Obtaining New Jersey antique vehicle registration is a procedure that can be completed by owners of vehicles with historic value. However, registration documents and antique license plates can only be obtained by applicants whose vehicles meet the state definition of a historic vehicle.

The application process for an NJ historic vehicle registration and corresponding plates can be completed through the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) in person or by mail. Review the requirements for vintage license plates and the steps in the MVC application process by reading the sections outlined below.

Definition of a Historic Vehicle in New Jersey

New Jersey historic car registrations are only issued to owners of vehicles that qualify for this special type of registration documents under the state antique license plates rules.

The registration process can only be completed for vehicles that are at least 25 years old and used as a collector’s item that is driven to and from exhibitions and similar educational events. Note that vehicles whose design was altered from their original design will not qualify for antique car license plates.

Steps in the New Jersey Registration Process

Car owners can apply for registrations either in person through select MVC offices or by mailing their application to the commission’s Special Plate Unit in Trenton. To successfully register an antique vehicle and obtain historic car tags, applicants will be required to complete the following steps:

  • Fill out the Application for Historic Vehicle Registration (Form SP-121).
  • Submit proof of a valid car insurance policy (if required).
  • Take and present two color photographs of the front and side of the vehicle.
  • Submit the current vehicle title transferred in the applicant’s name.
  • Pay the applicable registration fees.

Note: If you are applying for a registration by mail, you will be required to provide the fee payment with a check or money order.

In addition to the standard antique license plates, the MVC also offers courtesy and personalized historic plates. Car owners can apply for these types of vintage vehicle tags in NJ by entering their preferred plate configuration in the SP-121 form and submitting payment for a fee larger than the one that applies for standard plates.

Applicants who already own these tags will only be required to pay the cost difference instead of the full price.

Fees to Register a Historic Vehicle in New Jersey

To successfully obtain New Jersey vintage vehicle registrations and license plates, applicants will be required to provide payment for the applicable fees. The MVC cost for standard vintage license plates is currently set at $44. Courtesy NJ historic car tags can be purchased for $74, whereas personalized plates are available at a price of $94.

In addition to the registration fees, however, applicants may be required to pay other costs as well. For example, since car owners are required to obtain antique car titles and submit them when registering a car, they may also be required to pay certain fees during the titling process.

Note: These types of registrations must undergo the car registration renewal procedure on a regular three-year basis. This procedure can be completed without paying the renewal fee.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.