take on the DLD tests to earn your CDL. This class includes driving skills, reviews of road laws and employment information to set you up for success in the truck driving industry.
  • R. England Truck Driving School. This is an extensive course that lasts for a few months and includes two different phases to help you earn your CDL. Upon completion of the course and successful completion of an interview, you are hired as a C.R. England truck driver.
  • Sage Truck Driving School. This school has close relationships with many truck driving companies throughout the state. Therefore, once you have completed the 150-hour basic course and earned your CDL, you may also be provided with job placement assistance.

Benefits of Completing Utah Truck Driving School

The Utah CDL jobs that you may be offered after completing a course is one of the most important benefits you may find as a potential commercial driver. In addition to CDL job placement, you are more likely to pass the DLD exams, both written and road, if you have completed one of these courses.

The classroom instruction and hands-on training you receive at a CDL class can be crucial to increase your confidence and skill level enough to pass these exams on the first try. Before making an appointment at a Utah DMV office, taking a course or otherwise preparing for the tests can save you time from having to retake the exams.

CDL Training Costs in Utah

The CDL training cost in UT can vary depending on the type of course and school you choose. For example, if you choose the truck driving course at Salt Lake Community College, then you must pay tuition for the credits you will earn.

Currently, the total for tuition, fees and books for the course is $1,628.33. However, this does not include the fees you must pay the DLD to take the CDL tests and obtain your license as well as the cost for the required DOT physical exam in Utah.

You may receive paid CDL training from your employer or potential employer to take the course. Your employer may also offer to reimburse you for tuition fees after you have earned your CDL. Additionally, keep in mind that most CDL schools in Utah offer loans or other financing options that make it easy to afford to attend these courses.

How to Self-Prep for Utah CDL Exams

A prep course will offer a CDL practice test before you are sent to take the written exam. This can ensure you know the material and will pass the test at the DLD. If you want to prepare for the exam without a course, then you should download and review the Utah Commerical Driver License Manual.

In the first few pages of the UT CDL handbook, commercial license classes are reviewed. The handbook also gives you information on the sections you should review and study, depending on the license class and endorsements you are testing for. This can be helpful when you are self-preparing for the DLD tests.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.