Requesting Idaho antique vehicle registration documents through the ID Transportation Department (ITD) is a process that can be completed by owners of vehicles with a historic value. Note that, however, a classic car registration is not necessary if the owner’s intentions is to only use the vehicle for an exhibit or during tours, parades or club activities. Also, Idaho law differentiates between classic vehicles and antique or old timer vehicles.

Classic vehicle owners, for instance, are only required to apply for the relevant tags instead of completing the full registration process if they plan to utilize their vehicles for one of the purposes outlined above. Learn more about the process of obtaining classic or historic license plates in ID by reading the sections outlined below.

Definition of an Antique or Classic Vehicle in Idaho

Applying for Idaho classic car license plates is a procedure that can be completed by owners of vehicles that are more than 29 years old and are preserved in their original outward appearance by using original components.

Vintage license plates, on the other hand, are available for vehicles that were manufactured prior to 1943 whose original likeness was maintained without making modifications for purposes of altering their appearance with unoriginal parts and materials.

Note: Other special types of vehicles recognized under the Idaho motor vehicle laws include assembled vehicles constructed using parts from several different vehicles and street rod vehicles built by using the body of an original vehicle produced prior to 1949 and modern drive train parts.

Steps in the Idaho Registration Process

The standard process of obtaining classic or antique car tags in Idaho can be completed by sending the corresponding application to the ITD Vehicle Services section in Boise. Prior to applying for old timer or classic vehicle tags, however, applicants must ensure that their vehicle meets one of the definitions outlined above.

To successfully order ID vintage car tags or classic vehicle plates, you will be required to complete the following steps:

  • Fill out and print the Special Plates for Special Vehicles Application (Form ITD 3675), available through the department’s website.
  • Check the corresponding box for the specific type of license plates that you are ordering.
  • Include your credit card information for payment purposes and sign the application prior to mailing it to the ITD Vehicle Services section.

Note: Applicants can also send their applications for these plates by email or by fax.

After processing your request for classic or antique license plates in ID, the ITD manufacturing facility will mail them to your address on file. If you are planning to utilize your classic or old timer car as a customary transportation vehicle, contact a local ITD location to inquire about the process of obtaining a standard registration card and regular plates.

Fees to Obtain Antique or Classic License Plates in Idaho

When applying for Idaho historical car tags or classic registration plates, vehicle owners will be required to provide payment for the applicable fees. The initial program fee for these plates is currently set at $25. However, drivers who order classic or vintage license plates in ID with a credit card will be required to pay an additional ITD service fee.

Also, owners of these special types of vehicles will receive an ownership verification card on a regular three-year basis for purposes of verifying that they still own the vehicle and use the license plates. The verification form must be filled out and mailed to the department along with the $3 fee amount.

Note: Drivers who have registered their antique or classic vehicles to operate on public roadways will be required to pay the standard car registration renewal fees on a regular basis.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.