The procedure to replace a lost car title at the DMV in Maryland is often completed by vehicle owners who are no longer in possession of a valid title certificate. Drivers wondering how to replace a vehicle title must note that the state Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) offers various application methods for obtaining a duplicate title.

Completing the process to request a replacement car title in MD is an important step due to the need for a certificate of title for various official purposes. For example, car owners with a lost car title will be unable to complete the title transfer procedure when selling, gifting or donating a vehicle. Obtain more information on how to get a replacement car title in MD by reading the following sections.

When do you need to get a duplicate car title in Maryland?

Requesting a replacement car title in Maryland is a procedure that is typically initiated when the vehicle owner loses or damages his or her certificate of title. However, the procedure to replace a lost auto title is also available to motorists whose title certificates contain invalid information or they were the victims of theft.

Car owners who fail to replace a lost car title at the DMV may encounter difficulties completing certain vehicle-related transactions, such as obtaining a vehicle registration after a private sale or proving that they are the current vehicle owners. Therefore, to avoid any inconveniences that may result from a damaged or lost car title in MD, ensure to have it replaced if and when you lose or damage it.

Documents Required When Applying for a Maryland Car Title Copy

Vehicle owners will have to meet several requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title in Maryland in order to obtain a title certificate copy through the state MVA. The process of how to get a new title if lost or damaged requires you to submit certain paperwork and pay a manufacturing fee. In addition to the replacement title application form, applicants will also be asked to present an official photo ID, such as a driving license.

However, the MD replacement car title request may also require the submission of additional paperwork, depending on the customer’s circumstances. For example, if you are replacing a car title that has been damaged or one that must be updated, then you will also have to surrender the invalid title. Contact an MVA title office to learn about other unique circumstances that may require submitting additional documents.

Available Methods for Replacing Your Car Title in Maryland

If you are wondering how to replace a stolen car title in Maryland or a title that has been misplaced or mutilated, then note that the state MVA allows you to request a vehicle title replacement online and in person. Presently, applicants cannot replace a car title by mail in Maryland.

The requirements for replacing a lost or damaged vehicle title in MD will generally vary depending on whether you are submitting an electronic or a paper request. For example, to replace a car title online, you will not have to fill out any printed material. Also, depending on whether you are submitting an in-person request for a replacement car title through an MVA site, a self-service kiosk or a third-party tag and title service, you may be required to complete different steps.


The best method to get a copy of a lost vehicle title in Maryland is to replace a car title online. Vehicle owners can obtain a duplicate of an MD lost auto title online through the MVA’s official portal. In order to submit a replacement car title request via the internet, customers will first be required to access the corresponding MVA online service. The next step is logging on to the system by providing a verifiable email address and/or a phone number.

To finalize the transaction to replace a vehicle title online in MD, applicants will be prompted to enter their title number, the address where they would like to receive the title (if different than the one on record) and the payment information. Once the state MVA processes the online request for a replacement title, it will mail it out as soon as it is manufactured.

In Person

Completing the procedure to replace a lost car title in person in Maryland is an option that is available to applicants who cannot submit their request via the internet and prefer to make an office visit. To successfully obtain a duplicate title via a full-service MVA office, customers will be required to fill out the form and submit it along with a copy of their driving license, the fee payment and any pertinent documents that apply to their circumstances.

Note that requesting a replacement car title in MD is a transaction that can be finalized through tag and title service agents authorized by the state MVA as well. Also, the administration has installed self-service kiosks at its full and express offices. When using an MVA kiosk to replace a lost vehicle title in person, customers will typically be required to meet requirements similar to those that apply for the online option.

Note: To learn whether or not you can replace a car title by mail in MD, contact the administration.

How to Fill out the Duplicate Car Title Application in Maryland

When submitting a replacement car title request in Maryland, drivers must ensure that they submit an application that has been properly filled out. If you deliver an incomplete replacement title application form, your request may not be processed and this procedure may be delayed.

If you knowingly submit a request form that contains false information on the other hand, then you will be fined severely. The form used to replace a lost car title in person in MD includes fields for the following types of information:

  • The reason for ordering a copy of a title certificate
  • Lien information if applicable
  • The number of the current title and the vehicle identification number, make and model year
  • The owners’ names, date of birth and driving license numbers
  • The applicant’s current residential address
  • The owners’ signatures and date of signature

Note: Since the procedure to replace a vehicle title online does not utilize the paper application form outlined above, vehicle owners may be required to provide a slightly different set of data when applying via the internet.

Maryland Car Title Replacement Fees

One of the requirements for replacing a lost or damaged auto title in Maryland is arranging payment for the applicable fee. Overall, the payment methods to pay for this cost will vary depending on the method you utilize.

For instance, when completing the process to replace a car title online in MD, applicants will be able to pay the fee with a check or a valid payment card. On the other hand, when ordering a duplicate title in person at a title office, the state MVA will also accept cash payments.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.