A Wyoming DMV driving test appointment can aid in the reduction of your expected wait time when visiting the DOT. However, at this time the DOT appointment system only allows for the scheduling of commercial drivers license and motorcycle driving exams. You are not currently able to schedule an exam for a standard Wyoming drivers license. If you do need to take a road skill exam for a commercial drivers license or motorcycle endorsement, then it is important to learn more about the scheduling system and when you are required to schedule an appointment in advance.

A DOT online appointment system is not currently available at this time. Instead, you will be required to contact your local DOT by phone or in person to request an appointment for an applicable road skill exam. Keep in mind that space is limited and can fill quickly so schedule as soon as possible.

Driving Test Appointments in Wyoming

You cannot make an appointment at a DOT in Wyoming for a standard drivers license test at this time. However, driving tests can be scheduled for both motorcycle and commercial drivers license road skill exams. In the case of a commercial drivers license driving exam, it is important to know that scheduling the exam in advance is not optional, as it is required. Furthermore, the fee for the commercial drivers license exam must be paid prior to scheduling.

Other Services Covered by the Wyoming DMV Appointment System

At this time, a drivers license appointment cannot be made at any Wyoming DOT for any reason other than a motorcycle license or commercial drivers license road skill exam. An appointment cannot be scheduled for written tests, initial applications or any other driver or nondriver-related service that the Wyoming DOT has to offer. All other types of driver and nondriver services are offered to walk -in customers on a first-come-first-serve basis.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Wyoming

You can make an appointment at a DMV in Wyoming for an approved drivers license service by contacting your local DOT by phone or by visiting the DOT in person. The only way to check DOT appointment availability is by speaking to a DOT representative. When scheduling, it is important to know that availability is limited and appointments can fill quickly. Therefore, it is important to expect a waiting period between the time that you schedule and the first available date that you can attempt your exam. Furthermore, it is worth knowing that most DOT offices have a cut off time that testing can begin with some DOT offices refusing any type of driving exam after a time as early as 2 p.m.

There is no way to view DMV appointment availability in Wyoming, as the Wyoming DOT does not support online scheduling. If you need to inquire about your scheduled appointment time and date, then you will have to contact the DOT where you scheduled with and provide information such as your name and date of birth or drivers license number.

What to Bring to Your Wyoming DMV Appointment

After scheduling a DOT driving test appointment in Wyoming, you will be required to bring a number of documents to your appointment as well as supply the vehicle that you will be testing in. For commercial vehicles, generally your employer would be supplying the vehicle for you to test in, as you need to test in the same class of vehicle as the license and endorsements that you are applying for.

During your drivers license appointment, you must provide the instructor with:

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Wyoming

A DOT appointment number is not provided by the Wyoming DOT when you schedule your initial appointment. An online system is also not currently available within the state. Should you need to reschedule or cancel appointment DOT, you must contact the DOT that you are scheduled with by phone or by visiting the location in person. Keep in mind when rescheduling that the DOT is generally booked out for weeks at a time, especially when it comes to commercial vehicle testing, so it is strongly recommended that you reschedule rather than cancel altogether if you are able to.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.