Idaho FREE Practice Test Sections

The’s free practice sample test questions are created by using the content of the official Idaho Driver’s Manual. With our free practice sample test you will learn about traffic signs and signals, parking, and driving safety and be prepared for the driving test in no time.’s practice test will assist you to pass the official DMV drivers exam by giving you a clear idea of what awaits you on the test day.

Sharing the Road

Once you are on the road, you will meet motor vehicle operators, motorcyclists and pedestrians, and you must know how to adapt your driving behavior to their presence. There are crucial questions about these topics on the written driving test which you need to answer once you book the test. Study Idaho traffic laws by practicing with the free practice test. The practice sample tests are created from the information in the official driver’s manual and will help you pass the official written exam.

Freeway Driving

When you get to the topic of freeways, you must plan ahead. Learn how to answer questions about exits and entries and how to move across lanes by practicing with’s free sample test. Get prepared for the Idaho written knowledge exam by learning critical topics about freeway driving, including:

  • Entering a freeway.
  • Possible entrance problems.
  • Driving speed.
  • Changing lanes.
  • Leaving the freeway.

Practice with the Free Sample Test to learn all about freeway driving in Idaho.

Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings

Basic driver’s education incorporates learning about traffic signs, signals and road markings, and these topics are covered in the free practice test questions as well. Prepare for the official Idaho written knowledge exam by studying the following manual topics related to road regulations and traffic flow:

  • Traffic signs
  • Traffic signals
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Pavement markings
  • Single-point urban interchanges
  • Diverging diamond interchanges
  • Roundabouts
  • Railroad crossings

Adjusting to Driving Conditions

Driving on open roads is not always smooth. You will sometimes experience adverse weather conditions, bumpy roads and decreased visibility. This is why it is critical to learn how to drive under various conditions. By studying the questions from the practice sample test, you will get familiar with road management in cold weather, and you’ll learn how to handle certain repair equipment. Study all of the material provided below, which is included in the free sample test:

  • Driving in rain and snow
  • Night driving
  • Driving in smoke, fog, dust or rain
  • Flash floods
  • Winter driving
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Rain and hydroplaning

Idaho DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

To prepare for and pass the Idaho written knowledge exam, recommends that you go through the steps of this five-point driving test study checklist:

  1. Study the official ID Driver’s Manual – The Idaho drivers manual is your principal study resource. Focus on important sections about sharing the road, traffic signs, signals, markings and driving in inclement weather conditions. The DMV written exam includes questions from all key manual sections.
  2. Test yourself with the Driver’s License Sample Test – When you get the free sample test results, you will have a clear idea of the official driving test results you are capable of at the moment. The free sample test questions are extracted from the information in the Idaho Driver’s Manual. Our team makes sure that we do not miss any important question.
  3. Read the Study Guide – Once you have taken the drivers license sample test, read’s condensed Study Guide. This guide is a shorter version of the official ID Driver’s Manual. The information in the study guide is organized into smaller sections to help you memorize the material easily.
  4. Idaho Premium Practice Test – The results of your Sample Test will tell you how close you are to your desired score on the written drivers exam. Take the Premium Practice Test as many times as needed for you to get confident that you will pass the official drivers exam on your first try.
  5. Book an appointment at the DMV – A score of over 90 percent on the sample practice test means that you are prepared for the official written exam. Book your exam appointment with the DMV and pass the written drivers exam in one go!

Getting Your ID Driver’s License

Once you achieve a passing score on the ID DMV written drivers test, you are getting closer to your first driver’s license. To bring the procedure to an end, follow this 10-step process:

  1. Start out with the Idaho Driver’s Manual.
  2. Continue with the Free Practice Driving Test.
  3. Explore the Study Guide to support problem areas.
  4. Practice with the premium sample tests until you have aced the material.
  5. Complete the driver’s license application and collect required documents for getting your driver’s license.
  6. Book an appointment to take the test.
  7. Take the official DMV written knowledge exam.
  8. Pass a vision test.
  9. Pass the road skills test.
  10. Submit the required forms, documents and fees.
Last updated on Sunday, May 13 2018.