Disabled individuals can obtain disability placards in Wyoming by submitting a paper application to the state Department of Transportation (DOT) or a local driver exam office. Overall, you may obtain a temporary handicap placard with a six-month validity or a permanent disabled person placard with a minimum validity of 12 months. In order to properly utilize a disability parking permit in WY, the holder must place it inside his or her vehicle when parking in a designated parking space.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the disabled person parking placard can be obtained by both handicapped individuals and organizations transporting eligible individuals. Learn more about the application process for handicap placards in the sections outlined below.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in Wyoming

The DOT issues Wyoming disabled parking permits only to applicants who meet the state disability placard requirements. For instance, according to the current qualifications for disability placards in WY, applicants must be eligible according to one or more of the following conditions:

  • The inability to walk 200 feet without resting.
  • The need to use a helping device when walking.
  • The need for a portable oxygen tank.
  • Auditory or visual handicap.
  • Restrictions to the respiratory system caused by a lung disease.
  • Severe cardiac, neurological, arthritic or orthopedic conditions.

Note: Depending on whether your condition is permanent or temporary, you will either be eligible for permanent or short-term disability placards, respectively.

The documents required to apply for a WY handicap placard, on the other hand, include a filled out Application for Disabled Parking Identification Placard (Form FSDI-915) and an official photo ID, such as a driving license or an identification card.  Applicants for disability parking permits do not require a separate physician’s certification, since their health care professional can provide the necessary signature and disability verification on the application form.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Wyoming

To complete the Wyoming disabled placard application procedure, motorists will be required to fill out the FSDI-915 request form and submit it by mail or in person. The requirements for disabled person placards remain the same regardless of the chosen application method.

Also, if the eligible individual is unable to fill out the WY application for disability permit, a family member can complete it on his or her behalf. Note that applicants have the option of obtaining two permanent disability placards only if they have not yet obtained disabled license plates.

Note: If your disabled placard application form does not contain your legal signature and the signature of a licensed physician, your request will be denied and the form will be returned to you.

Applying for a Wyoming Disability Placard by Mail

You may get a Wyoming disability parking placard without making an office visit, as you can mail any required documents to the proper DOT mailing address listed on the application form. However, prior to mailing your request for disabled parking tags, you must ensure that the proper application form is thoroughly filled out, and that it contains a physician’s certification and signature.

By doing so, disabled individuals will avoid any potential delays or a rejected application. Then, customers will receive their disabled person parking permits as soon as the state DOT receives and approves their application form.

Applying for a Wyoming Disability Placard by Fax

Disabled individuals also have the option of faxing their Wyoming application for disability placards to the corresponding DOT number. When filing this request by fax, applicants will be required to meet the same requirements as those that apply through the mail-in method outlined above. Once the department receives your faxed WY handicap placard application, it will begin the verification process before issuing a new placard.

Applying for a Wyoming Disability Placard in Person

The process of requesting a Wyoming disabled parking placard can also be completed by submitting the FSDI-915 form through a nearby driver exam site. Before the DOT agent processes an application for a disability placard, he or she will ask the customer to present an official form of identification, such as a photo ID or a certified birth certificate. If your request for a handicap parking badge is approved, you will receive your new placard as soon as it is manufactured.

Note: You can expedite the WY disabled placard application procedure by completing the request form prior to making your office visit.

How to Renew Disability Placards in Wyoming

The Wyoming handicap placard renewal procedure can be completed for both the temporary and the permanent parking placards. However, applicants renewing a temporary disability parking permit in WY will be able to complete the procedure only once.

Moreover, if you are renewing a short-term disabled parking badge, you will be required to obtain a new physician’s certification and signature. Applicants who need information on how to renew disability parking permit documents must note that they can finalize this procedure by submitting the necessary application form by mail or in person.

Renewing a Wyoming Disability Placard by Mail

The process of renewing disabled person placards in Wyoming can be completed by mailing the application request form mentioned in previous sections to the address listed on the form. Certain motorists may also receive a handicap placard renewal notice that serves as an application form.

In such cases, applicants will be required to fill out the notice and return it by mail. Prior to submitting the WY disability placard renewal form, ensure that it is properly filled out and that it contains true and correct information in order to avoid any delays or even a rejected application.

Renewing a Wyoming Disability Placard in Person

In order to renew a disabled person parking placard in Wyoming in person, applicants can fill out the corresponding application form and submit it through their driver exam branch office. The requirements to renew a disability permit in person are the same as those that apply for the mail-in procedure, which is outlined in sections above. Therefore, once an applicant submits the WY handicap placard renewal application, the DOT will verify its completeness and accuracy.

How to Replace Disability Placards in Wyoming

Disabled individuals wondering how to replace a handicap placard in Wyoming must note that this specific disabled permit procedure varies from state to state. For purposes of finalizing a disability placard replacement transaction, state motor vehicle departments typically utilize the same application form that is used for the issuance of new ones.

In certain states, the applicant for a replacement disability placard only needs to provide the number of his or her previous permit and the reason for requesting a duplicate document. To get the specific details of the WY disabled placard replacement procedure, contact the state DOT or a nearby driving exam office.

Wyoming Disability Placard Fees

If you are wondering how much a disability placard in Wyoming is, it is important to note that the department does not administer any handicap placard fees for the issuance, renewal or replacement of parking permits. Therefore, you will be able to finalize every DOT disability parking permit procedure free of charge. However, if you are mailing your application for a disabled person parking placard in WY, you may still be required to pay certain applicable postage costs.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.