There are many benefits of attending CDL training in Wyoming before you attempt to pass the written and driving exams that are required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). These CDL classes provide both in-classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training, allowing you to gain useful knowledge on what you can expect to see on both CDL tests. By obtaining assistance from knowledgeable and experienced instructors, you can study the proper materials so you can confidently take the written exams when applying for a CDL in WY. Additionally, the one-on-one road instruction you can obtain will allow you to practice the exact maneuvers you will be required to perform during the skills test with an examiner.

By signing up with a reputable WY CDL school, you can ensure that you dedicate hours to studying and learning more about how to operate a commercial vehicle safely and lawfully. These classes also teach you about job tasks you will face as a commercial driver, such as dealing with bus passengers or completing truck driving log books. Before you sign up for a truck driving school, it is important to decide which career path you want to follow and the schedule you have available to dedicate to the class. To find out more about choosing the CDL classes that are right for you and how they can help you obtain your CDL, read through the following information.

What is CDL training in Wyoming?

You should look into Class A CDL training in WY before you attempt to take the written and road tests at the DMV if you plan to drive a combination commercial vehicle after earning your license. This CDL class can help you to better understand the road laws that apply to you when driving a vehicle that is more than 26,000 pounds and towing another vehicle that is more than 10,000 pounds.

However, Class B CDL training may be what you need to help you prepare for the DMV exams if the commercial vehicle you plan to drive after earning your CDL is a light combination vehicle or a straight truck. You should focus on Class B CDL training if the vehicle you plan to drive is more than 26,000 pounds but is not towing a vehicle or is towing a vehicle that is less than 10,000 pounds.

Focus on a CDL prep class for a Class C license if you plan to drive a single or combination commercial vehicle that is less than 26,001 pounds and does not fall into the Class A or B categories. If you plan to transport 16 passengers or more with this vehicle, then you will also need to earn your passenger endorsement.

Likewise, before you can haul hazardous materials with your commercial vehicle, you must earn your hazmat endorsement. It is important to first identify the type of license and endorsements you need so you can locate a school that offers this specific type of training before making an appointment with the DMV to take your test.

Is CDL school required in Wyoming?

You are not required to complete Wyoming CDL courses before you attempt to take the DMV exams. The department does not suggest specific schools that you can attend, but it does encourage you to practice driving a commercial vehicle frequently after you have earned your commercial learners permit (CLP) and before you attempt to take the skills test.

One of the best ways to ensure you have access to a commercial vehicle and licensed commercial driver to complete these practice sessions is to sign up for CDL training with a local school. With these classes, you can get one-on-one training behind the wheel with an instructor so you are adequately prepared for the driving exam.

Curriculum of Wyoming CDL Classes

Wyoming truck driving school may cover different types of curriculum depending on the focus of the course. However, most classes in the state provide education through in-class instruction and behind-the-wheel hours.

In-Class Instruction for the CDL Written Test

Preparation for the WY CDL written test is completed in the classroom for most CDL courses. Instructors use the commercial driver handbook to prepare students for the material that will be covered in the knowledge exams. This portion of the class is important because it covers many sections that will be found on the written exam, including:

  • Air brakes.
  • Combination vehicle operation.
  • General safety knowledge.

If you are planning to earn an endorsement, then additional topics may be covered, including hauling hazardous materials, tankers and doubles and triples. You may be able to find CDL training online that also covers these topics. However, in-class instruction is proven to be more effective and to prepare you better for the written tests administered by the DMV.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for the CDL Driving Test

The Wyoming CDL test that is administered on the road covers many maneuvers and driving techniques. Therefore, it is important for the CDL school you attend to provide instruction and assistance with mastering these techniques. This ensures you have the confidence and skill level to perform them properly during the test. To prepare you for the CDL driving test, these classes usually cover:

  • Pre-vehicle inspections.
  • Backing up the vehicle.
  • Driving through urban areas.
  • Highway driving.
  • Driving through tight spaces.

Behind-the-wheel instruction with an experienced driver is crucial to get you ready for the road exam. If you are familiar with the commercial vehicle and feel comfortable driving it, then you are more likely to pass the driving test on your first try.

How long is CDL training in Wyoming?

Since CDL school is not required by the DMV, there are no regulations on the number of hours you must complete. Each truck driving school has its own curriculum that includes a set number of hours. Generally, a course is about 160 hours of instruction and can take you about four to eight weeks to complete depending on the schedule you follow.

If you can commit 40 hours per week Monday through Friday, then you can complete the course in four weeks. However, if you opt for a weekend-only course schedule, then it will take you about eight weeks to complete.

Best CDL Schools Near Me in Wyoming

Before searching for a “truck driving school near me in WY,” take the time to identify the type of course you need and the class schedule you can easily take on. There are many reputable CDL schools in the area, including:

  • Sage Truck Driving School. This is a chain school that is located in several states and has a good reputation for student success. In Wyoming, the school has campuses in Cheyenne and Casper and offers both Class A and Class B CDL training. Not only does it prepare you for the DMV tests, but it is also designed to ensure you are ready to be employed after graduation by teaching time management and log book documentation skills.
  • Wyoming Contractors Association (WCA). At the WCA regional training center, you can choose a Class A CDL training course or one for Class B, depending on the type of license you want to obtain. You can also choose the intensity of the course you want to take and its length. Additionally, the Wyoming school offers log book training or Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) training.
  • Mountain West Commercial Driving School. This school offers an extensive Class A CDL course that focuses on preparing you for the DMV tests. It includes material on endorsements, in-class training, hands-on driving instruction and backing skills that will be included on the CDL road test.

Benefits of Completing Wyoming Truck Driving School

You are more likely to have access to CDL jobs in Wyoming if you complete a course before earning your license. Most of these local schools offer CDL job placement assistance to graduates who successfully earn their commercial licenses. This is helpful when you are attempting to obtain a job in the industry after you complete your training. Some schools even offer this assistance for life after you graduate.

In addition to CDL job placement assistance, it is more likely that you will pass all DMV exams on your first try after completing a course. With access to experienced instructors and practice driving a commercial vehicle, you will be more prepared and confident when taking your CDL tests at one of the local DMV office locations.

CDL Training Costs in Wyoming

When analyzing the type of course you need, you may be concerned with CDL training cost in WY since these courses can be expensive. Generally, a comprehensive course for a Class A license costs between $4,000 and $5,000. However, most schools offer financial aid options, including loans, scholarships and grants.

You may qualify for paid CDL training through your employer or prospective employer. In many cases, if you need to earn your CDL to perform a duty at your job, then your employer may assist you with the costs of the course. An employer may even cover the cost for the DOT physical exam for CDL driver applicants through employer-based health insurance or a stipend.

How to Self-Prep for Wyoming CDL Exams

You should look for a Wyoming CDL practice test online or through other resources if you decide you want to prepare for the exams on your own. After reviewing the CDL handbook, these practice tests can help you to better identify the topics that you need to address and review again.

The commercial driver manual is also an important part of the study process if you want to self-prep for the exam. The manual covers all topics that will be covered on the knowledge exam. It is also important to obtain sufficient driving practice with a commercial driver and vehicle before you attempt to take the road test.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.