A New Jersey CDL renewal is different than a driver’s license renewal for a number of reasons. For instance, the renewal fees for a commercial license is higher than a driver’s license renewal. Additionally, many drivers wonder, “what do you need to renew your CDL license?” because there are guidelines to follow. For instance, one of the CDL renewal requirements is to complete the vision exam.

Moreover, it is vital to understand how to complete the renewal process. New Jersey has a specific way on how to renew your documents. The sections below provide you with the information you need to understand the New Jersey renewal process.

When to Renew Your CDL License in New Jersey

In New Jersey, you must complete a CDL renewal every four years. If you are unsure of when your CDL documentation expires, you can check your license. The CDL has information on when your documentation was issued and when it expires.

CDL Renewal Testing Requirements in New Jersey

A CDL renewal requirement all New Jersey CDL holders must complete a vision exam. Drivers must have 20-40 vision in each eye in order to complete a CDL license renewal. If CDL holders use glasses or contact lenses, they can use the corrective lenses to complete the exam. They will just be required to wear corrective lenses while operating a commercial vehicle.

What do you need to renew your CDL license in New Jersey?

New Jersey requires all CDL holders to submit a CDL Self-Certification form when renewing commercial driver’s licenses. When completing the form, it is crucial to carefully review the commerce categories. You need to ensure you choose the category that best describes your type of driving.

Additionally, you must to provide the DMV with a medical certificate to renew your CDL. The list below will provide you with details on whether or not you need to submit a medical certificate:

  • CDL drivers listed as non-excepted interstate, or non-excepted intrastate drivers must submit a medical examiner certificate.
  • CDL drivers who meet excepted interstate or excepted intrastate requirements only need to submit the CDL Holder Self-Certification form, unless they maintain a P or P/S endorsement.

Note: If you do not have any of the documents you are required to have with you to renew your documentation, the DMV facility will not let you complete the process.

CDL Renewal Process in New Jersey

To obtain a CDL renewal in New Jersey, you must complete the process in person. The state does not allow you to renew your documentation online or by mail. When completing a CDL license renewal, you must have all the required documentation you need to submit, such as a medical certificate.

Moreover, there are a variety of DMV offices throughout the state that allow you to renew your CDL. This allows you to visit the location that is nearest you. While some offices allow walk-ins, you should call the facility you are planning to complete the CDL license renewal with before visiting. You may be able to set an appointment, which will allow you to save a lot of time.

New Jersey CDL Permit Renewal Requirements

New Jersey has replaced the paper learner’s permit with a digital license. The license needs to be accompanied by your New Jersey driver’s license when operating a commercial motor vehicle. Although the documentation is now paperless, you still need to complete the renewal process in person.

Moreover, “how long is a CDL permit good for?” is a question you may have because you recently received your permit. Your CDL permit expiration date is 180 days after your permit was issued. You can complete a CDL permit renewal once after the 180-day period without needing to retake the knowledge exam.

Hazardous Material Endorsement CDL Renewal Requirements in New Jersey

To complete a Hazardous Material Endorsement CDL renewal, you need to complete a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) background check. TSA background check looks at various FBI, Interpol and terrorist databases to determine your eligibility. Also, a number of mental health and immigration checks are performed.

To get started on your background check, you must complete a TSA application and submit your fingerprints. You will not be able to complete the background check with your local DMV facility. This can only be done with TSA.

Also, you must be fingerprinted at least 45 days before your documentation expires. The results of the background check take time for TSA to gather, and they have to notify the state of the results. Not completing your background within that time frame will delay your CDL license renewal process.

CDL Renewal Fees in New Jersey

The CDL renewal cost of a four-year CDL is $42 and an additional $2 for each endorsement. If you do not have a basic New Jersey passenger driver’s license (Class D), you will need to pay a $24 fee to obtain a Class D license.

Additionally, the cost of a CDL permit examination and CDL knowledge test is $125. You need to purchase the exams before you can begin testing. Moreover, if you are required to complete a background check with TSA, the CDL renewal price for the entire process is $86.50.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.