The process of obtaining a handicap placard in Maryland can only be completed by disabled individuals who have a qualifying medical condition. The state Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) issues both permanent blue disability placards for applicants with long-term conditions and temporary red permits for individuals whose conditions are expected to improve. Disabled customers can either obtain two placards, or one placard and one disability license plate.

To properly use a disabled person tag, permit holders will have to place it on the vehicle’s dashboard or the rear-view mirror when parking in spaces reserved for handicapped individuals. To learn more about the MD disability parking permit types issued by the state MVA, continue reading the sections below.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in Maryland

The administration will issue a disabled person parking placard in Maryland only to applicants who meet the state requirements. In addition to fulfilling the MD qualifications for disability parking tags by having a qualifying medical condition, applicants will also be required to present certain paperwork. The only document needed to apply for a permit in most cases is the Application for Maryland Parking Placards/License Plates for Individuals With a Disability (Form VR-210).

Under certain circumstances, however, additional paperwork may be required. For instance, if the application procedure is initiated in person by an individual other than the disabled applicant, he or she will also be required to present a driving license or an ID card when delivering the request form.

Your application for an MD disability parking sticker will be processed only if your physician provides his or her disability certification and signature on the VR-210 form. The various medical conditions that render you eligible for a handicap permit are as follows:

  • You have a lung disease that prevents you from breathing properly.
  • You are unable to walk without making rest stops or without the use of a helping device.
  • You require a wheelchair to get around.
  • You have severe vision impairment.
  • You have a Class III or Class IV cardiovascular disease.
  • You are missing a limb or you have lost the use of a limb.

Applicants who are requesting the temporary handicap placard in MD will qualify for one if they have a limiting disability that prevents them from walking for at least three weeks.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Maryland

Disabled individuals can complete the Maryland disabled placard application procedure by delivering the VR-210 form in person or by mail. However, if the individual submitting the application is completing the process on behalf of the disabled applicant, he or she is only limited to the in-person method. The request form for MD disability placards can be obtained in person through an MVA branch office by calling the administration or via the official MVA website.

Applying for a Maryland Disability Placard by Mail

Submitting a Maryland application for disability placards by mail is the most convenient method of obtaining an original permit. To successfully complete the application process by mail, you will be required to fill out the VR-210 form and send it to the MVA Disability Unit in Glen Burnie.

Prior to mailing your application for a disabled parking tag, however, you must ensure that the request form is properly filled out with accurate information and that your physician has attached his or her legal signature. The state MVA will manufacture and send the new tag to the provided mailing address once it receives and processes your request.

Applying for a Maryland Disability Placard in Person

The state MVA also processes Maryland handicap placard applications through its various full-service and express-service offices. In order to get an MD disability parking sticker in person, customers will be required to submit a properly filled out request form and present an official photo ID if required to do so. Disabled applicants who apply for placards in person will receive their new permits during the same office visit.

How to Renew Disability Placards in Maryland

The Maryland handicap placard renewal procedure can be completed by mail, by phone and in person. However, renewing an expired placard is a transaction that is reserved for holders of permanent parking permits.

If you have a temporary MD disability parking permit with a maximum validity of six months, you will be unable to renew it in the event that your condition persists beyond the document’s expiration date. In such cases, you will have to reapply for a new temporary permit.

Note that the permanent disabled car tag renewal must be completed on a four-year basis, and the state MVA will mail out a renewal notice within the last six weeks prior to the placard’s expiration date. Only applicants who receive the permit renewal notice will be able to renew by mail. In the event that you do not receive the renewal reminder, you will be required to call the state MVA or visit a nearby MVA site.

Renewing a Maryland Disability Placard by Mail

Individuals with disabilities can complete the by-mail disability placard renewal in Maryland only if they have an MVA renewal notice in their possession. To successfully renew a placard by mail, applicants will be required to verify the information on the renewal reminder and make the necessary corrections prior to signing it and mailing it to the MVA Disability Unit. Note that when renewing a permanent disability parking placard in MD, applicants do not need a new certification from a licensed physician.

Renewing a Maryland Disability Placard by Phone

If you have lost your Maryland handicap placard renewal notice or have never received one, you can complete the mandatory renewal procedure by contacting the state MVA by phone. The telephone numbers that can be used to renew an expired placard differ depending on whether you are located in or out of the state. The state MVA also offers a text telephone number for hearing-impaired individuals.

Once you establish a connection with an MVA agent, you will be asked to provide certain identifying information, such as the number of your current placard and your personal data. You will successfully finalize the MD disability placard renewal by phone when the MVA representative locates your record and processes your request.

Renewing a Maryland Disability Placard in Person

Applicants who did not receive the Maryland disabled parking renewal notice can also renew by visiting a nearby MVA location that processes in-person renewal requests. If you need information on how to renew disability parking permit documents in person, note that the state MVA will require the same types of information that are needed for the methods outlined above. Therefore, in order to renew your MD disabled person car tag in person, you will typically have to provide your personal information and the data of your expired placard.

How to Replace Disability Placards in Maryland

The Maryland disability placard replacement transaction can be completed by submitting the VR-210 form in person or by mail. However, applicants who are replacing a lost or stolen document will first be required to report the incident to a law enforcement official.

Then, after obtaining the police report number, they can proceed with filling out the corresponding sections of the VR-210 document. Customers with damaged placards are not required to meet this requirement.

Replacing a Maryland Disability Placard by Mail

To successfully replace a disability parking placard in Maryland by mail, applicants will be required to send a properly filled out VR-210 form to the administration’s Disability Unit in Glen Burnie. However, when replacing a placard with the VR-210 form, disabled individuals will be required to provide additional information on the request form as well. For example, in addition to the number of the MD disabled placard, applicants will be required to give a reason for requesting a replacement permit, the number of the police report and the jurisdiction that issued the police report.

Replacing a Maryland Disability Placard in Person

If you choose to replace a Maryland disabled person placard in person, you will receive your duplicate parking permit during the same office visit. If you are wondering how to replace a handicap placard in MD in person, note that you will be required to fill out the standard VR-210 form and deliver it to a nearby MVA site. Prior to processing your replacement request, the MVA representative may ask you to present an official form of identification.

Maryland Disability Placard Fees

If you are wondering, “How much is a disability placard in Maryland?” it is important to note that the state MVA manufactures, renews and replaces placards free of charge. However, while you are not required to pay any MD handicap placard fees, you will still have to pay the cost of $20 when applying for disability vehicle plates.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.