Undergoing a defensive driving course in Wyoming may help you dismiss a traffic citation or avoid paying a related fine. However, be mindful that completing a traffic school for these reasons is not acceptable by all courts. Thus, it is important to understand your potential options and find out what you can do next. Furthermore, there are additional potential benefits to taking such classes, including possibly reducing your car insurance premiums.

WY defensive driving school offerings can include both in-person sessions and online classes. While taking a defensive driving course online typically yields more flexibility in when you can take the course and how long you take to go through all of the materials, not all online programs are widely accepted in the state. Therefore, you must make sure that the online course you choose to take will be accepted by the courts or by your insurance company, depending on your reason for taking the course.

Who can attend traffic school in Wyoming?

A defensive driving class in Wyoming could benefit several types of drivers at different stages of life. As an example, a driver improvement course could be recommended by the courts if you have received one or multiple traffic citations. In order to dismiss a certain ticket or avoid having to pay the related fine, you might qualify to take a traffic school course instead.

Moreover, WY traffic school courses can be taken for the purposes of reducing car insurance costs. Some insurance companies offer a small discount to drivers who are 55 years of age or older and opt to take a refresher course and to learn about age-specific concerns for motorists.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Wyoming

An online traffic school in Wyoming is often sought out for motorists to meet a local court’s requirements to dismiss a ticket or waive a fine. However, it is always important to confirm which types of courses can be taken in accordance to a local county’s guidelines. There are many third-party vendors who offer online courses, but different court may only accept certificates of completion from certain institutions. Therefore, be sure to confirm before you register.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Wyoming

Completing a Wyoming defensive driving online can be more convenient for your schedule. However, you must double-check the technology requirements of the program before you pay for an online driver safety course. For example, certain online courses will not work on tablets and/or smartphones, while others will require a laptop or desktop computer.

On the other hand, taking a WY traffic school course in person means that you can finish it within a single day session, as long as it is convenient for your location and schedule. In addition, you are able to ask more questions in person than you could through an online system. As such, taking this course in person could be helpful for clarifying the state’s laws and regulations.

How to Enroll in a Wyoming Defensive Driving School

Before enrolling in a DMV traffic school in WY, you must make sure that your program of choice will be accepted by the auto insurance company you are seeking a discount with or by your local court (whichever one is applicable). Depending on your reason for taking a course, you might be able to enroll in an online program and begin the course right away. Alternatively, you could register to attend an in-person course near you. In any case, the enrollment process will typically require your drivers license details and an acceptable payment method up front. Thus, be prepared to provide this information.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Wyoming

Wyoming traffic school options could help drivers for a variety of reasons, from driving records concerns to auto insurance savings. Overall, taking a course could potentially help with any of the following:

  • Dismissing a traffic ticket
  • Avoiding increases on your auto insurance premiums
  • Obtaining a car insurance discount
  • Fulfilling a court order
  • Learning safe driving knowledge and skills

Dismiss a Traffic Ticket

Going to Wyoming traffic school for a speeding ticket might help you to actually dismiss the ticket altogether. This is entirely dependent upon the court order and will vary court by court. If a judge decides to allow you to take a class, you might be able to dismiss the ticket and maintain a clean driving record.

Avoid Increases on Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Attending a driver improvement school in WY might help you avoid a car insurance premium increase. However, that depends on your insurance provider’s policies. If you have received a citation or caused an accident, you might see your costs increasing soon. Consequently, make sure to contact your insurer and inquire about taking a course in lieu of the cost increase.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

Driver improvement courses can sometimes help drivers receive discounts on their car insurance costs. While this benefit is typically extended to older drivers, all applicants should confirm with their insurance providers before enrolling in a course. Moreover, a driver safety course insurance discount is generally often valid for three years. Then, you must successfully complete another class in order to continue qualifying for the discounts.

Fulfill a Court Order

Traffic schools in Wyoming are only approved on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, you will be informed by a local court whether or not you can enroll in a particular program. The court will also detail how you might benefit from taking these classes, whether that is dismissing a ticket or waiving the associated fine. Whatever the requirements are, be sure to adhere to these court orders in order to avoid any further complications with your driving privileges.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

Taking a defensive driver course can be beneficial to motorists of all ages and driving abilities. Most courses aim to review road rules and regulations while also teaching and applying defensive techniques to avoid collisions. Refreshing your own knowledge and skills can help make you a better, safer driver.

Wyoming Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

The WY driver improvement program options vary in their exact curriculum and testing requirements. However, a traffic school course typically teaches topics such as:

  • Which age groups are more likely to be injured or killed in a collision.
  • Behaviors that create additional driving hazards.
  • The effects of speeding and/or alcohol consumption for drivers.

Defensive driving school online classes tend to focus more on standard safety techniques, best driving practices and common traffic regulations. Furthermore, the required exams will vary based on the vendor of each course. With that in mind, be sure to inquire about the exact course requirements before you register for a particular program.

Wyoming Defensive Driving Certificates

A defensive driving certificate of completion serves as proof that you have successfully completed traffic school. This includes passing any tests that might have been required. Depending on your reason for taking the program, as well as the company providing these materials, you might need to download and print your own certificate. Otherwise, this document may be mailed to you. In any case, you must submit this WY traffic school completion certificate to your local court or insurance provider.

Wyoming Traffic School Versus Drivers Education

Take note that traffic school in WY is not the same program as driver’s education classes, which is typically referred to as simply driver’s ed. Overall, traffic schools offer a refresher course through which motorists can review driving rules and regulations.

On the other hand, driver’s ed introduces and teaches those rules to brand-new drivers before they become licensed. Make sure to enroll in the appropriate course for your specific needs.

Wyoming Defensive Driving Course Fees

WY defensive driving courses can vary in cost and availability, since there is no standard course offered in the state. Online traffic schools could charge from $15 to $100, based on how in-depth and thorough the course may be.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.