State drivers may receive a referral for Oklahoma defensive driving school if they are convicted of a moving violation. However, not all drivers know how to find the best options or what benefits they can gain from completing the course.

A traffic school program can provide drivers with the opportunity to educate themselves and improve their driving habits. In addition, drivers can earn discounts and save money on their car insurance premiums after completing these courses. The sections below describe how an OR DMV traffic school operates, including who is eligible to take it and which benefits are available upon completion.

Who can attend defensive driving school in Oklahoma?

A defensive driving school in OK is available for motorists who have received a court referral due to their driving record. That means that these programs are not available to newly-licensed drivers who have no points on their records.

As a general rule, residents can only undergo a traffic school course in Oklahoma once every two years. Therefore, drivers who have taken the course within the past two years are not eligible to receive credit for retaking it, even if they still have points remaining. Moreover, if you receive a ticket while operating a commercial vehicle, you cannot remove it with a court order.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Oklahoma

The most common type of defensive driving course in Oklahoma is for drivers who want to remove points from their state-issued drivers licenses. The course is approved by local courts, and drivers convicted of moving violations may receive referrals to take it.

Classroom vs. Online Defensive Driving School in Oklahoma

Drivers interested in defensive driving school should evaluate which setting better suits their needs. Both classroom and online traffic school options are available in Oklahoma, and there are pros and cons to each option. Classroom courses can include individualized attention from an instructor. Moreover, students who prefer hands-on practice and real-time interaction may prefer the classroom setting.

More often than not, a classroom traffic school course costs more due to the cost of renting a space and bringing in supplies and instructors. Additionally, classroom courses are typically less flexible, since students must book a slot for a course at a specific date, time and location. If motorists are unable to attend the course they signed up for, they may not be able to receive a refund.

However, taking a defensive driving course online such as iDriveSafely allows motorists to learn at their own pace, which may be over a longer period of time rather than one six-hour session. In general, drivers can take this online course from anywhere with an internet connection. In many cases, free practice tests are included, and students can retake the final exam as many times as needed.

How to Enroll in an Oklahoma Defensive Driving School

Enrolling in a defensive driving class, whether in person or online, is a straightforward process. To enroll in a classroom course, a motorist must find a court-approved establishment. Typically, courts will recommend specific schools or programs. Then, residents may contact the school online or by phone to register for a particular session and pay for any applicable fees. After completing the course, motorists will receive their certificates of completion.

To register for a defensive driving class online like iDriveSafely, motorists should visit the course website. Drivers should select the course they want to take and complete the registration. They may be asked to create an online account for the program. Once registered, drivers can begin taking the course at their preferred pace. After completing the course, drivers will receive the completion certificate.

Benefits of Completing Defensive Driving School in Oklahoma

Completing a traffic school course can benefit you in numerous ways. The sections below detail some of the most common advantages to enrolling in one of these programs.

Remove Points From Your Driving Record

Completing an Oklahoma point reduction course can knock two points off your driving record. Overall, the state allows you to reduce two points every two years for completing a traffic school program. On the other hand, if you have too many points on your license, it may be suspended. Thus, reducing points avoids the risk of a suspension.

Avoid Increases on Your Auto Insurance Premiums

By completing a DMV traffic school course, you can avoid seeing your auto insurance premiums soar after a traffic violation. Insurance companies recalculate your monthly premium periodically. Reducing points before that recalculation occurs can prevent your insurance from rising.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

Many car insurance companies will offer a discount to qualifying customers who complete a driver safety program. Motorists interested in obtaining a discount should contact their insurance companies to determine if the discount is available. In any case, drivers should confirm that a particular course is an insurance reduction course.

Fulfill a Court Order

In some cases, drivers convicted of moving violations may be court-ordered to complete a driving safety course. Generally, this requirement may be part of the mandated penalties. Consequently, refusing to take the course when ordered may result in further penalties, such as license suspension.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

Despite the fact that a court referral is required for motorists to enroll in a driving safety course, drivers are able to gain knowledge and skills from completing it. By going through with the course, drivers have the chance to develop safer road habits that can reduce the risk of accidents and/or injuries.

Oklahoma Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

Driver improvement school in Oklahoma typically covers a variety of subjects, from avoiding DUIs to reducing speed on the road. Lessons include the statistics and consequences of DUIs, what behaviors are safe and unsafe behind the wheel, how to maneuver among other cars and more. The course is designed to reinforce safety lessons rather than serve as an introductory course. Furthermore, these classes must be at least six hours long.

Oklahoma Defensive Driving Certificates

After completing a driver safety program in Oklahoma, you will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate proves that you have completed the course and met all of its requirements. After completing the program, you should submit the completion certificate to your local court or auto insurance company (whichever one is applicable).

Moreover, be mindful that certain traffic school providers may be able to submit the certificate directly to the courts on your behalf. Before enrolling in a course, confirm how the certificate will be delivered and how long the delivery may take.

Oklahoma Traffic School vs. Drivers Education

There is a difference between traffic school and drivers education classes in the state of Oklahoma. Traffic school, otherwise known as defensive driving training, is aimed at licensed drivers with a history of tickets and violations. As a result, only motorists with a court referral can take the course.

On the other hand, driver’s ed is available to all unlicensed drivers. Drivers education, whether for teens or adults, is meant to teach new drivers the rules of the road. The course provides introductory information to driving techniques and safety.

Oklahoma Defensive Driving Course Fees

Defensive driving courses in Oklahoma are relatively affordable. In general, the state requires course providers to charge no more than $50 for an in-classroom program. Furthermore, online courses such as iDriveSafely are typically even cheaper.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.