About Wyoming Defensive Driving Courses

Traffic school in Wyoming is offered through circuit county courts on a case-by-case basis. Drivers can take a defensive driving course if they have an eligible traffic citation and a court order. Completing a traffic school course benefits drivers by dismissing a traffic ticket from their driving record.

Benefits of Defensive Driving Courses in Wyoming

Taking a traffic school class in WY benefits drivers in the following ways:

  • Dismissing a traffic ticket.
  • Earning an auto insurance discount.
  • Becoming a better driver.

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What defensive driving courses are offered in Wyoming?

Wyoming defensive driving classes are taken by drivers for the following reasons:

  • Court ordered.
  • Traffic ticket dismissal.
  • Insurance Premium Reduction.
  • Voluntary/Personal Education.

State approved defensive driving courses are offered through online providers for the purpose of dismissing traffic tickets. Drivers must receive permission from the municipal court in which the violation occurred in order to take part in the course. Not all jurisdictions have a traffic school option for divers.

Where to Take a Driver Improvement Class/Traffic School

Defensive driving classes in WY are offered through online traffic school providers. To take part in a driver improvement course, drivers must receive prior approval from the jurisdiction in which the traffic violation occurred.

Why do I need traffic school?

Taking a traffic school course can dismiss a traffic violation from your driving record thereby preventing an increase in your insurance premium. Drivers with permission from a municipal court to take defensive driving for ticket dismissal will benefit by avoiding having to pay the traffic fine, in some cases.

Who can take a defensive driving course in Wyoming?

Defensive driving classes may be completed by drivers with a court order from a participating circuit county court in the state. As not all Wyoming jurisdictions offer traffic school programs, not all drivers who receive a traffic citation in the state will be eligible to take a dismissal course in lieu of paying the traffic fine.

Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Defensive driving insurance discount classes are available for Wyoming residents to take to qualify for a reduced premium on their auto insurance. Discounts are awarded at the discretion of the auto coverage provider. Contact your car insurance representative prior to registering for a traffic school class.

Enrolling in Defensive Driving Courses

How to Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course

To enroll in traffic school in Wyoming, drivers will first need to secure approval from the jurisdiction that issued the citation. Once approved, the driver can then sign up for defensive driving courses online with the provider designated by the court. Drivers must have their authorization code to register for the online course.

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Online Wyoming Defensive Driving Courses vs. in Person

Taking online traffic school is the primary means of completing a defensive driving course in Wyoming. Select circuit county courts in the state allow drivers to take ticket dismissal courses via an online provider.

Cost of Traffic School in Wyoming

Traffic school prices are determined by the court that authorized a driver’s participation in the class. Most court approved defensive driving classes in Wyoming are offered to drivers at the same flat rate. In some cases, the cost of traffic school may be less than the traffic fine.

Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

To enroll in a WY defensive driving course, drivers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Hold a valid driver’s license.
  • Have a traffic ticket.
  • Have a court order.
  • Want to become a better driver.

Some Wyoming jurisdictions limit the amount of times a driver may participate in a ticket dismissal course to once in a three-year period.

Defensive Driving Course Certificate

Students will receive a WY traffic school certificate upon completion of an online defensive driving course. The driving school certificate will be e-mailed to the driver from the course provider along with specific instruction from the court in your case on what to do with the document.

Defensive Driving School and Point Reduction

Does a Wyoming defensive driving course remove a ticket?

Completing traffic school in Wyoming may dismiss a traffic ticket from your record depending in which jurisdiction the violation occurred. Some courts do not offer ticket dismissal classes.

How many times can I take a defensive driving course in Wyoming?

Drivers can usually take defensive driving courses in Wyoming up to one time in a three-year period.

Does a ticket still have to be paid after taking a defensive driving course?

Completing a defensive driving course may remove a traffic ticket and its accompanying fine in most jurisdictions that allow traffic school. However, some circuit county courts require defensive driving class students to pay their traffic ticket fine prior to completing the course.

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Can I remove a parking ticket if I take a defensive driving course?

Wyoming defensive driving courses can be taken only to dismiss a qualifying traffic ticket stemming from a moving violation. To inquire about parking ticket dismissals, contact the jurisdiction in which your violation occurred to submit your request.

DUIs and Defensive Driving School

Defensive driving school in WY is reserved for violators of relatively minor offenses such as speeding. A DUI conviction is a serious case by which a driver’s license is immediately suspended. To qualify for reinstatement following a DUI conviction, drivers must participate in a state certified DUI treatment course.

Last updated on Thursday, December 21 2017.

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