Taking a defensive driving course in Idaho is a great way to refresh motorists’ knowledge of state traffic laws. The course helps motorists identify dangerous driving habits and correct them. Another popular reason motorists take the course is the ability to reduce the number of points on driving records. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) offers a three-point reduction following the successful completion of the course. However, the department limits how often drivers may take the course for this purpose.

The ITD does not offer its own traffic school course. However, it does offer a list of approved third parties who offer it. Motorists may complete the course online or in a classroom. Defensive driving school in Florida only takes a few hours to complete and includes a final exam that reviews all of the chapters. For more information, review the sections below.

Who can attend traffic school in Idaho?

Although anyone can take a defensive driving class in Michigan, motorists must meet eligibility requirements to obtain legal and financial benefits.

  • Drivers must not have taken a traffic school course within the last three years.
  • Drivers must still have driving privileges.
  • Drivers must have a non-commercial Idaho license.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Idaho

There are two types of driver improvement courses in Idaho that motorists can take: the defensive driving course and the Traffic Safety Education Course (TSC). Motorists can take the driving safety course every three years to remove three points on their driving records. However, drivers must elect to take the course prior to a license suspension. The TSC, however, can remove up to four points on the driver’s record, once every three years.

Depending on the Idaho city, the law enforcement personnel may have to offer the course to the driver at the time of the stop and the driver must accept or reject it roadside. It is important to keep in both that although both courses can remove points from the driver’s record, it does not remove the conviction.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Idaho

Taking a defensive driving course online offers the opportunity to go at your own pace. When using websites like iDriveSafely, you can complete the course in a few hours by taking it all at once or splitting in into several sessions. In addition to working around your schedule, online courses also have great interactive materials that encourage learning.

Classroom-based DMV traffic courses, while the same in terms of content, provide a different experience. It is ideal for motorists who enjoy discussions and may want to speak with the instructor directly. The downside with this option is that motorists must conform to the set times created by the provider.

How to Enroll in a Idaho Defensive Driving School

The enrollment process for an Idaho driver improvement program varies depending on the provider. Some providers allow motorists to enroll for the course on their website by selecting the course and making a payment. However, others may require the course registration over the phone.

Motorists must remember to notify their court that they will be taking the course prior to enrolling. This will ensure that points are not added to their record following a traffic violation. Some websites like iDriveSafely will submit the certificate of completion directly to the ITD once the motorist has finished the course.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Idaho

Completing defensive driving school in Idaho has many monetary and legal benefits. In addition to taking driving classes to remove points from your record, it can also:

  • Prevent you from paying more for car insurance.
  • Allow you to maintain your driving privileges and fulfill a court order.
  • Discover new safe driving techniques.

Reduce Points on Your Driving Record

Defensive driving course doubles as a safe driving course and point reduction class. Motorists who successfully complete the course can remove up to four points off their driving records. This will prevent them from a point accumulation, which leads to a license suspension.

Drivers can take the course every three years to remove points on their records.

Avoid Increases on Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Traffic school does not necessarily serve as an insurance reduction course in Idaho. However, it can help your premiums from going up. Insurance companies will evaluate drivers’ license records, among other factors, to determine how much they will pay. Motorists with several points on their record are seen as riskier to insure and thus, tend to pay more for insurance. Completing a traffic school course may help keep insurance premiums low.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

When you have been driving for a while, it can be easy to forget safe driving techniques, such as the ones included in ID traffic school. The course is an opportunity to refresh your memory on best practices while driving and correct some dangerous habits.

Idaho Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

A defensive driving course in Idaho typically has three components: the course chapters, the quizzes and the final exam. Students must study the course chapters and generally, each one ends with a quiz that reviews the covered materials. While some providers may vary in this process, students typically have to pass the quiz with a minimum score to move onto the next chapter.

The last portion of the course is a final exam that covers all chapters. The questions may be in a multiple-choice format or in an essay question form. However, students must obtain a minimum score to successfully complete the course.

Idaho Defensive Driving Certificates

An Idaho defensive driving certificate is a document that proves the successful completion of the course. Online providers like iDriveSafely will submit the certificate to the ITD directly upon completion. Once the ITD receives it, motorists can receive the benefits from the course.

Idaho Traffic School vs. Drivers Education

Michigan traffic school is designed for experienced drivers. Most motorists take the course to fulfill a court order or to prevent points from going on the record. Traffic school is a refresher course that Michigan traffic laws and safe driving techniques. In addition, students can complete it in just a few hours. Conversely, driver’s education is a course for new, first-time drivers who are just learning traffic laws.

The training course typically contains a classroom and a behind-the-wheel portion. As such, the driving experience level required for each type of course is vastly different.

Idaho Defensive Driving Course Fees

Fees can vary for traffic school depending on the course provider. You should compare prices and what you get for the course fee before you register for a course. Keep in mind that not all traffic schools can provide the benefits described in this article.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.