A Mississippi defensive driving course serves as a means for motorists to contest traffic tickets. Traffic school is open to any driver who has not had a violation within the past three years as well as those who have not completed a traffic violator class within the past three years. The program is optional, and motorists are not obligated to attend. However, there may be cases, such as with a minor, where the judge may require the driver to attend a class.

In the state, motorists may take the program online or in person. Those who opt to take the class online can complete the program at a pace they define. Motorists may enroll in a program offered by their local court. They may also register for a defensive driving school taught by a private-partner if the class is state-approved. Read further for full details on the importance of a defensive driving class and how it can help you fight a traffic ticket.

Who can attend traffic school in Mississippi?

A Mississippi defensive driving course is open to any motorist convicted of a misdemeanor for a traffic violation. Drivers eligible for traffic school are defined as follows:

  • Anyone who has not had a violation within three years of the current offense
  • Drivers who have not completed traffic violator program within the past three years
  • The motorist is not currently taking a traffic violator program
  • Drivers who plead nolo noncontender or guilty of a traffic violation
  • Drivers who plead guilty to a traffic violation but are later convicted of the offense

In most cases, the speeding ticket class is optional. Thus, even though a person may use the program to suppress a traffic violation, they are not obligated to do so. There may be instances, however, when a judge mandates a person to complete the course, as is the case with drivers under the age of 21.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Mississippi

Traffic offenders may complete MS traffic school in person or online. Motorists who are ordered to take a class must complete at least four hours of instruction to satisfy the requirement. Although many private party companies offer defensive driving courses, those motorists who wish to remove traffic violations from their driving record must take a state-approved driving program.

Did you know? Accumulating too many demerit points may get your driver’s license suspended. Therefore, order a copy of your MS driving record and find out if you have any demerit points.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Mississippi

In Mississippi, online traffic school is conducted entirely online with no need for in-person instruction. The online coursework is delivered in the form of text, video and audio that illustrates each topic. Online classes are a convenient option for those who wish to complete the program at a pace of their choosing. Classes are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Motorists may elect to complete the program in one sitting or one chapter at a time depending on their availability.

Classroom instruction, on the other hand, consists of in-person coursework delivered in the form of lectures. Those who opt to take the program in person must attend the class at a set schedule determined by the program provider.

How to Enroll in a Mississippi Defensive Driving School

Motorists may enroll in an MS defensive driving class through an education provider that has been approved by the Mississippi court. In Mississippi, many cities such as Southaven, the local court offers a Defensive Driving School (DDS) that will satisfy the requirement. As such, motorists should contact their local court to determine if such an option exists and to locate suitable third-party program providers.

Most third-party course providers allow drivers to enroll online. Drivers will need to register with their full name and email address as well as pay a registration fee during enrollment.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Mississippi

Motorists who complete a defensive driving course in Mississippi may receive many benefits which are not limited to removing traffic violations from their record. Anyone who attends traffic school in the state can:

  • Prevent a ticket from showing on their driving record
  • Avoid points on their driving record
  • Obtain a car insurance discount
  • Fulfill a court order
  • Learn safe driving knowledge and skills

Prevent a Ticket From Showing on Your Driving Record

Mississippi courts will dismiss a traffic violation for those who attend the mandatory traffic course. Drivers must present a certificate of completion to the court once they have completed the program.

Avoid Points on Your Driving Record

In the state, many traffic violations incur points on a person’s driving record. Thus, when a person completes their defensive driving program, any points associated with the violation do not show up on their driving record.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

MS motorists may receive a driver safety course insurance discount for completing the safe driver program. However, not all insurance companies offer the discount. As such, drivers should contact their insurer directly for details on any discounts that may apply.

Fulfill a Court Order

Motorists younger than 21 years of age may be required by a judge to attend defensive driving school to retain their driving privileges. Completing the program helps those drivers comply with the court order and avoid penalties for not doing so.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

DMV traffic school can be helpful for any driver. The course gives drivers techniques to make smart decisions while driving to protect themselves and other motorists while on the road.

Mississippi Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

A court-approved MS driver improvement course must be at least four hours in length. During the program, drivers learn defensive driving techniques, traffic laws, driving etiquette, navigating adverse weather conditions and traffic avoidance techniques.

Mississippi Defensive Driving Certificates

Motorists who complete a driving safety course receive a certificate of completion. The document must be submitted to the court after the class. Many third-party providers will automatically send an electronic copy of the student’s certificate to the court on behalf of the student.

Mississippi Traffic School Versus Drivers Education

In MS, traffic school is a program aimed at improving a person’s defensive driving skills. While these classes are optional, sometimes a judge may court order someone to attend. There is no hands-on training and coursework is strictly delivered via reading, workbook exercises and quizzes.

Drivers education, on the other hand, is aimed at helping new and unlicensed motorists obtain their drivers license. During drivers education, drivers learn about:

  • Traffic laws.
  • Traffic signals.
  • Driving in adverse weather conditions.
  • Emergency procedures.

Unlike traffic school, drivers must complete several hours of hands-on driving before they can get their license.

Mississippi Defensive Driving Course Fees

Fees for a Mississippi driver improvement program vary per education provider. Drivers can find rates as low as $39 for the course. Payment must be made in the form of a credit card and may include a processing fee.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.