Motorists who wish to obtain disability placards in New Jersey must note that such permits allow disabled residents to park vehicles in specially designated parking spaces, provided that they have their disability ID card with them. There are currently two types of disabled parking tags depending on the applicant’s condition: permanent permits and temporary placards.

While a permanent handicap placard is issued by the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), temporary tags can be obtained through a Municipal Chief of Police once applicants submit the required paperwork. For more information about how to obtain a New Jersey DMV handicap parking permit, read the applicable sections below.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in New Jersey

Specific NJ disability placard requirements apply to disabled motorists who wish to obtain either a permanent parking badge or a temporary tag. Applicants requesting a permanent handicap placard will need to provide the MVC with a properly completed application form.

Those who do not possess a valid driver’s license or ID card will also be required to prove their identity by meeting the “six points of ID verification” requirements established by the state. If requesting a temporary disabled person placard in NJ, applicants must be able to provide a filled out application form for short-term credentials, along with a qualified medical practitioner’s certification and payment for the applicable fees.

The qualifications for disability placards include specific types of disabilities and medical conditions, such as having lost the use of one or more limbs, suffering from lung disease, having a cardiac condition or a temporary disability. In any case, these conditions make individuals become unable to walk without the aid of an assisting device. In general, however, such disabilities must be verified by a licensed medical professional.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in New Jersey

The New Jersey disabled placard application methods vary depending on the type of credential you are currently requesting. For example, permanent disability placards can be obtained via mail or in person at a local motor vehicle agency.

Conversely, the application for temporary disability placards can only be submitted in person to a local police chief rather than the Motor Vehicle Commission. Continue reading below for more detailed information about the varying disabled tag application procedures.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in New Jersey by Mail

If you decide to submit your application for disability placards by mail due to a permanent condition, be prepared to provide the corresponding application form along with any additional necessary documents regarding your circumstances. Generally, your application package must include a medical certification signed by a licensed professional and dated within 60 days of submitting your request. Prior to sending your mail-in request for a disability parking permit in NJ, check whether you will need to submit any supplementary proof of identity.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in New Jersey in Person

An in-person disabled placard application in New Jersey will require you to present the proper application form along with any supporting documents to the MVC or a local police chief. If requesting a permanent handicap placard, you must provide the MVC with a completed application form, as well as the applicable identification documents.

If submitting an NJ application for disability placards due to a temporary medical condition to a municipal chief of police, you must provide a properly filled out application form with medical certification. Then, you must arrange payment for the set fees by using a check or money order.

How to Renew Disability Placards in New Jersey

Disabled drivers will need to apply for an NJ handicap placard renewal provided that their previous permit has expired and they still have a qualifying disability. The procedure of renewing handicap placards may vary based on the type of placard applicants currently possess.

As such, motorists with a permanent disability will need to recertify their condition on a three-year basis. Disabled drivers who are wondering how to renew disability parking permit badges in such cases can finalize their transaction by submitting a recertification application by mail or in person to the MVC. On the other hand, temporary DMV handicap parking permits in New Jersey are issued for a six-month time period and only allow for one six-month renewal procedure.

How to Renew Disability Placards in New Jersey by Mail

A mail-in handicap placard renewal process will require you to fill out the proper recertification form and submit it to the Motor Vehicle Commission in due time. It is important to make sure that you have a health care professional sign the form.

Note that, when renewing your permanent New Jersey disabled parking tag, you will not be subject to any fees. Furthermore, the MVC will only accept original documents during this procedure.

How to Renew Disability Placards in New Jersey in Person

In order to renew your disabled parking permit in person, you may visit a nearby NJ motor vehicle agency for the purposes of presenting the corresponding paperwork. Your application procedure will also require you to provide a filled out recertification application form in its original form. For additional information about your NJ handicap placard renewal, as well as details about how to renew your temporary permit, contact the state Motor Vehicle Commission or a local municipal police department.

How to Replace Disability Placards in New Jersey

Ordering a disability placard replacement in New Jersey is generally necessary in the event of a lost, stolen or damaged original permit. In general, disabled motorists can request a copy of their handicap placard by submitting the applicable documents either through the mail or in person by visiting an MVC branch.

How to Replace Disability Placards in New Jersey by Mail

If replacing an NJ disabled person placard via mail, make sure to download the application form from the official MVD portal and fill out the necessary sections. Moreover, the MVC can provide you with a special instruction checklist to help you fully complete your application package.

Then, you must submit your disability placard replacement application to the address provided on the form. If you have lost both your placard and your disabled person ID card, you may need to submit a notarized statement confirming the loss.

How to Replace Disability Placards in New Jersey in Person

Disabled motorists wondering how to replace a handicap placard in NJ in person may initiate their process by going to a local motor vehicle agency. Once there, they will need to provide the issuing agent with their original Disabled Person Identification Card, the placard (if it has been damaged, not lost) and their original non-driver ID card (provided they possess one). Applicants who have lost both their disabled person parking placard and Disabled Person ID card must provide the MVC with a notarized statement verifying the loss of these items.

New Jersey Disability Placard Fees

Disabled motorists will not be subject to any New Jersey handicap placard fees when applying for new permanent tags through the MVC. Moreover, no fees will apply during renewal or replacement procedures.

On the other hand, applicants who request a temporary disabled parking placard through a local police chief will need to submit a check or money order made payable to the New Jersey MVC as part of their application package. Overall, fees are subject to change without notice.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.